2.20 Shanghai Sing For Life Concert: Chasing The Sun

First of all, my sincere apology for the very late post on my concert experience on Wallace’s “Sing For Life” concert. Since school time, I was never good at narrative writings and being away from it for years, I had struggled hard to produce this post.

There is a saying among LMS that once you have seen Wallace’s real life performance or concert, you will never escape from having the post-concert syndrome.

The Post-Concert Syndrome is comprised of a spectrum of variable symptoms, manifested as depression, low mood, insomnia, amnesia (memory loss), loss of interests in normally-enjoyable activities such as eating good food or shopping, poor concentration (except in watching concert pictures or videos), elated mood and feeling of rejuvenation when watching concert’s pictures or videos.

The symptoms are partially relieved by browsing weibo and watching videos and pictures of the concert the whole day, but the symptoms could also worsen because of those activities.

And that is me now, a victim of the post-concert syndrome writing this for you.

As Wallace’s concert tour is still ongoing, it may not be nice to disclose details on the concert. This post is about my personal experience at Wallace’s Shanghai concert. So if you really wanna know the details, come watch the concert yourself! Heehee!

Okay, I confessed. The truth is I had retrograde amnesia with the concert and all I could remember was the bombastic opening squeals, the exciting surprises that kept my heart racing, and the touching ending that made everyone cry. The whole concert was just amazing. The “Sing For Life” concert was my first and ever most sincere pop music concert I had ever watched.

Oh, did I just say it was my first concert? Hehe yes it was. During school time, I used to have many chances to attend concerts of many other singers but since I watched the videos of Wallace’s 2011 Shanghai Concert, I decided to keep my first time for him (Ahem ahem no dirty thoughts people, this is a serious account of my first concert experience..)


I would never forget how I mystically got hooked after listening to Wallace’s singing on The One Million Singer (Taiwan version of Don’t Forget The Lyric!) hosted by Harlem Yu in 2010.  After many many many thought-overs, I finally concluded that it was neither the handsome look nor the melody that truly moved me. It was the sincerity in Wallace that first attracted me.


On 20/02/2016, I got myself ready early and headed to the Mercedes Benz Arena at 10am. The night before, I had learnt from Shanghai fan ZZ that the concert team and LiangJiaZu (Wallace’s official FC) would be receiving flower baskets from fans from 10am to 2pm. Since I had shouldered the mission to deliver Himmy’s present to Wallace’s team, I figured that I might have a chance to meet Wallace’s team there *_*.


See the crowds in front of Mercedes Benz Arena? You need no LiangJiaZu logo to recognize LMS cause they are just everywhere. There is an unspoken chemistry among us, and I believe you know what I mean hehe. There were many fancy and beautiful flower baskets, bouquets, and banners of love confessions from LMS from all over the world.

(The elegant blue flower baskets were from the oversea LMS group XD *proud*. There was a big sunflower bouquet arranged in a heart shape from the Faith of the Sunflower group that really caught my attention but I accidentally deleted that photo =(. Hmmm.. that was a really big and beautiful flower bouquet)

Despite asking around and walking from one end of the road to the other, I didn’t manage to see Wallace’s team there =(. So after taking photos with the flower baskets and meeting a few other LMS from the Oversea LMS group, I decided to meet ShenZhen LM Dor at the hotel and go for lunch together .

(Duh I keep mixing ShenZhen and GuangZhou which are actually two different places in China. Made this blunder twice in both my Chinese and English writings of my concert experience. Sorry Dor my dear!)


(The row of flower baskets from LMS was nearly 300m long along the road outside the Mercedes Benz Arena. I remembered I walked from one end of the road to the other to see all flower baskets. The photos that I took was just a SMALL part of the flower street XD)

T___T Ahh.. I should have just listened to Dor’s advice and stayed at the Arena till evening. After I left, Wallace’s PA XiaoZhang was actually selling merchandise at the arena. ZZ messaged me earlier but I had only read the message at around 3.30pm. So I missed the chance to buy merchandise and to pass the present to Wallace’s team T__T.

Many yellow bulls were selling concert tickets around the Mercedes Benz Arena. Some LMS actually spent a bucket for the front seat tickets and ended up with fake tickets. My piece of advice is to stay cool-minded when buying tickets. Don’t get thrown over if someone offers you something too good to be true. Never purchase tickets from untrustworthy sources.

Dor and I reached the Arena at around 4.15pm, narrowly missing the closing time of the mechandise sale. This time, we decided NOT to go anywhere until the concert started. The thought of meeting our idol very soon was so overwhelming that we didn’t even bring any food after our lunch. Especially me, I couldn’t really think straight since we reached the Mercedes Benz Arena. I only wanted to get into the Arena ASAP…!!!


At around 6pm, we started lining up in front of the South Gate. It was not a long wait as the queue was very well-organized. Dor and I almost squealed at each other after passing the security check. We were finally let in! It felt so.. unreal. After stepping into the Arena and seeing many LMS, my heart settled. Excitement was overwhelming (I’m running out of words to describe my feeling) .


Our night finally began when the lights dimmed. See the colourful sea of glow stick lights? It was like a night sky studded with countless shining stars. So beautiful and touching. I almost felt like crying.


(This photo was also a small part of the “sea of glow stick lights.” Dor and LMS behind me were very amazed. Dor said this sea of lights was much more magnificent compared to Wallace’s last concert in 2011 and 2012, and she felt so proud of Wallace)

The opening performance started with an actor playing a small boy who was adjusting a time machine. I wasn’t really watching the performance as I was too focused on searching for Wallace on the stage (>_< I only knew about the time machine thing from weibo later. I’m so sorry Wallace and his team). I was anticipating a surprise appearance from him XD.


The crowds roared when we heard Wallace saying “Welcome to 2044” followed by a bombastic opening dance of Wallace’s latest single “Hunter.” The moment he appeared on stage with his stunning silver coat I was *_*.

How on earth can someone be so good-looking OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!!

OMGs were not even enough. I just couldn’t find the right word to describe how good-looking he was in real person.

It was like the difference between a 2D HD quality movie and 3D-IMAX HD.

No. 4D-IMAX plus. His aura was just irresistible.

Hard to imagine?

I quote this description from one of the concert committee members:

“My boss is of the 15000-screaming-female-fan-level of handsomeness. And that was only Shanghai alone. Crazy hahaha”


Nevertheless, my heart sank the moment Wallace started singing. His voice was not in great condition. 50 plus days of countless rehearsals had hurt his vocal cords and turned his voice hoarse. As a fan of his songs, it was my greatest wish to listen to his live concert. At that moment, I just hoped that he could stop singing and rest. I was so worried that the worst case might happen before he could actually complete his concert..

The miracle happened after the first 3 songs and a short disappearance from stage during the fill-in. Wallace gradually regained his voice and got his tune back. I believed that emergency measures had been conducted to reduce the swelling of his vocal cord. And roughly knowing how it was being administered just made my heart ache more.

I am being very hard on myself because I love deeply*”. This described Wallace’s attitude about this concert. He had poured in such immense hard work and effort just to perform his best to every audience.

He was so sincere. I could feel it with my heart. With well-arranged, tactful, groovy dances that jibed well with upbeat songs and fancy stage lights, Wallace was the King of the Stage and the center of attention. I couldn’t take my eyes off him. Not even a second.

(*Before the concert started, we actually had the opportunity to watch Wallace’s “No Admittance” MV (i.e. authorized personnel only) on the big screen. This quote appeared in this MV. The MV was rather difficult to understand, though (the only thing I understand from this MV was the 15000-screaming-female-fan-level of handsome face). One of the talented LMS on weibo named linglang 琳琅 had deciphered this MV. She thought that the MV actually portrayed the story of the Muses, goddesses of literature, science and arts, and Apollo, the god of the sun. After connecting both of them, I can’t help but agree with her POV XD. Anyway, it was such an artistic MV. Wallace is a true artiste).


Being a fan of his songs, the songs were so enjoyable that I sang along with him. However, my sing-along was interrupted in an unexpected way during the joint performance of “Ordinary People” by Wallace and Jackie.

As my seats were at the left-side end of the last few rows near the sideways, after ensuring that we had not blocked the view of the LMS behind us, both me and the LM on my right (I’ll call her Kitty) stood near the walkway so that we could dance along with Wallace. I was so excited that I actually took off my high heels and stood bare-footed on the ground.

One of the patrol guards nearby, a Chinese middle-aged man, approached me and advised me not to stand on the cold ground in such cold weather as I might get chilled and fall sick after that.

His warm reminder caught me unprepared. Smiling wide, I sincerely thanked him. This humorous friendly man winked at me and secretly told me that he would allow me to stand on the warm red carpet on the walkway (which was slightly beyond the rails). Aww.. that was just so sweet of him *_*! Heeding his advice, I happily stood on the red carpet and continued with my sing-along. Warmness engulfed both my feet and my heart.

Not long after, my sing-along was interrupted again by the same patrol guard. He curiously asked me whether Wallace was an Internet singer. Is he very famous?

I grinned and told him that Wallace is an established singer who had published many albums. I cheekily asked him how old he thought Wallace was.

“20 plus, not more than that?” he said.

“He is 41 this year XD! Born in 1974 XD!” I replied with an almost face-to-face cheeky grin.

(Inner me: bwahahahahahaha he is already 41 I KNEW you can’t get his age right!)

(Wallace is 42 this year I couldn’t think straight at that time okay my math sucks >.<)

I felt so accomplished to see him in awe (so evil of me).

He soon picked up his dropped jaw and said “wow, I have never heard of him then, during my time we worshiped the 4-Heavenly Kings of Hong Kong Pop Music!”

But before I could tell him more stories of Wallace, he asked me to enjoy the concert as he had to leave for patrol.

wallacejackie (3)

Dear Mr. Guard, if I could tell you more.. Wallace Chung is an all-rounded artist who is good at singing, dancing, acting, and even directing. To us, he is a combination of the 4-Heavenly Kings of Hong Kong. To me, he is not just a simple idol. I love his singing, dances, dramas and movies. I love his personality, wisdom, and his attitude towards his life and career. His being himself is the best and my favourite character of all the characters he had played in his dramas. He inspired me to become a better person. He is my Life Mentor.

(4-Heavenly Kings of Hong Kong Pop Music: Andy Lau, Jacky Cheung, Leon Lai, Aaron Kwok)



I had an embarrassing moment when Wallace finally stopped for a short speech after singing a medley of songs.

Wallace: If you have noticed, today is our..

Me and another LM on my right (I’ll call her Kitty), proud & (VERY) loud: VALENTINE’S DAY (=*ɯ*=)!!!

Wallace cheekily grinned, 70-year-old covenant~~~~

Me and Kitty: T________T

Dor: -.-|||

(Wallace we didn’t mean to get it wrong we really really knew about the 70-year-old covenant from the very beginning sob sob sob you are too handsome we just can’t stop ourselves from saying Valentine’s Day sob sob sob~~~~)

Whatever day it is, to be at your concert and watch your heartfelt performance just made it the Best Day Ever (=*ɯ*=).


In his short speech, Wallace dedicated this concert to an elderly LM, who had written an essay of her admiration (meeting the emperor essay? LOL) to Wallace on Wallace’s Baidu Forum a few years back. In her post, she lamented that time might not allow her to make it to Wallace’s 70-year-old concert. She was already in her late sixties and her health condition was deteriorating.

Wallace read her post so he decided to bring forward the 70-year-old concert specially for her.

The Sing For Life Concert was not a simple concert. It was not a coincidence that this elderly LM was exactly at 70-year-old this year (quoted from her post in Wallace’s baidu forum). It was a planned gift from Wallace for this elderly LM.

This lucky 70-year-old LM, known as Mama Yang, a kind silver-haired lady in red woolen sweater seated at the 205 row (to Wallace’s right), stood up and waved at Wallace after his speech. Many LMS including me were shouting “she’s here!!! HERE!!!” repeatedly to Wallace. It was a pity that Wallace started his next song after his speech and didn’t notice her.

Anyway, I believe Wallace would have known about it later =). As Mama Yang had said in her post, this was one of the sweetest, most touching and most unforgettable moments in her life. I also believe that many years later, as time passes and life changes, Mama Yang’s warm love and best wishes will always be with Wallace, always.

As the concert approached its end, I had managed to get to the front rows in zone A to find my chance to pass Himmy’s gift to Wallace. The LMS at the front row were very kind to give away their front seats to me and another LM (who also wanted to give a book to Wallace). We had managed to pass our gifts to the stage guard. But as the stage guard signaled to us that he would throw the gift onto the stage, we stopped him and got our gifts back.

My sincere apology to Himmy for not being able to pass her handmade gift to Wallace (I will post it to LiangJiaZu later). But till now, I had not regretted missing the opportunity to pass the gift personally to Wallace. I was once very near to Wallace, probably about 1 metre away from him when he walked past zone A. I could have just made a little bit more effort. But as we have seen in the news, Wallace was so touched by the atmosphere that he cried at the end of the concert. When he walked past zone A, I could see his expression very clearly. At that moment, for some reason, I just couldn’t bring myself to interrupt him.


Weibo said that Wallace had bowed behind the curtain for more than 5 minutes after the concert ended.


This was the photo that finally made me cry the next day after the concert.

Wallace, thank you so much for the wonderful concert. This is the best and most memorable concert ever in my life.


On 20/02/2016 in the Mercedes Benz Arena in Shanghai, this was how I got my post-concert syndrome. The only treatment for post-concert syndrome is to watch Wallace’s concert in real life again.

So my next appointment for the treatment of my post-concert syndrome is August and September 2016. Wish me luck in the upcoming bloody battle for the concert tickets!

(Picture source: porunacarbeza; and lovely LMS from weibo)

13 thoughts on “2.20 Shanghai Sing For Life Concert: Chasing The Sun”

  1. Thank you Por, I missed Wallace so much! I kept looking out for more of his news! I cried reading your recaps on the concert, they are are so so so touching! I totally can understand your post-concert syndrome! I always had was the post-Wallace drama syndrome! Lol! For some reason I can’t take off to go for the concert so Yes! You and himmy go for the next concert and come back with more details and shared with us!


    1. Thank you Jona. My description was not even half as touching as the atmosphere I had experienced that time. The concert was beautiful. Wallace is the center of everything on that night.

      There are many many heartwarming events throughout my trip to Shanghai that I didn’t mention in my post. I reached Shanghai at 2am on 19/02 and met a pair of Shanghai couples who shared cab with me from the airport. They actually paid an extra 50 bucks for me and repeatedly reminded the cab driver to ensure my safe arrival at my hotel. When I actually had no hotel room (as I mistakenly booked my hotel one day later than the date of my arrival), my kind cab driver actually helped me ask around for any vacant room nearby. He drove me to the nearest hotel, gave me a discount and only left after ensuring that I was ‘safely’ checked in. Not to forget the wonderful meet-up with Dor and ZZ. Dor was my comrade throughout my Shanghai adventure XD. ZZ was down with very bad flu on the day we met up but she insisted to bring me for sight-seeing around the artistic town street of Shanghai. And the wonderful oversea LMS group who bought us the Shanghai magazines with Wallace cover. Kitty the cute LM from TaiZhou who stood together with me throughout the concert. Another kind cab driver who was supposed to send me to Pudong airport from hotel, actually drove me to Mercedes Benz Arena to bid farewell before heading to the airport (and no extra fee charged!). People in Shanghai are just wonderful!


      1. Wow! What an adventure! You are so blessed to meet the good and kind people. Always remembered to stay alert and cautious when you are in an new and unfamiliar place!

        Now I know you one lucky and clumsy planner! Lol! Wondered if all Wallace fan are like him! 😜 when you are more settled, maybe tried to put all details together and shared with us next time, before your next trip of course, otherwise you may get all the facts mixed up! And we all will be one confused reader Lol! 😱😜😘


  2. Reading the second time round, I was laughing and tearing at the same time at your candid description on your whole experience! Thumps up! Por!
    Totally agreed Wallace is better than the combination of the 4 Heavenly Kings! 😘😍 Lol! None of the Heavenly king caught my heart like Wallace do! Since Wallace, there is no room to comprise any other! 😍😍😍

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I struggled hard to write this post iin. I’m never good at writing but for Wallace, I just have to write something XD.


  3. I did exactly the same: walking around asking people how old they think Wallace is! LOL! I love your story and I am so glad that you met wonderful people in Shanghai! I am often impressed by the kindness of Wallace fans. It seems that being a Wallace fan helped you attract more LM-like nice people!


  4. May I know if Wallace will ever hold his concert in Singapore? He rarely comes to Singapore and his dramas and films, I dont why…were never screen here on our local channels. Wish more of his dramas can be brought to our TV channels.


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