Peanuts: The Jan news update will be a little late as our hard working Himmy has to clean her house in preparation to celebrate the Lunar New Year. In the meantime, have this to satisfy your craving for Wallace lol.

Wallace will have a lot of scene with food in this episode. I think he’s the type who gets hungry easily. Is it weird if I say I like to watch him eat? I finally found the best way to kidnap Wallace, just give him food and he will follow you home. Also, everyone here knows Wallace has a bad sense of direction, so just take him far enough and he won’t be able to find his way back 😛

Our China’s new F4 were walking to school again. They were earlier today to avoid doing push-ups as a punishment again. They were talking about the weather being nice and rain-free, but Wallace still felt cold in the morning. Then Jin Fu offered him a hug.


Jin Fu really likes to hug Wallace. I may sound like I’m complaining but I’m actually not.:P I’m just happy to see someone was showing Wallace some affection on my behalf. Jin Fu commented that Wallace has low body temperature. Thus Wallace said he wanted to warm up and try to get through the fence to go to the field. Wallace was fooling around more and more now.

Since they left the dorm earlier today, they still had time to buy breakfast at the canteen. When they were done and walked to the school building, they saw many students waiting to take the lift. Sean once again suggested the students to take the stairs together as it’s healthier and asked Jin Fu to take the lead. Of course, the first person who went to the stair was our naive Wallace, while Sean and Jin Fu pushed each other to take the stairs. Afterwards they played rock, paper, scissor to decide who would get to take the lift. Sean and Wallace against Calvin and Jin Fu. Sean won, so he and Wallace got to use the lift.

In the hallway to their classroom, Wallace was praising the good weather. Upon seeing Jin Fu, Wallace bragged that they were not late and still have plenty of time before class would start. Hence they stood there to see who was late and punished them to do push-ups lol.


They went into the class 3 seconds before 7.30 a.m. and Wallace shouted “There’s 3 more seconds before being late!” He must be very proud to be on time lol. But his classmate told him his watch was fast to ruin his fun.

Wallace was in an extremely good mood today, as he happily greeted his classmates. Suddenly, he made the “dong dong long dong dong dong” sound. I have no idea what that sound means but I guess it means he was in a good mood 🙂


A student’s drawing of Wallace, with He Yi Chen written beside it. Who’s that girl beside He Yi Chen?

Wallace was singing happily on their way to the field to do the morning exercise (dance). His classmate said he was still not good at it although he had been learning it for a while. They were dancing to “What The Fox Says.” This gave all the transferred students a shock, because it’s very fast paced that even Wallace couldn’t follow it.


After Sean pulled Jin Fu to get on the stage, the teacher was still not satisfied and called Wallace to get on the stage to dance together. The three of them got to watch the teachers dancing in close proximity but Wallace still couldn’t follow it halfway through, while the other two were already doing tai chi. They decided to pull Calvin and everyone else into the mess and had a group dance on stage.



Before class, Wallace learnt some Chongqing dialect from his classmates because the teacher couldn’t speak Mandarin. But Wallace still couldn’t understand anything the teacher said and felt lost.


Look at his puzzled face lol. I realized that if he was not sure of something he would just stay put without any movement and try to digest the information. The teacher told the two new students to do a problem. But Wallace was very confused because he didn’t hear his name being called, so he kept asking Sean and his classmate for comfirmation.


Wallace opened his mouth for literally 5 seconds, after he found out that his answer was wrong (yes, I counted).

Since both of their answers were also incorrect, the teacher wanted them to do a performance. Wallace and Sean sang the show’s theme song “Back to Seventeen.” Actually it was Sean who did the singing and Wallace was only doing the background music and “ahhhhhhhh.”

Later, they were chosen to represent the school to take part in a practice session at a fire station.

 photo 2_zpsjcw6aen0.gif

Wallace didn’t waste anytime to feed himself before the practice.

In the fire station, when he was being asked what the tool that the official was holding was, Wallace’s answer was “It’s a very heavy electrical screwdriver” hahaha… well half of his answer is true. It’s a very heavy reinforced speed breaker 😛
 photo 2_zpsx3omjuvr.gif

 photo 3_zpsfqys2jrz.gif

After that, they needed to wear the firefighter uniform and be ready for a rescue mission in the shortest time just like a real firefighter’s work routine. The standard time is 45 seconds. Wallace, you need to do well in order not to embarrass Jackie!

 photo 75570b17jw1evg63hmmfyj20u00u0qbm_zpsmdaaczjn.jpg

Of course, the real firefighters were faster. Anyway Wallace was not that bad, finishing the third in wearing his firefighter suit. They used 3 minutes 10 seconds to complete everything, which is 4 times longer than the standard time.

 photo 1_zpsrntl9vpu.gif

Wallace laughed pathetically at their poor record. Did you notice that he was playing  with his tongue again?

 photo 2_zpsoqgvfn9d.gif

 photo 676f52eegw1evhkyneny3g208c05knpe_zpscvjnzg31.gif

Next, they needed to put out the fire with the fire hose 10 feet away. It’s not as easy as it looks, as they had a hard time aiming it accurately.

 photo 4_zps20cox67q.gif

Wallace kept shouting “Why can’t it be pulled out? Why? Why?”

They came to understand that being a firefighter is not easy. Fire fighters risk their lives to save people, so they deserve our respect.   🙂

It was lunch time. Jin Fu and Marina were helping out in the kitchen. When Wallace saw them, he shouted “Hello!” with his cute expression again. He continued to talk loudly and even put his head through the small window to get closer to the dishes. I guess he really likes to be close to food lol. But he was scolded by Marina for being too loud and might spit his saliva on the dishes. Then he started to tease her. He randomly pick a dish and when she wanted to grab it he would say “no no no no” and pick another one. He went on and on until he had enough and decided to treat his stomach. Wallace was so childish and it made everyone laugh so hard XD

 photo 3_zpsrftxleqh.gif
 photo 3_zpsrftxleqh.gif
 photo 5_zpsrdgcv4jq.gif
 photo 4_zpsrfqyxeak.gif
 photo 1_zpszqrolvb0.gif
 photo 6_zpsknqzms6b.gif

They were planning to sneak out of school to go to a hot pot restaurant. But they couldn’t leave school without a permission letter. Hence during the English class, Sean took the initiative to answer the question because the teacher said she can give the letter to leave school as a reward to the student who can answer her question. Well, that was easy. They had the permission letter now.


Then… Wallace randomly acted like rapping with “yoy yoy yoy” out of nowhere (and with that face)… Jin Fu said Wallace was acting weird and I must say, I agreed. He had been acting goofy in this episode. With that being said, they rejected the offer to be a good student to study in class.


After class, Sean brought everyone to a dance room. He wanted to do a drama performance, so he asked for everyone’s idea. Wallace felt quite pressured, since most of them are actors and actresses. It would be embarrassing if they did not do well.


Wallace’s Octopus dance

Sean asked Wallace to pick something from My Sunshine. Thus Wallace suggested the infamous “Bi Dong” scene, where Yi Chen pushed Mo Sheng against the wall and smothered her with forced kisses. Because it would easily turn into a funny parody. Yup, they gave up on doing a serious drama and went for comedy.
 photo 1_zpskugpb1lo.gifWallace demonstrated the scene for them, but he was playing Mo Sheng’s role. When Sean came forward, he was a bit shy. Not to mention that Calvin and Jin Fu’s still photo version of Yi Chen and Mo Sheng was very funny. XD Then they ended their meeting  which would be continued with some juicier content later on.
 photo 0066KIg7gw1evg6hmhacjj30nm0d4tbk_zps1xiqzhtg.jpg

All of them were acting cool while waiting for the ladies to come out. Later, they headed to the school gate for their hot pot outing, since they already had the permission letter. Thinking about leaving school (for a while) and the hot pot made them feel stoked. They walked like F4 in an idol drama (Boys Over Flowers, anyone?), full of confidence.

676f52eegw1eva5j83jbeg203v08xe2wThey successfully passed through the guard by using the excuse of an outing, even though most of them seemed suspectful. As it turned out, the hot pot restaurant was just next to the school. Hence they were not that far away from school.

While everyone rushed in, being a polite man, Wallace fondled the door frame as a greeting before going in. That’s what I call good manners! And “manners maketh man.” Heehee, I really wanted to say this line 😛


“Hey, how are you door frame? Yeah…. catch up with you later….”

They toasted to their success in running away from school.


Wallace was tasting the plum tea.
 photo 2_zpsyxaqzzp8.gif

I think Wallace tried to test the temperature by touching the hot pot (or he was just randomly touching things, which was very likely as well). It turned out to be  quite hot so it gave him a shock and an amusing expression. I should feel bad for him, but his expression was really fun to watch lol. Sorry Wallace, I’ll treat the wound for you by kissing it 😛 Wallace didn’t forget to warn everyone to be careful and not to touch it.

Wallace was eating from the “Mandarin Duck Soup” (mild spicy) while the others were eating from the spicy soup.


 photo 676f52eejw1evhlxodo0gg20790811kz_zpsem8skbtc.gif

Finally, some close-ups of Wallace eating~ Yay! 🙂


Halfway through the meal, Wallace felt some spicy taste in his mouth and his lips were a little swollen (sexy!). It’s because Jin Fu used his chopsticks on the spicy soup as well as the mild soup.

When they reached their dormitory, it was already after 10:30 p.m. which was the closing time. Sean said they were doing self-study when being questioned by the warden. He and Calvin tried to deceive him while Wallace and Jin Fu kept quiet, leaving it to the experts. Of course, they got scolded for being late and needed to clean the dormitory as punishment. Wallace tried to ask for another chance as it was their first time, but rules are rules. Thus they would still be punished.

After they reached their dorm room, Wallace’s classmates came to chat a little with him as it was their last night in Chongqing High.
Will the next episode be as tearful as in Jian Ping?  😦

Wallace’s group performance in class:

 photo 1_zpsj9ronogn.gif

 photo 632cd6d3jw1evi3j90ooag205k08cb2c 1_zps75eiox1a.gif

Sean was reciting the poem, while Wallace was in charge of the sound effect. He also played the role of the fine lady Xiao Qiao, who was getting married. I think he nailed the role. 😀

Thanks a lot to Porunacarbeza for her brief explanation of the poem below:

Wallace and his classmates were actually doing a sketch of a famous poem from the Song Dynasty (宋词) by Su Shi (苏轼). The title of the poem is Nian Nu Jiao – Chi Bi Huai Gu (念奴娇。赤壁怀古) (Nian Nu Jiao is the type of the poem). Chi Bi Huai Gu means Ode to the Red Cliff.

Xiao Qiao was the finest lady during the Three Kingdom Era in China and she married the most handsome and capable man called Zhou Yu, a renowned warrior from the Wu Kingdom. She has a sister named Da Qiao who married Sun Ce, a warlord of Wu Kingdom (one of the 3 Kingdoms).

There was a 2008 Chinese movie called “Red Cliff,” starring Takeshi Kaneshiro, Tony Leung and Lin Zhi Ling. Lin Zhi Ling played Xiao Qiao in the movie.

In short, the poet Su Shi reflected on Zhou Yu’s life in the poem. Zhou Yu won the battle to take over the city and marry Xiao Qiao.

The translation of the poem can be found here. The title on the translated site was “To the Tune of Nian Nu Jiao” but I used “Ode to the Red Cliff” because it’s more accurate and relatable to the poem.

Extras from their drama practice:

Dissatisfied with their first rehearsal, Jin Fun came out with a better idea to make the kiss seem more real and exciting. Oh my, even the fake kiss made everyone so excited.

Wallace and Kelly were also practicing Kelly’s classic drama, where Wallace played her lover.

Full episode 7:

 photo 6dd4d5c6gw1evh5ayb9dfj20go11x457_zpsyxo1ggy5.jpg photo 0066KIg7gw1evh33krbxpj31kw1nv49y_zpsm77vvx1f.jpg photo 0066KIg7gw1evh345p140j31kw11xaow_zpsfnskskgd.jpg photo bc40d31agw1evm3y2iaafj20u01zdu0y_zpsfksnusqm.jpg

I love his expression in the last picture XD


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  1. thankyou himmy..you surprising me..i love this episode too..make me wanna to rewatch this episode.he look enjoy and happy..i miss wallace in this situation again.


    1. Lol inn! Guessed this episode Wallace got a chance to be naughty and he get to feast on good food! Maybe Himmy is right! Best way to lure him is food lol! ;p


  2. Thank you Himmy! 😀

    Wallace appearance always bring Sunshine!
    When he serious, he looked so attractive, when he is naughty, he looked so adorable! When he is lost, he looked so endearing! When he focus, he looked so cool! When he speak, he is so wise and smart! When he is happy, he is so playful! When he smiled and laughed, he shine! Love Wallace! 😍😍😍 With Wallace, I am a goner! Lol! 😂😘😍

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      1. Forgot to add: when he shy, he looked so lovely and sweet! When he had to lie, he looked so guilty! When he is been teased, he is speechless! When he angry (very rare), he looked determine and calm! When he nervous and unsure, he looked so anxious! When he is relax, he looked so dreamy! When he sleep, he looked so beautiful! When he kiss, he looked so passionated! Wow! That is so breathtaking! Lol! 😂😂😂😘😍

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