Peanuts: A big welcome to our fellow WC’s fans from Huaren US forum. I’ve read the comments in your forum and will like to take this opportunity to clarify a few things. Firstly, we are not Vietnamese but overseas born Chinese who live in Australia, Asia & US. Hence we can understand Chinese. Secondly, Peanuts did not make that love declaration in this article. It was written by Himmy, a truly devoted WC fan. Thank you for your kind words in your forum and feel free to visit us anytime to fangirl WC together 🙂

Wallace didn’t have much news nor public appearance this month except for his Sing for Life concert in Shanghai. This could be because he was busy preparing and rehearsing for his concert. Anyway, let’s get to it.

Official Character Posters for ‘As Long As You Love Me’


Lol what’s up with the male leads’ hair? I hope Wallace’s character’s style will change when the drama starts shooting >_<


Official Poster for ‘Three’

The movie is expected to be released in June this year, yeah!!

‘Sing for Life’ Shanghai concert had ended successfully!

Wallace has never failed to surprise and impress his fans. The concert stage and lighting were so well done, Wallace must have put a lot of thought and effort into it.

This concert was a big circus performance with Wallace as the main and only attraction. He only had Jackie, his sister as his guest. Of course, fans can never get enough of him! Some fans started to cry when they realized Wallace would be singing the last song “One Day We Will All Grow Old” to end the night. Our sentimental Wallace was also crying while singing with his fans. He cried longer and harder that night in comparison to his last concert.

After the stage curtain came down and fans started to leave, Wallace was still standing behind the curtain and bowing low as a gesture of gratitude for his fans for almost 5 minutes. All I wanted to say is, this is the man I’ve chosen to love and I’ll never regret it even for 1 second.

Pictures taken from their celebration party after the concert.

Source: facebook, facebook, facebook

Our lucky WC’s devoted fan, Porunacarbeza will write a first-hand blow-by-blow account of the concert for you very soon as she is still floating on cloud 9  🙂

Meanwhile, more HD pictures of the concert can be found here.

Wallace featured in In Shanghai magazine

“Apparently Wallace Chung is a singer!”


Pictures from Wallace’s Vietnam facebook fan page.

Endorsement and promotional videos


Feng Qu


The Lunar New Year celebration had ended a while ago. But since we couldn’t include it in our January update, we’ll include some belated greeting videos of Wallace here.

You don’t need to understand what he is saying. Just admire Wallace’s face XD

7 thoughts on “FEBRUARY 2016 NEWS UPDATE”

  1. hi Himmy! i am so excited to learn this English fans page of Wallace. Although I hv not read all your posts and parts in this fanpage, I do really appreciate all your effort to build a warm base to the overseas fans. Great work and very professional presentation of recent news of Wallace!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thankyou so much himmy..love his concert..as i wish. Is better and nicer than before.(. In my opinion.)
    Is really touching.. I think he do that(bow his head )is he respect his fans as we respect him..that is our wallace..


  3. Our Himmy…aaah…LOL @ your comment “this is the man I’ve chosen to love.” Your love does run deep.

    As for the poster for “‘As Long As You Love Me,” I wouldn’t necessary called them “official.” They were released to celebrate Valentine’s Day as an early promo only. Plus, those images used were taken from all the 3 leads other photo shoot (nothing exclusive). Why do I feel so sad every time I hear news about this drama. 😥

    Super excited for “Three” though!!!


  4. handsomeeeee…. melting me!!!!

    but his pic for the poster of his new drama looks like his character is about a genius criminologist in Japanese dorama. hehe.. handsome tho!

    i havent seen any C-singers concerts yet, hmm.. just Jay Chou’s meet and greet when i was in SG some years ago haha, so it wasn’t a concert… anyone watched him???? i guess, the euphoria was on fire… aaaahhh… i want to watch him!!!!! at least, come to SG!!


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