Chinese Fans’ Online Comments on Wallace Chung

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Peanuts: A warm welcome to our new contributor, Haha. She has her own blogs and has been translating Wallace’s songs, weibo and news. Although a lot of the articles on this blog are original writings, we also need to translate some articles and comments from Chinese to enhance your understanding of Wallace and his popularity in China. Haha is well-versed in both Chinese and English so she is the best person to do the job.

I became a fan of Wallace Chung’s after watching My Sunshine in January, 2015. Since then, I have developed a hobby of browsing and translating the online comments on Wallace by his Chinese fans on Sina Weibo, a major microblogging site in China.

Wallace’s fans in mainland, China express their love for Wallace through daily online posts and comments. Here is a small collection of my translations of the Sina Weibo posts by “Wallace’s People” since 2015:

Wallace Chung's Chinese fan weibo 01


#Wallace Chung# #Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser Ambassador# Ever since I woke up every morning and checked myself out in the mirror, I’ve never fallen in love with others. [拜拜] [拜拜] [拜拜] [拜拜] [拜拜] [拜拜] [拜拜] [拜拜] [拜拜] [拜拜] [拜拜]

Wallace Chung's Cetaphil TV commercial screenshot
Wallace Chung’s Cetaphil TV commercial screenshots. Do you think the fans read Wallace’s mind? 😉

Wallace Chung's Chinese fan weibo 02


#Wallace Chung# On this special day[心][心]

[Note: September 3, 2015 is special because it marked China’s WWII victory parade, and Wallace Chung has been the male lead in several TV dramas about the 1937-1945 War against Japanese Aggression. Plus, the number of his Weibo followers happened to be his birth date on this particular day.]



#Wallace Chung# #Wallace Chung Directs Movie “Hour Glass”# Actually this episode of The Amazing Race predicted Wallace’s indissoluble bond with “Hour Glass”: Wallace Chung wishes to flip (direct) the hour glass. ⏳[笑cry]

Wallace and Jackie
Wallace: Hurry and flip that hour glass!
Wallace and Jackie
Jackie: Run to the hour glass and turn it upside down as soon as possible!
The Amazing Race
Another contestant in The Amazing Race: I tried to locate the hour glass but I can’t!
The Amazing Race
Another contestant in The Amazing Race: Go flip the hour glass quickly so we can start time counting!
The Amazing Race
I hope time passes by quickly.

[Note: In Mandarin Chinese, 導 [dǎo] “to direct (a film)” and 倒 [dǎo]”to flip” are homophones. ]



Wallace, marry me in the next life
The lower sign says, “Wallace, marry me in the next life!”

@钟爱一生MK1130:I remember why he smiled here. A girl in Zone B was holding a neon sign that says “Marry me in the next life” and our cute Wallace firmly responded by singing “Take it down [which also means “let it go”]” to her face. Guess how traumatized she was. [泪][泪] [紧张] [泪][笑cry] #Wallace Chung## Wallace Chung 220 Shanghai Concert#

Click on the picture to go to the video page.

@追忆花落: The messer became the messee. [doge] I saw this [Shanghai “Sing for Life” concert video clip] several times. He discovered the neon sign when singing “mourned through the time difference”. Teased, he couldn’t hold the smile so he strode away. He continued singing and started thinking. By the line “Drenched, drowning, and struggling” he came up with an idea, which was evident in that triumphant look. He strolled back to the other side of the stage and told her to “Take it down [let it go, which is part of of the lyrics]”! The fan did take down the sign but then he forgot the lyrics. [笑cry]

Wallace Chung's Chinese fan weibo 05


I recorded and prescribed Wallace’s speaking and singing parts during the encore. When I was in the concert, I was not able to focus on the concert and enjoy it with Wallace and everyone else [because of the recording task], but when I watched the videos later I was moved to tears. I remember the girl next to me was weeping so much that she couldn’t talk. Every moment like that makes me feel that no words can describe the scenes and the moods we experienced, no matter how much we wrote and how beautiful the words are. I only want to say: I will love this man forever! #Wallace Chung# #Wallace Chung 220 Shanghai Concert# Audio: 20160220 Shanghai Mercedes-Benz Arena Concert Encore (Speech+Sing for Life+One Day We’ll All Grow Old).mp3

Wallace’s Speech:

(Red curtains were closed. After the audience screamed “Zhong Hanliang [Wallace’s name in Mandarin Chinese]” for three solid minutes, the red curtains were pulled up again.)

The show [clearing his throat], really, is almost over [jokingly]. I guess the dancers have left by car. We are the only ones that are left here—only I, and, all of you. Last concert…are there people who are watching my concert for the first time? 

(Fans: Yes!)

Then, would those people who are seeing my show for the first time have no idea what we are talking about? (Fans: No!) Would they be confused about what 2044 means? And what does the 70 Years Old Covenant mean?

(Fans: No, they wouldn’t!)

Do I need to explain them once again?

(Fans: No!)

No! Ignore them [jokingly]! Well let’s look at them as…let’s just ignore them. Anyway, as long as you are here, you belong to the Liang Family [the official Wallace Chung fan club], right? Now this is much simpler. Actually I was saying that [the 70 Years Old Covenant, Wallace’s promise at a 2012 concert to hold concerts when he is 70 years old] rather casually. Last long ago was that? Anyway, I was not serious when I said that, but then, some people took it seriously. En…they said, “We are waiting for you! We will wait for you! We will wait until you are 70 years old!” When I saw that, I even got a little nervous. 70 years old, 70 years old [emphasizing], can a 70-year-old person still get on stage and hold concerts?

(Fans: Yes!)

But since you guys took that seriously, I began considering that seriously too. I also, I also tried to introduce myself to a big challenge. After all, if I wait until I am 70 to give a concert, I might, have difficulties achieving that goal [laughing]. So, I decided to make this happen in advance—to make this so-called 70 Years Old Covenant come true today.  Otherwise it will be too hard, for you to come to concerts in your 70s or 80s [jokingly]. Also, I, I, en…do you know what lurking [on the Internet] is?

(Fans: Yes!)

Well I was reading some stuff secretly, and I came across a “meeting-the-emperor essay,” which is different from yours—she [the author] is an older mother. You may want to ask…do you know whom I am talking about?

[Note: “Meeting the emperor” is a term coined by Wallace’s mainland fans to describe an essay written after meeting Wallace in person. Posting online ariticles about meeting Wallace in person is a fun ritual observed by many mainland fans to record the precious moment and satisfy other fans’ curiosity about Wallace. Meeting Wallace is termed “meeting the emperor” because Wallace played the role of Kangxi Emperor in the 2008 TV series Royal Tramp. ]

(Fans: Yes, we do!)

You probably have guessed it right. She said some…wow…she wrote an essay, and the writing was amazing. It’s just…after reading that I really felt…I probably felt the same way as you did, right? 

(Fans: Yes!)

Then I just really wanted to have a concert, when she is able to come. I wanted to turn [the idea of this concert] into reality as soon as possible. It usually takes several years to prepare for a concert, but we just got everything done immediately [laughing]. I hope…whichever corner she is in right now…this concert is for you! Oh but it is not only for you; it’s for everyone that is here right now. And all the people that support me. Wow…finally…OK, which song haven’t I sung? 

(Fans: “Sing for Life”!)

(Taking flowers and gifts from the fans) I’m sorry for making eveyone wait for me. 

That’s it. The show is over. 

(Fans: No!}

OK, you guys can go home…Oh, right right right, there’s really a song left. Every time I will sing it, [because it] represents we Liang Family. Oh some of you are not members of the Liang Family. Well it doesn’t matter! The song is for us…come on…en, for everyone that came to this concert. I hope you have all enjoyed this concert and had a very happy evening. In a few years, when you are slightly older, and when your hair turns a little grey, I hope you will still remember today, remember that we once spent some time together, face to face, and have some interaction, face to face. Now really comes the last song. Thank you all, thank you all! “One Day We’ll All Grow Old“.   

Wallace Chung picture from Baidu Encyclopedia
The Chinese characters read: Brilliance, has more than one side. Source: “Wallace Chung Baidu Encyclopedia” on Sina Weibo

I think that Wallace’s fans in mainland, China are a group of passionate and talented people. They have created numerous essays, jokes, quips, paintings, photos, videos, etc. based on Wallace’s works on China’s Internet. I would say that their online output is an important reason why I became a Wallace fan.

Wallace once said, “The fans are my motivation as well as pressure. Motivation is greater than pressure. When many people like me, I surely derive pleasure from that, but I also treat them as equals. Sometimes I think the fans are a group of people who know me even better than my family.”

Fun Fact:

Wallace’s fans in mainland, China created a nickname for themselves: 良民 [liáng mín]. The Pinyin acronym is LM. 良 is the second character of Wallace’s Chinese first name, 漢良 [hàn liáng] (if you don’t speak Mandarin Chinese, you may pronounce it somehow like /’huhn   ‘lee-ahng/ in English), while 民 means “people or citizens”. To the average people, the word means “good citizens”, but to Wallace and his fans in mainland, China, it means “Wallace’s people”. Now, does it make more sense when you hear Wallace sing “Join me, who would envy us for singing for life?” in the song “Sing for Life“? The original Chinese words 做我的人 [zuò wǒ de rén] literally means “be mine/be my people”!

20 thoughts on “Chinese Fans’ Online Comments on Wallace Chung”

  1. Thankyou so much Haha..reading your post..i feel like(how if i was there).concert!!so touching..and thanks the clear and so close..maybe at that day i was not there but my heart thinking of that place..

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Hi Haha, may I get the name of that song he was singing during the fan holding up the sign business? Thanks !


      2. Thank you, Haha. Is this song from a movie? Perhaps I will have better luck finding it if it is. I tried searching with the English translation but got nothing (and I don’t know Chinese!)


  2. It’s funny how I’ve been following you for a while now on weibo, since you translated many different phrases from Mandarin to English and now you are here.

    Compared to all the Wallace’s fans here, you and I are considered newbies as we started liking him after “My Sunshine.” I’m going to throw you in the Yichen boat (In case you are not aware, there’s a YiChen vs Lu Li Cheng in this blog). 😉

    Thanks for translating that ending conversation. Did you noticed, in the middle of his speech, some fans throw 2 gifts towards him? Luckily, he dodge in time, but I thought it was inappropriate. Sometime fans need to practice self control.


    1. Haha I read that blog post you wrote. I actually like Murong Feng because he paid the price for his possessive love and grew a lot in his relationship with Jingwan.
      Yes I read weibo posts about the impolite fans. They were chastised by many other fans.

      I love all your work here!


    2. I know he got many fans from My Sunshine. So I am one of his longest fans? or at least used to be his fan many years ago and started to be his fan again last year. Iff I knew him earlier, should have been hiss fan earlier lol.


      1. You have great taste for becoming his fan many years ago! I, like many other new fans, would love to quote Murong Feng’s words to Jingwan to express our regret of not noticing Wallace earlier, “Wallace, I met you, so late…”


      2. Haha: I fell for him first time I watched him in King of Shanghai. He was some person very special to me, I had never got any artist as my idol before, he was the first and maybe the last (I don’t promise but I think so :)). Better late than never, thats why we are all here now.


      3. Ahhh I haven’t seen that drama yet. Glad to hear that he is special to you. I can imagine that warm and fuzzy feeling when an idol lives in someone’s heart. :))


  3. Thank you Haha, I am so moved by your work in translating the Weibo and Wallace’s news. After reading, I felt closer to him and can him feel responding to our love for him here! Greatly appreciate and love Wallace always! 😍😍😍

    Liked by 2 people

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