3.16 Fan Meet: Wallace’s First Party with the Liang Family [Part 1]

by @黑花和我走天涯_LaMb
by @黑花和我走天涯_LaMb

Dear fellow fans from Vietnam,

Recently you asked if Our Sunshine could help you better understand Wallace’s interactions with the fans at the first party of the Wallace Chung W Liang Family [Wallace’s official fan group in China] on March 16, 2013. Here is the translation of the most exciting parts of the fan meet!

Part 1   Part 2   Part 3   Part 4   Part 5   Part 6

In my translation of the transcript excerpt, you will see Blogger’s Comments enormous times. Those hilarious comments were written by 嵩弦的吉他, the author of the original transcript excerpt. By the way, I must say that this blogger did a great job at transcribing or paraphrasing the most amazing parts of Wallace’s interactions with the fans at the party.

Also, you will see Translator’s Note here and there. I want to apologize that I am not familiar with Vietnamese fans’ Chinese levels, so, in the following translation, I tried to explain every idiom or Internet slang term for those who don’t speak Mandarin Chinese at all.

The following terms frequently showed up in the transcript:
Xiao Wa= Little Wa=Little Wallace=Nickname for Wallace by the fans
LM=Liang Min=Good Citizen=Wallace’s People=Nickname for the Wallace fans
Wolves=Another nickname for the Wallace fans as “Lang” [wolf/wolves] sounds like “Liang”. Also, the nickname pokes fun at the Wallace fans who are passionate to the point where they appear “lustful” like the “se lang” aka the “lewd wolf”, a Chinese word meaning the “lewd person”…Actually the title of the transcript is “Zhong Hanliang [Wallace Chung’s name in Chinese]—The Touching Words That Xiao Wa Said to the Wolves”…
Liang Shu=Nickname for the boyfriend/husband of Wallace’s female fans

Plus, I added more information about what Wallace and the fans did at the party to this translation and reorganized the misplaced parts in the original transcript to make sure they are listed chronologically.

The next five parts of the party translation will come out over the next few days.

Let me know if you have any questions regarding my translation.



[00:43] On this path, I had always been on my own, singing, dancing, and acting, until I was seen by others. I have always felt that I am an average Joe. If I have to spot any difference from others, I would say that I have you guys. I have adorable family members like you guys by my side along the way.

[01:19] I have always heard that the Liang Family consists of a lot of people and that it is a big family. It wasn’t until today that I really met you guys in person—my LIANG FAMILY [shouting]! Well, everyone is seated. And I can’t believe that you really left one seat for me! It is right there! I will just be like you guys. Now let me sit down. Let’s [sit together] like a family. Many people know that I have always wanted to set up a “home” that belongs to us, where we can get together as if we were one family. How come there is such a big home [jokingly]? [A home] where we can gather together and chat about everything we want. Well, you guys don’t have to be so formal. You guys can relax a little bit! You can eat here, or drink water…you can do anything. Please feel at home. Also I want to thank you guys…I mean it. I mean it. You guys really made my dream come true. Plus, I want to welcome the friends [you may address the people you don’t know as “friends” in Chinese to show respect and politeness, just like “amigos” in Spanish] who haven’t joined the Liang Family. Welcome to this party. Hope you enjoy it with us and share our joy as a big family! Thank you guys!

[10:17] So it is not as simple as saying “Wa.” There is one more rule…

[Translator’s Note: As some of you have known, Wallace’s nickname is “Xiao Wa” meaning “Little Wa” because Wa is short for Wallace and also because “Wa” means “Wow” in Chinese. Fans joke that “Wa” is people’s first reaction as soon as they meet Wallace in person.]

[10:38] Just saying “Wa” is not enough. We have another [rule]—because this is a big family, we should not only love “Wa” but also love the family.

[Note: This last sentence sounds better in Chinese because “Wa” and “Jia” [family/home] are rhyming words.]

[11:16] Wa: The class will now begin. Then who am I? The class president?
Please focus, everybody. We are having a class. Keke [feigning clearing the throat]…

[14:00] Class President Zhong explained the meaning of the logo: 1130 is my birthday; W consists of two Vs, so here two Vs are connected together. You guys are these Vs. When a lot of Vs are linked together, there will be a very big family. The heart shape means striving to do good deeds from the bottom of your heart; yellow is the color of the Little Sun [Wallace’s nickname in Taiwan] we had before. We keep this unique [color], everybody…Hei Hua’s member ID is 00001. The Liang Family was founded in June, 2012. Then [the host and Wallace] read the Members’ Regulations…

[Translator’s Note: In this paragraph, the blogger was paraphrasing Wallace’s words and explained what was going on in the video. Hei Hua, Black Flower aka Hey Wow, the name of the stuffed panda which Wallace claimed to be his “daughter” on Sina Weibo. ]


[18:26] Wa: I am also concerned about the friends who are still at school. They are relatively young and are still at school. For example, they might have spent a lot of time on the Internet, reading information about me, checking my news…which might have a negative impact on their academic performance. Has that ever happened?
LM [Liang Min aka Liang’s People, nickname for Wallace’s fans]: No!
Wa: Really? No???
LM: No!!!
Wa: So nobody has ever spent hours every day browsing stuff about me?
LM: Yes!
Wa: Ah? Ah? Now you began to say “Yes”?!!! Ha, what on earth is the answer? Yes? Or no? …Was it yes [playfully shaking his head] or no [playfully nodding]?
LM: Yes!!!
Wa: OK, but you should practice moderation. Of course I hope you see me more, but…but you really don’t want to waste too much time. Especially, there are some friends who often want to see me in person, and they may come visit me at the workplace [movie sets or TV series sets]. Don’t we have the tacit agreement? Right? Actually the most important thing is that if you try your best to study…if you study hard and let your parents see you have good grades, you can DO ANYTHING YOU WANT (Blogger’s Comment: Wallace was acting cute here.)! What do you have to be afraid of by then?

[Translator’s Note: Then the host invited Wallace and the fans to enter the “time machine” to review his life and career. Wallace said he first attended a singing contest at middle school and covered Alan Tam’s “Once Acquaintances”.]



23 thoughts on “3.16 Fan Meet: Wallace’s First Party with the Liang Family [Part 1]”

    1. Where are you from? I am so glad you liked it. I didn’t pay attention to this fan meet before the Vietnamese fans inquired about it, but as I translated the blog post, I learned more about Wallace, his expectations for the fans, and the wonderful relationship between a brilliant idol and his equally brilliant fans.


      1. It took me quite a while to figure out what those slang terms mean! And actually I am still confused about a few Wallace-related jargon…Selamat siang!


  1. Thank you Haha for your kind thoughts! In the past I had watched bit and pieces, a little here and there about his LM family and got very confused! Lol!
    Thank you for going back in time to translate and relate Wallace journey in starting the LM family and his wonderful fan effort and joy! I am so proud to be Wallace fan too! 😍😍😍


    1. I enjoyed the anecdotes Wallace shared with the fans and the countless “love confessions” he received from his people from all over the country. 🙂


  2. Thank you very much, Haha, for your translation! Glad to be able to learn more about Wallace. May I translate this and share it w Korean fans?


    1. I am so glad I did something for you guys, though I don’t know if you were the fan who made the request…;-)

      All the translations will be posted by April 16!


    2. Haha, yes we are LMs, his unofficial Fan Club in Vietnam. By the way, my team found some lacks on the script. Could you please kindly check again: 7.53-8.05: ????
      8.21-8.29 ???
      9.31: (LMs) OK

      Thanks a lot Haha. I appreciate if you could communicate via email. My email address: lmsvietnam1130@gmail.com
      9.32-9.37 Xiaowa suai???
      9.38-9.43: yingai OA ….
      9.43-9.46: OA OA OA………..
      9.47-9.48 Host
      9.48-9.50 Wa … jia ting
      9.51-9.53: chuan pei… (tạo dáng)


  3. Hmm! I think most of us are unofficial fan (not registered LM)! I like the nick name fans ‘Wolves’ (Lang)! Himmy, shall we called ourselves Wild wolves ( Yeh Lang!) Lol! 😂😜


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