This month is a happy month for me because of the MV release, movie trailers, drama confirmation and weibo update. Although Wallace did not make any public appearance, his project updates were everywhere!

Wallace Hangs Out With Vicky Zhao & Director To

Below is Wallace’s previous manager, Elaine from his previous management company Milkyway.

Source: Elaine weibo

Wallace & Angelababy in A Lonesome Fragrance Waiting to be Appreciated (Gu Fang Bu Zi Shang)

It has been confirmed that Wallace and Angelababy will be the leads in the drama adaptation of a popular C-novel called A Lonesome Fragrance Waiting to be Appreciated written by Feng Nong. The story revolves around a fictional four kingdom warfare era in ancient Chinese history. The young female war strategist Bai Ping Ting finds herself caught between loyalty and a passionate love affair with the rival princely general Chu Bei Jie from her enemy kingdom.

The drama will have 50 episodes, so we can feast our eyes on Wallace more 😛 Shooting is expected to start in late April or May. This means filming for As Long As You Love Me will be postponed to the second half of the year.

After reading 12 chapters of the manhua, I feel that Wallace suits the role of Chu Bei Jie very well. He can easily portray the smart, cunning and confident characteristics of the male lead. I will pray to God everyday for Wallace to get a good ancient hairstyle. >.<

You can visit ShuShengbar for the novel discussions and translation links. More information of the novel and drama at ckmscans forum.

Teaser for Bounty Hunters

“Bounty Hunters” released a teaser during the 20th Hong Kong International Film & TV Market (FILMART). Wallace’s character is so funny and dorky.  My interest in this movie is climbing higher.

Here’s a gif specially requested by Peanuts.

Peanuts: Hey hey, Himmy is using my good reputation to satisfy her craving 😛 If you don’t believe Himmy is attracted to Wallace’s legs, go and check out the recaps for The Amazing Race.

“Bounty Hunters” is expected to be released in June 2016 in China then in July in South Korea.


Sneak Peek  at ‘Three’

“Three” released a sneak preview on FILMART as well.  His character here is totally different from “Bounty Hunters.” I’m actually more excited about this movie, since it’s Wallace’s first lead role in a Hong Kong movie since forever. Also, Johnnie To’s movies can do no wrong. I can assure you that Wallace will have a lot of bed scenes in this movie lol XD

Just this scene alone, I can tell Wallace is gonna rock in the role!

The movie is expected to hit the big screen on 2nd of June 2016.

Official MV of “Authorized Personnel Only”

Finally, the official MV of the song was released 2 months after the premier of the MV during the “Sing for Life” concert tour press conference. The MV is about stages of love with a unique concept. Watch the MV in the post written by Chewywon earlier.

Korean Magazine Recommended Four of Wallace’s Dramas

Four of Wallace’s dramas are among the top 20 Chinese dramas recommended by the Korean magazine Cine21 (one of the most influential entertainment magazine in Korea)! 😀 These dramas are My Sunshine, Imminent Crisis, Too Late To Say I Love You and The Stand-In. Before Peanuts start to tease me by saying Best Time is not on the list, I’ll say all those dramas are really great and worthy of being recommended to everyone. Thus I’m not sad, because I’m pretty sure Best Time is placed 21st on the list 😛

Peanuts: I’ll use Wallace’s mother tongue to say to you 跌落地揦返拃沙 lol. (Click for explanation in English)

Take a look at dididadaaa’s twitter,  thanks a lot for her help in some translations!

Picture and translation note from: Sinophile weibo

Wallace Weibo Update on 16/3/16

This time, we have Haha to do the translation, thanks dear!

Even if I am in another country of the world, even if I am in the embrace of Mother Nature, I still feel small in the face of whirling snow. The walking distance is limited, and even the trams are temporarily out of service, but I achieve an exceptionally tranquil mind. I can only hear myself breathing in the air and the snow shovels crisply scraping against the frozen ground. When I turn back, I see the newly forged trail extending from the door to the curb. In addition to the joy of making a first step, I feel the euphoria of an instant relief. Nevertheless, the grass, roads, cars, houses, and even the hills afar are still overlaid with an expanse of overnight snow. I suppose only the Sun can bring a bright, clear sky and slowly melt away the snow. The laws that govern the universe should rest in the hands of nature. Peace of mind.

13 thoughts on “MARCH 2016 NEWS UPDATE”

  1. Thanks himmy…this month also happy month for me.found many wallace korean fans..he he he
    Cant wait for his movie realese..i wondering his scene on three he is a villain but most he scene will on bed?what kind of villain?and i wondering too some news say bounty Hunters will realese on june and some on July..


  2. Thanks for the great update, Himmy. Excited to see the news from Korea introduced here! Among the four Wallace’s dramas that introduced, and received full coverage as part of the main article (along with 8 other), while and were briefly summarized as captions (in the last two big black dots) in the picture. Here are translations.

    It is an initiation story of an ordinary rickshaw man who ends up living a stand-in life for a revolutionist. Wallace Chung’s double role made the news. Wallace Chung is flawless even in the Chinese queue hairstyle and bum make-up, which can be major turn-offs to foreign audience.

    It is an ardent love story of a man and a woman who keep missing each other in the 1920s, when the Dynasty waned and the Warlords gained power. Palin, a man of ultimate obsession with love, is called one of the three “bad men” in Chinese drama history.

    I also translated the paragraph on in another Weibo posting. It is too long to paste here, but to quote a part, “the real reason that we can’t help falling for this drama is the main lead Wallace Chung, who shows off his Fairy Pitta charm, playing a double role of the twins. . . he contributes greatly to the betterment of quality of Chinese drama with his brilliant acting. Meanwhile, it is a pity that all co-leading actresses were overshadowed by Wallace Chung.”


    1. Oh, I put the titles of the magazine and dramas in angled brackets in the comment above, and they are all gone! Sorry, I’m afraid I can’t fix it!


      1. Sorry about the confusion. The first is about “Stand-in” and the second about “Too Late to Say I Love You.” The last is quotes from the article about “Imminent Crisis.”


  3. For the role coming up his drama with Angela baby..i need to pray everyday. Same like himmy..hopefully he put his real beard and mousetache to make him look dashing,

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Is that poster with the female and male figures standing on a life size chess board an official one (not fanmade) of A Lonesome Fragrance Waiting to be Appreciated? If yes, the hairstyle on the guy (Wallace) seems decent. Phew!


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