“My Sunshine” All Access Pass

In keeping with the love theme this month, this is a special My Sunshine post, your all access pass to everything related to the drama. Any new updates will be added. Discussion are definitely welcome, but let’s keep it topic related. If we missed anything or you want to add other related links, shoot us a note at the bottom. Happy viewing!!!

Peanuts: Gu Man who is the author of the novel is a WC fan. Hence she handpicked him to play the role of Yi Chen. Furthermore most of the fans of the novels also voted for WC as being the most suitable actor to portray Yi Chen. I also did a poll on this before WC was announced to have landed the role.

English Title:  My Sunshine

Chinese Title: 何以笙箫默 (He Yi Sheng Xiao Mo)

Also known as:  Silent Separation

Genre: Drama, Modern, Romance

Episodes:  32

( ep 33-36 are special ep with Wallace & Tang Yan as the younger counter part)

Screenwriter: Gu Man, Mo Bao Fei Bao

Director:  Liu Jun Jie (Boss & Me

Broadcast Date: Jan 10, 2015 (China Time)

Popular Cut Scenes

YiChen and Mosheng Episode Cut

These are the related YiChen and Mosheng’s cut scenes only. If you want to see the full version, check the links below. I have spent a lot of time editing these videos just for my own enjoyment. Subtitles are credited to the awesome Sunshine Team at Viki’s website (special episode only). 

These special cut scenes are unlisted, so you can’t search them on Youtube but you can view them provided that you have the links.

Part 1/9

Part 2/9

Part 3/9

Part 4/9

Part 5/9

Part 6/9

Part 7/9

Part 8/9

Part 9/9

MVs Soundtrack with English Sub

The Sum of Loneliness by Wu Wen Fang  [There were no good MVs for this song, so you get amateur work from me but with awesome English translation from Haha].

Ending Theme Song “Why Love?”  by Wallace Chung 

Long Time No See by Tang Yan 

Opening Theme Song “My Sunshine” by Zhang Jie 

Glimmer of Light by Hua Chen yu

Officials Trailers with English Sub

3min Trailer

15 min Trailer

Watch Full Version with Eng Sub

New Asian TV


Watch Full Version w/ Thai Dubbed

Officials Youtube Channel

Croton Media

Fans in the United States can now view the full and raw episodes in HD on Youtube (many regions are still restricted though). However, cast interviews, BTS, MVs, and NG videos are accessible to everyone.

Full episodes in playlist mode

All other related videos in play mode

Press Conferences 

1st press with Wallace & Tang Yan as the leads (covered by Peanuts)

Beijing & Shanghai promotion (covered by Hoju)

Full Drama Recaps 

Hui3r (Fanatical) done by our very own Peanuts and Hoju

Peanuts where is ep 32 recaps? I did so many nice graphic for you 😦

Peanuts: Still drafting lol.

DramaForReal done by Estelle

Cynn Lynn’s blog 

TVB and Thailakorns WordPress

Other Related Discussion & Sources

Fashion & Accessories in My Sunshine

Why Does My Sunshine Become So Popular?

My Sunshine Pictorial

My Sunshine Gets Rebroadcast

My Sunshine’s first award nomination

My Sunshine’s Broadcast in South Korea

A Fairy Tale World

A Virtual Voyage

Koalas Playground

Mookie Hyun WordPress

My Sunshine Weibo


Facebook Page

My Sunshine – Silent Separation 何以笙箫默 – 2015

Drama Download Links

A Virtual Voyage

Obsessions Of Line

OST Download Links

A Virtual Voyage

Novel Related

Novel Eng Translation at Hui3r WordPress (Fanatical) by Peanuts

Shu Sheng Bar novel discussion 


15 thoughts on ““My Sunshine” All Access Pass”

  1. Thank you so much for this post. Just realized that the screenwriter is not only Gu Man but my other favourite author, Mo Bao Fei Bao is also involve. One of my by far most favourite C-Drama to date… And yes this is definitely because I am bias … All due to Wallace Chung 😍 and my favourite OST is the one that he sang too… To the extend its been on my playlist since the launch of the drama 😍

    Liked by 2 people

  2. thankyou cewywon..to make me to know yi chen better.now i know why peanut depend yi chen more than anything..i like yi chen too


    1. no matter how good yi chen is, don’t forget that you’re still in LLC boat 😛

      but seriously, i love YC too. Silent Separation is still my fave novel. ah, i just need Wallace to make a comeback drama!!!

      btw i cant wait for his movie with luwak oppa aka lee minho and tang yan 😀


      1. yui.this post is about you are my sunshine..and bcoz this drama peanut set up this blog.i just wondering.how happy she at time.the novel she has translate they make it into drama and became so popular.and the actor is our best wallace chung.is her favorite actor..


  3. Thank you Chewywon. I re-watched some of the scenes, and still love them. I am still feasting on those links praising My Sunshine 😀
    Wallace played Yichen role to perfection, love every bit of it. 😍😘

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Hi Chewywon,

    I ordered the Sing for life but I could not located the tap for member log out.

    Thank you for all your help and posted.

    Sent from my iPhone



  5. thankyou peanut for add the information..i never go to poll site..very interisting..thanks also for those people who are vote vor wallace as yi chen


  6. Actors are so mesirables ..they play perfect roles ..but they don’t live it …i hoped that love story of moshing and LAWYER is real 😭😢


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