Wallace’s ‘Sing For Life’ Fashion

Wallace’s Sing for Life Shanghai concert in February is visually appealing and grander than his last concert. He sang a total of 28 songs and had about 8 different costume changes. There were no big fashion no-no’s. Concept-wise, Wallace’s concert had too many themes (futuristic, white winter, clowns, circus, shaolin, etc). It is hard to connect his fashion with his overall concert theme.

As this is my opinion only, if you disagree, voice your opinion below. You can also vote your favorite look as well. Also, I may add that both Peanuts and Himmy have opted out from commenting, so I take it that they are on my side (you all should as well …LOL).  😉

Peanuts: Wow, I hope no rotten tomatoes will be thrown at Chewywon for criticizing some of Wallace’s costume choice 😛 We may be Wallace’s fans but we should also be objective in our judgment and assessment. As a designer, Chewywon is entitled to have her own opinion though you and she may not see eye to eye. Yes, support Chewywon & Wallace as well lol.


This is Wallace’s best look for the night! The opening monologue supposedly transports the audiences all the way to the year 2044. So futuristic, it was perfect as the costume to kick off the concert. He came out with a bang and everything from head to toe coordinated very well too.

The only downfall is when he took off his beautiful jacket. The long black gloves looked out of place, given that it was ill-fitting (look at the bulges), and it did not work well with his overall silver sleek look. There is an easy solution though. The gloves could have been shorter, more decorated or fitting with the same material as his shirt.

Dangerously Red:

From afar, this actually looks very nice. I would rank it as my 2nd favorite of the night. One can’t really go wrong with matching black and bright red color together (it gives off that rebellious look).

However, at closer look, I realized that he has high knee boots on. Why would any stylists(designer) have the artist wear the same-color matching shirt/pants/boots??? What’s the point of wearing movement limiting knee length boots when you’re not going to notice them??? To me, plain black assemble equals lazy planning.

All Around Basic

I love this look and I’m sure Wallace does too, because it shows on his face. He looked comfortable and cheerful. The robot necklace added cohesiveness with his futuristic theme. Also, the tassel loafer look good here because it’s a casual look without the jacket on.

Beige V-neck

This is not a bad combination when Wallace stands alone, but it does not correlate well with the dances’ outfits. He looked like a stranger lost among some weird aliens.

All Black Sequin

You can’t complain about an all black ensemble, but it is kind of weird having the front all sequin and the back all plain. A nice pair of shoes finishes off everything, but the tassel loafers did not fit this look here because of the jacket (giving it a more formal appearance).

Come lace with me?

I don’t know how I feel about this look. Seriously, I’ve never thought of having a guy wear lace with a beaded top before. I can’t find anything really good or bad to say; except, the shiny shoes looks awful with the beaded lace top.

Lion Blanket

Costume should complement an artist’s performance so Wallace should not have worn this during his dance songs. The jacket itself has individually lion-shaped panels that were stitched to the jacket. It’s obvious that a lot of work was done on this finished product but it wasn’t worth the time. The end result is Wallace looked like he has a huge blanket on.

Winter Circus

Hands down, this is the worst look of the night for me. I do not like the ensemble or the design. The shirt reminds me of something grandmas would wear to a nice gathering.

Since I’m not a fan of this look, I decided to do a sketch which I feel better suited to the overall concert.  I would make the top form-fitting since so much embellishment were used. The pants would have some horizontal texture to blend in with his dancers’ (who are dressed as clowns). Lastly, I would have put him back on boots, because it’s more sophisticated.

Compared to his last Concert:

Below are some of Wallace’s past concert photos. It is clear that Wallace used the same designer(s). The shoulder pads are a recycle from the past. There are many familiar silhouettes. Although, his wardrobe has toned down (except for the stage decorations), I still hope he will work with other designers in the future. Sometimes, change is needed and less is better.

If you’re  curious what the people on weibo think, see the poll below. Their favorite is the encore sweat clothes he wore at the end, which says a lot about Wallace’s overall fashion for this concert.  I did not include the closing look, because it’s not really part of the main performance.



33 thoughts on “Wallace’s ‘Sing For Life’ Fashion”

      1. Agreed, the pointed high toe make it look dainty, does not compliment with the the hard element of the silverman outfit.

        For the circus performance, he should wear some thing sexy, like a riding outfit with fitted jacket, stretchable tights pant with high boots something like what you have drawn. Or maybe a Peter Pan outfit sound like fun too! Lol!

        Some of the song fitted a traditional costume like the Chinese ChanShan, I recalled he wore a ChanShan in one of the scene in TLTSILY and look so smart and manly. That can be modified to look modern instead!

        Wallace has a good height and physically fit body, his outfit should emphasise and compliment his body and not hide it! 😍😍😍


  1. Hmm! I tried voting for the red jacket but the voting result do not showed!

    What I dislike most is the one that look like a blanket… It covered too much of his body… He he! Just kidding! I find it irritating because it obstructs his movement, can’t see and and enjoyed all his dance steps and it waste all energy and effort!

    What really stand out is the silver costume, if he put some silver blink blink stuff on his hair too, it will look so cool! His overall costumes are just Ok, nothing wild compared to the wings he had during the previous concert.

    Agreed that the concert theme is not consistent, it don’t seem to blend or flow smoothly from one section of the song to the next. I guessed he wanted the surprise elements in there and that is pretty successful!

    I wish he would sang the magic blades song, that song is so touching especially the chores just want to follow him only if he just asked in that song ha! ha! 😍😍😍

    Liked by 1 person

    1. haiya huong pham.this pool is for fun only..dont take it seriously..wallace wl wore casual clothes when he is at home lol


      1. Yeap! Wallace looks good with just white t-shirt and jeans! 😍😍😍Many rock singer wear casual clothes on stage performance, but concert of this scale and asian culture has this wild and grand expectation! So majority win, he sure do not want his fans disappointed!


      2. yeah.he look very simple and nice with just with tshirt..and himmy also like it..bcoz his body look transparant


      1. We could put in our requests that he do the Hawaii or South Africa dances, those don’t need a lot clothes on, Whao! That he will need a bigger concert hall! Lol! 😘😘😘


      2. Thank you Himmy, you are our brave one, our hero. We shall put in all those suggestions and signed off you as our representative Himmy’s Ideas! Please let us know as soon as if you received any reply from Wallace! 😜


      3. What is this? Are you all teaming up to push me to the darkest land of no return? No nooo nope…. Let me preserve my image in front of Wallace pls


  2. I forgot to mentioned his hair style, I think his front hair is too long! He look younger with shorter fringes! The current one reminded me of Astro Boy hair! 😂😂😂sorry! I help myself! But I do love Wallace and Astro boy!


  3. Futuristic gray, Patriotic red, Dreamy silver, Leafy gold, Flowery white, Sparkly black. None of these beautiful costumes beat the simple white and black Wallace sore for the last two songs. It said it all about life! Simple but True!
    This is what I wrote on his concert outfits on Weibo some time ago.^^


      1. Loved yours too! I didn’t think the “winter circus” (or my “dreamy silver”) was too bad, given the songs he performed in that look. He seemed to want to say that he didn’t give up on dream, ideal, innocence of a child, etc., risking that dangerously “uncool” outfit.


  4. Seriously the designer needs to be changed for his next concert. OMG Wallace looks so funny in some of the outfits. Don’t get me wrong, he is still hot and I still love him. But better outfit will complement his performance way better. I voted for the simple look, as you girls know me, I want to see some more skin lol.

    Liked by 1 person

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