A YiChen, Lu Li Cheng, and Murong Feng Special Post

It’s a day to celebrate LOVE!! Hence, let’s take a moment to embrace 3 of Wallace’s top romantic characters.

We all have people who love us, but not in the way YiChen, Lu Li Cheng and Murong Feng love.

He Yi Chen

He knows what he wants and he will not settle for anything less. It may seem foolish to wait 7 long years for someone who may never return, but he was confident in Mo Sheng’s love to have never wavered. A truly principled and boring guy, but he was willing to do the things he’s so against just to make Mo Sheng happy.

Their love was unbreakable even among so many unspoken truths and misunderstandings. He did not need any explanation, as long as she still loves him.

Lu Li Cheng

A super smart man, who would rather have his love concealed than be rejected by a woman who clearly is never going to get over her lifelong crush. Nonetheless, nature is uncontrollable and he couldn’t stop himself from loving an unworthy woman.

When they were together, sparks flew. Unfortunately, Su Man never opened her eyes to see who was in front of her. She didn’t even know the extent of his love.

Lu Li Cheng’s love was clear, but I would like to believe that he was so used to getting everything, Su Man was just a desire he could not attain?

I may not like his story, but in real life I want to have someone like him.

Murong Feng

No matter what good intention this warlord has, he just comes  across as selfish all around. He’ll use whatever power he has to conquer what’s needed, even to the point of ruining his loved one. When Jing Wan was finally gone from his life, he went crazy and settled for a Jing Wan lookalike just to fill that empty spot.

Together, their love were passionate but not innocent. In order to be together, they have hurt so many people along the way. Jing Wan ran away on her wedding day from her lifelong friend, Jian Zhang and left him to face all the humiliation by himself. Murong Feng used Jin Zhi and married her to gain political control.

This is my most hated couple among all the dramas I’ve watched. At the end, I kept wishing for Murong Feng’s fate to follow the book’ s version. Perhaps, they are so unlikable that they deserve each other?

A man’s ability to love on screen, must mean he, himself, possess some of those qualities in real life right?

31 thoughts on “A YiChen, Lu Li Cheng, and Murong Feng Special Post”

  1. Thankyou cewywon.i dont hate monday now..about love..i still prefer lu li cheng to be good choice..he is not that hot like murong feng..and not that cool like he yi chen..maybe for girl who like adventure..murong feng can be good choice..he he he..lu li cheng he can fill my day with happines. We will never get boring…no always reading the books or in front of computer all the time like yi chen..


    1. Yes, YiChen does have those same old routine, which is why he can never let go of his loved one. Only in dramas do I love him.

      Murong Feng is too hot headed whereas Yichen is too cool and calm like you said. In reality, LLC is the better choice.


      1. Inn, an idea pop into my mind! You can made your hubby look like Qiao Feng that way your schedule would not be so tight lah! 😜


      1. I need spent more time with qiao feng.so now i have 5mans..could be..sunday,monday,tuesday..i with qiao feng..my scedule is
        Monday i need to bring him go to shoping mall to buy his clothing
        Tuesday i bring him go to barber shop.to cut his hair,,creambat.. To make his look will be like wallace chung
        On wednesday..yeeee!!will be my honeymoon day with qiao feng..
        For the rest one day each..


  2. “I may not like his story, but in real life I want to have someone like him.” <- that's why i love LLC more. haha.. ah.. my forever fave character!!! i love Yi Chen, but… LLC is more… more… moreeeeee lovable, haha… bias much. sorry. 😀

    "Perhaps, they are so unlikable that they deserved each other?", i remember someone told me, good girl will get good boy and vise versa. So… so bad boy will get bad girl. sounds fair enough 😀 #kidding


      1. lols.. don’t worry. that’s my friend’s words.

        mine : life needs to be balance. so, if one is disloyal, the other needs to be loyal. then they complete each other well ;P


  3. Thank you Chewywon. I love all three Characters, First goes to Yi Chen, second is Murong Feng and third place is Lu Li Chen. Both YC and MF have happy ending and LLC did not get his girl. Nevertheless, valentine is about love whether you are receiving, giving or sharing unconditional love! Is still love! I love Wallace! 😍😍😍 and love all Wallace fans! 😘

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Hahaha..dear cewywon..we have diffrent taste..yi chen is too calm..but he need a person like..me,super noisy..to complete his character…yi chen and me is perfect item

        Liked by 1 person

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