A year has come and gone. This Wallace Chung’s fangirling blog is celebrating our 1st anniversary. Due to the popularity of My Sunshine and Wallace’s flourishing international movie career, we decided to set up an English blog to enable international fans who can’t understand Chinese and Vietnamese to get to know him and his work better.

Thank you for all your support. We wish to know you better so please take some time to take part in the poll below. We hope that you’ll continue to support Wallace Chung as well as the blog for many years to come. We also want to thank the contributors to the blog in particular Chewywon and Himmy who have worked hard. We may not update often but it is the quality that counts 😛 Let’s Grow Old Together with Wallace 🙂

Chewywon: Wow! Time sure flies by fast because we didn’t realize it had been a year. It must mean it was time well spent. Next time, we’ll be on time. So, a big “Thank You” to all the visitors and especially all the commentators (you know who you are 😉 ). Peanuts and Himmy, let’s continue to make another good year!!! You two are awesome!!!

How popular is Wallace outside of China, Taiwan and Hong Kong where most of the Chinese reside? He is rather popular with the Chinese who live in western countries like USA, Canada, Australia and Europe. It is evident that Wallace is also very popular in Asia mainly in Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and South Korea. Any fans from Thailand, Japan, India, Middle East, Russia or other countries who are not from a Chinese background?

Outside of the Chinese speaking world, I believe Wallace has the most fans in Vietnam. They are rather devoted as some even traveled to China for his concert. The Vietnamese will follow weibo and report any of Wallace’s news in their own language instantaneously. They have many blogs and forums such as kites and facebook pages on him. Unfortunately Vietnamese is not an international language which most people can understand. But many of the Vietnamese speaking fans who are living overseas are also conversant in English.

Malaysia and Singapore have many overseas born Chinese so needless to say, Wallace is rather popular there. If you don’t know by now, our Himmy comes from Malaysia. Although the Chinese in Indonesia is in the minority, our top commentator iin suci mulyani comes from there and Yui has a blog in the Indonesian language which occasionally mentions Wallace. Wallace is also getting increasingly popular in South Korea because some of his drama like My Sunshine were broadcast there and his cooperation with some top Korean artists like Lee Jung Jae and Lee Min Ho helped attract local fans.


Besides Our Sunshine, there are other overseas websites like Koala’s Playground and Jaynestar which report news of Wallace in English. There is also the spcnet’s forum where some of Wallace’s English speaking fans hang out. Some frequent visitors of this blog are Xiao Wa’s loyal overseas fans from the Chinese Huaren US forum.

Due to the success of My Sunshine, Wallace’s fame has even spread all the way to the French speaking world! A big thanks to Bong who had translated for us what the French speaking people thought of Wallace.

Some French girls are in love with Wallace Chung after watching My Sunshine. Hahahaha, one even wrote “32 episodes is too short!” “Just one glance and he can make us feel a thousand things all at once.” “Wallace Chung gave an excellent performance.”

A fan of Yi Chen.

She finished the drama because of Wallace’s Yi Chen.

“Wallace Chung is not very handsome, but what a great actor he is.”

“I don’t find him (Wallace) to be especially handsome but he has this charm…..He looks at me, I look at him…….He looks at me, I melt.”

If we have not mentioned you or your country, it is because you’ve been rather quiet on the blog. Hence, do use this opportunity to introduce yourself as well as your country. You can also share with us how you’ve come to know about Wallace or why you like him. If you are too shy to drop us a message, you can participate in the poll below so that we will be able to know where Wallace’s fans are from.



  1. “Outside of the Chinese speaking world, I believe Wallace has most fans in Vietnam” -> True. I am a Vietnamese fan, he is the only Chinese/HK/TW actor I falled for from many years ago. I hope I can do something to contribute to our fan group all around Asia. I don’t know a word of Chinese though, just speak English.


  2. i wrote about best time on my blog too.. In Indonesian 😀 but.. i didnt mention Wallace name, ught.. i feel like an unfaithful fan now 😦

    after i searched it, i found his name on my blog, haha. i wrote about my sunshine on an article with other dramas. and i praised him very much there, lols. aaaahhh… i need to re-watch BT and MS.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I just read yoyo’s comment in BT but can you trust her taste 😛 ? Ya, you so ‘jahat’, wrote abt BT without mentioning WC’s name & didn’t even bother to give My Sunshine a post 😦


      1. lols.. i wrote about my sunshine la. check my blog 😀 but not a long post hihi.

        yoyo is a loyal wife of kris, she won’t betray him. me? im faithful to every handsome man in this world 😀


  3. Wallace Chung is the motivation for me to learn Mandarin. And now i can have simple conversations in Mandarin. Thanks so much!!!
    Wish i could see him in person in HK or China soon.


  4. Thank you Ladies for starting this Blog. You make it easy for us to keep in touch on Wallace news and I had since enjoyed every second of it! There is many artist out there and Wallace is the first and only artist that caught my attention and it seems like it going to stay that way for a long time! Lol! Never thought I would fancy any artist! And there comes Wallace Chung and I am so glad to discover him! Love every moment!And I thankful for it! 😀


    1. Glad u like the blog. Most of the writings here are originals since we only do limited direct translation. Wanna keep it in the same spirit as WC, humourous & fun loving 😛


      1. Agreed with you Peanuts, this blog has something special which is original that hold substance of surprise and excitement; and somehow it form its own character; that is why it stand out and is different from other site/blog! No wonder I enjoyed coming here! 😘😘😘


  5. thanks peanuts..and happy 1st anniversery to this blog..both of you are very creative peoples..always fun and enjoy reading your post..sometimes i laugh to myself..
    emmm,,peanuts actually jona is the top great commentator..hehe..


    1. IIn you are a great inspiration! I was shy and hesitated to comment! but you spur me on to said my thoughts! Gosh! now we are so loud! Lol!


      1. hahaha..same!! you also my inspiration…and i hope no more shy for you..just said than you keep it..


  6. i think i like wallace chung as wallace himself..in my opinion..he is very kind,humble,polite person.always very nice to his fans,always smile..i melt to his smile


  7. This blog is always interesting and entertaining – I found it after reading the translated version of My Sunshine and then watching the drama version. One small step after another and here I am. Happy Anniversary!


    1. Kamsahamnida! If I don’t post your comment in Weibo, how to lure you out of hiding lol? Himmy thinks it is a brilliant idea 😛

      Since we don’t understand Korean, we’ll like to know more abt WC’s popularity in Korea. Any of his fans saw him while he was filming in Korea? Did you watch WC in the reality show Amazing Race? Also, there are so many popular Korean male stars, what make the Koreans fangirl a foreigner?


      1. Kamsahamnida to you too! But you almost gave me a heart attack! Never imagined my writing would show up here! Never imagined that Weibo post would get that many views, either.

        I’m only a novice fan and I can’t really speak for other Korean fans, but for me, I’ve never been a fan of any other actor/singer/entertainer regardless of nationaltiy. Nobody was ever this multi-dimensionally captivating as Wallace!

        As Wallace wouldn’t like his fans around when he acts, access was strictly prohibited to the shooting sites, although I know that a few Korean fans secretly saw him filming. I also know a few fans met him when he shot the Korean episode of Amazing Race. Alas, I didn’t know him back then. Yet, I had the rare pleasure of seeing him in one of the frontal seats in the Shanghai concert! It was a true blessing!

        Liked by 2 people

  8. Yes indeed! Lol! Is very rare that peanuts row out several comments all at one Go! Reminded me of playing blowing ball! We do missed and always look forward to hear her comments! 😀


  9. Hi, I am a vietnamese fan, I knew Wa after watching My sunshine. I fall in love with him, now i follow up his steps every day by reading this blog or our forum ( kites). So i want to thank all of you update all information about him!!!


  10. Has it been one year? Wow, time really does fly. Thank you so much Himmy and Peanuts and all others who bring us so much joy and happiness with their work on this blog. I am sure I can say on behalf of all the blog’s followers that this means a lot to all of us. Thank you thank you thank you.


  11. I am from Malaysia. I am not good in talking or expressing feeling. This blog is very very well done. Creative writing and banners. Really love reading it. Comments are interesting as well. Thank yo very very much. ❤


    1. Jane, welcome to the blog! Himmy & I are also from Msia. Wow, WC has a lot of Msian fans. I wonder if he had visited Msia b4.

      Thank you for liking the blog. Everyone especially our Art Director, Chewywon spends a lot of time and effort on this blog as well as WC’s facebook & twitter.

      Would you like to join us and contribute to improve the blog?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Wah! Can I? I love to, but my English is not so good and I cannot read Chinese. Can understand simple Mandarin. Anything that I can contribute, very happy to do so.


  12. I am from India. After seeing General & I, I became Wallace’s fan. Wanted to check his other works and stumbled upon My Sunshine and fell in love with Yichen’s character. Then, watched Too Late To Say I Love You and became a die hard fan of Murong Feng Pei Lin.

    Liked by 1 person

  13. Hello im cheryl camangyqn from Philippines , i want to kNow about WC more i r3ally love and like him. I know he is not handsome like others celeb. But its just that i attracted him because he’s so very professional and very simple man .i 2ant to know him better please give me some information about him.. are he married or single?

    Liked by 1 person

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