Happy Lunar New Year! I’m expecting virtual ang pow (red envelope) from you lol, preferably with Wallace face printed on it lol.

Won: Himmy and Peanuts, here are red envelopes for both of you. Time is money and I have spent it all making  it.  LOL!  Also, “Happy Lunar New Year” to all the wonderful Wallace’s fans around the world!!!

Peanuts: Gong Xi Fa Cai ! Give me my ‘lai see’ lol. A fat red packet from Bong who is Yang Yang’s fan to Wallace’s fans lol.

As Long As You Love Me drama confirmed

Wallace has been confirmed as the male lead of Love Me. He finally agreed to accept the role after the production team spent one year pursuading him. Besides being the leading actor, he will also take part in the production of the drama with his own company Shanghai Cornucopia Television Culture Media Co. Ltd. (上海花花草草影视文化传媒有限公司) as one of the co-production companies. That name is translated by me because I couldn’t find the English name so the official name might be different.

(FYI: As of 2017, this drama has change production and all 3 leads will no longer be apart of the project) 

Ying Er is the female lead and Qiao Zhen Yu is the second male lead. This will be Wallace’s first collaboration with both of them. Love Me will be directed by Yang Hyun who directed Ying Er’s previous Fei Wo Si Cun drama Sealed With a Kiss. The production team is expected to start filming in the second quarter of this year in Vancouver, Taiwan and Shanghai. The drama is scheduled to be broadcast by the end of 2016.


Vietnam bought the right  to air My Sunshine

In another piece of drama related news, Vietnam will also be joining China, Taiwan, Japan, and South Korea to have bought the right to air My Sunshine. A lot of Vietnamese fans will be super happy knowing that on 24th February, this drama will air on channel HTV3.

Also, we’ve all seen a short clip of My Sunshine being dubbed in Cantonese, but no official words on its air date in Hong Kong yet.


Wallace became a shareholder of Fengqu

To celebrate Fengqu’s one year anniversary on 9th January, the CEO announced on 7th January that Wallace will become a shareholder of the company. In the first quarter of 2016, Fengqu will also launch a female product line based on recommendation by Wallace.


Behind the scene of Trident commercial

Wallace looked as cheerful and serious as always 🙂 There’s more of it coming up in the future, so stay tuned.

Concert announcement on 17th January

The first stop for Wallace’s Sing for Life concert tour will kick off in Shanghai on 20th of February.

The promotional video:

Seating map for Shanghai concert:

Press conference for ‘Sing for Life’ concert on 27th January

Wallace with his usual dorkiness, he thought the stairs were at the side XD

The host mentioned that the Shanghai concert pre-order tickets were all sold out in 1 minute and 23 seconds on 22nd of January. Then 10,000 tickets were sold out in 6 minutes when it was officially opened for purchase on 26th.

The concert tour is expected to cover places like Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou and Shenzhen. When asked whether there would be a guest for the concert and who it would be, he only said “It’s not just a person” to tease us. I will be soooo disappointed if it’s only Hei Hua as the guest…

The concert is sponsored by Ecovacs so there was an adorable robot at the press conference. It is called Benebot and Wallace talked to it like he was talking to a kid.

Wallace revealed the debut of the “Authorized Personnel Only (No entry for busybody)” MV.

Hopefully, we can get an official release real soon so that I can watch it in HD.

Full recording of the press conference.

Weibo update

Once again, thanks a lot to Hoju, who not only translated the weibo message but explained the meanings of the album title as well! *Big hug*

Note: Sing for Life [Chinese name 樂作人生 translates to, “To Happily Write Life”, or “Music Composes Life”; 作 is a play on words as it is the character for both “happy” and “music.”]

“Sing for Life is a storybook I wrote to myself and is one that can only be read in the future. As you follow the path laid out by life, seeking and exploring, pursuing the days of gentle breezes and sunshine [metaphor for peace and contentment]  that you remember described in books… no matter what, you must firmly trust that “I am here because I want my encounter with my future self to be wonderful.” These words will be appearing on the cover, but if you open it up, you won’t be able to save them, so I’m writing them down here. Happy New Year.”
The brown card that comes with the album is what he is referring to (seen in the first pic of his weibo post). Once you open the packaging, the brown card will be separate from the album itself, hence it isn’t “savable” unless you’re a super fan like Himmy, Peanuts and Won preserving it anyways. 😉 What he wrote on his weibo is selected lines taken from that brown card.
image host

Album discussion

Has everyone who ordered received their album already? What do you think of the songs? Please don’t share the songs online, as all the songs except “Sing for Life” have not been officially released to the public. For others, please support the album and do not download the songs illegally.

I guess we can still discuss the songs, just to tease those who didn’t buy the album 😛 (or if you are unable to buy, sorry. Please bear with us :P)

Actually I think all the songs are great, but my favorite songs will definitely be “Sing for Life,” “Authorized Personnel only (No entry for busybody)” and “A Peaceful heart.” I love his singing voice in them as well as the lyrics and melodies. I thought “Sing for Life” was good when it first came out. And the moment I listened to it with my headphone and without watching the MV, I love it even more! I especially love “A Peaceful Heart” lyrics. I can echo the emotion of the song. I also like how he sings “Xing An”, it sounds beautiful!

Just like Chewywon and others, I enjoy the beat of “Authorized Personnel only (No entry for busybody),” it can be addictive! I might not fall in love at first hearing “Wanderer at the World’s End” but the more I listen to it, the more it grows on me. “Satisfied (Feeling enough)” and “Hunter” are definitely dance songs, so I have high expectation as to how Wallace will perform them at his concert. Especially “Hunter”—it feels like an explosion! For those who had listened to the album, feel free to share your thoughts about it. 🙂

Let’s end it with a cutie picture.

image host

19 thoughts on “JANUARY 2016 NEWS UPDATE”

  1. Thankyou himmy.altough you are super busy cleaning your house you still can manage january news for us.
    Vietnams fans will be so happy..and i wondering how yi chen voice will be dubing in vietnam version..and im so happy too you are my sunshine will be over the world..
    I wish all the six songs in his album wallace going to make it into mv..so make me easier to understand if you translate it to us..hehehe.
    Thankyou for all the nice pict..love it!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Still can’t get his album 😢 hopefully soon… Thanks for sharing his updates… Looking forward to his new drama soon… In the meantime, will just have to stick to repeating his old dramas 😉 Gong Xi Fa Cai, ladies. Have a prosperous year of the Monkey


  3. wow.. 6 mins for 10k ticket???? heol! wow… i bet his popularity in china is just like bigbang or exo in south korea. im speechless. i dunno that he’s that famous.. i know, he’s famous but… to sell concert tickets in 6 minutes was… wow. and that 1 mins for pre-order… oh… is there any singer like him in china??? andy lau? or else?

    definitely gonna watch his new drama. reading the synopsis in shushengbar, hmm.. well.. im gonna watch this no matter what 😀

    thank you for this article ❤


  4. Thank you for the updates ladies!
    Super super busy the past few days!
    Before I forget, I wish everyone a Happy and prosperous Chinese New Year! May all stay healthy and beautiful! 😀
    And Wallace my love! Wish you stay forever young and many success! 😘

    Liked by 1 person

      1. The pre-CNY spring cleaning and preparation nearly took my life! Lol! It is great way to meet all lost and found relatives too! Ha! Ha! Ha! Missed Wallace news and your wacky comments too! Wonder if he is in Taiwan or Hong Kong celebrating the Chines New Year! 😍


  5. Himmy,
    Finally, I got the chance to listen to Wallace’s whole album. It was recently released on Weibo. I’m kind of glad it was a mini album. There were no filler song in my opinion, just pure music to my ears. I love it!!!!

    I plan to get it once all the songs are on itune.

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