(Eng Sub) Authorized Personnel Only MV

This has been updated with the English translation done by Haha.

For now, she had kindly translated 2 different interpretations.  The one I encoded in the video is the translation done from Chinese to English more literally. As for the other version, well….you can go to her site here. She can explain better than I can.

Also, according to the MV, the official English name to the song is “If You Are The One.” The Chinese title song is still 閒人免進 (which translate to “Authorized Personnel Only“).  So you may see both titles floating around.

I really like this song and a little disappointed by the MV. There’s too much screen time from the girl in the MV.  For a song that’s about a person loving too much, I did not feel it. They could have emphasized that theme with significantly more of Wallace’s presence and just a few quick shots of the girl. At the end of the MV, I kept wondering if she was famous or if they were trying to promote her. So the MV kind of failed me in that sense. Nonetheless, it was still a artistic and visually enchanting MV.

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“I’m being very hard on myself because I love deeply.”


8 thoughts on “(Eng Sub) Authorized Personnel Only MV”

  1. Haha your comment on the actress reminds me of the “complaint” by Ms. Luo, the host of the press conference for the “Sing For Life” concert. She “protested” to Wallace on behalf of LM that the actress had too much physical contact with Wallace in the MV: “WHO IS SHE? WHY DID SHE LIE ON YOUR CHEST?!!” LOL.


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