2014/15 Fashion Rewind

This year’s fashion wrapup for Wallace was a rather boring one. Hence, some of his fashion from 2014 were added. See below for comparison.

It almost seems that 2014 was a year of doing promotional work as My Sunshine was his only major project at that time. Hence, his styles were a lot more lively.  By contrast,  2015, he was rather busy and his overall fashion were very casual. Most of the time it seems like he just grabbed whatever sweaters and pants he has in his closet. Color-wise, he wears lots of dark tone colors like blacks and dark blues.  If he decides to go for something brighter he settles for white. There are hardly any fashion forward pieces or any crazy design patterns.

Overall, it’s a rather disappointing year in the fashion department for Wallace. In the past, he is often seen with crazy hairstyles, sometimes preppy, and a over the top mixture of unique pieces together. So there were more to discuss, but now there’s really nothing to say except “he looks fine” in his choice of clothing.

Here are your visual rewind of what Wallace’s have worn this past years:


My verdict for Wallace’s best look here would have to be his black sleek suit that he worn during the “Girls” Shanghai Press. He was perfect from head to toe. I swear there’s not a single bad photo of Wallace at the event. The dress pant, shirt, jacket, and tie were at a perfect length and size. His hair style kind of elongated his facial features and the spread collar helpped soften and balance out his figure. If he were to have the pointed collar, it would have been a distraction because his neck would be elongated as well. Finally, the suit reflects so beautifully with the lighting.

Initially, I loved Wallace’s overall look a the 2015 Seoul In’t Drama Awards. I remember waking up and wanting to check on how he looked and “Oh Boy” he did not disappoint . However, for such a formal event, he did not have socks on and the dress shirt sleeves were too long popping out of his jacket. I believe, the rule of thumb is the dress shirt should be around 1/2 inches out of the jacket only. Hence, the “Girls Press” look won by a landslide for me.

What are your memorable looks for Wallace ?


10 thoughts on “2014/15 Fashion Rewind”

  1. wow”!thankyou so much cewywon for this post..i like it.
    i like the most wallace outfit on im going to school ..he look the most handsome..seoul drama award,the best.
    ..wallace unsuitable in too bright colour like red..i really dont like it..
    maybe wallace need to change his style..i dream about him maybe something like japanese style..messy hair and he let grow his mustache..hemm..i wanna to see him like that..but i like wallace in simple style..


  2. Thank you chewywon, love all photos. I like to see him in full black suit or in white. I remembered he model one in pyjamas (white top and stripe pants) Ooooh! So sexy! 😍😍😍


  3. i still curious how wallace keep his diet..and his body to make him always just nice…he looks amazing with all those style..i cant stop to prise him..


    1. From the show I go to school, Wallace eat all the time but his portion is always small and he don’t take meat, don’t take alot of carbohydrates like rice and eat lots of vegetables. And from the amazing race, he don’t like oily deep fried food, he drink lots of water and jog to keep fit! Also not to forget his good genes! 😜


      1. i remember now..i read before..he actually eat all the time..wallace the more he getting older more he look atractive..
        and i believe..wallace style for sleeping wear is the same like we often saw him in drama..simple black and white t shirt.. and i wonder..i think he must has two big wardrobe to keep his black and white stuff..one is for his white stuff and the wardrobe must be white colour..one is for black stuff and must be black colour..he he..he
        .is so funny if really happen..


    1. i stiil prefer his style for im going to school press premier..especially his black long pant..sport casual style..
      for the important event .seoul drama award is the best for him


  4. so fashionable. ❤

    i wish to see him wearing black shirt with roll up sleeves. with jeans. uwow… i can picture him well on my mind. he must be sooooooo smexy. ❤


  5. I didnt find it boring. He looks dashing and most importantly comfortable in them. I find he really rocks the blacks navy blues. He looks more buff in sweaters. Overall i like that he looks good suited up in formal wear and equally good casual in sweaters n tees.


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