Wallace Dominated the 16th Top Chinese Music Awards

The 16th Top Chinese Music Awards (音乐风云榜) took place this past weekend in Shenzhen Bay Sports Center (Shenzhen, China). It brought together many international artists from mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and South Korea, which explains the 4 hours long running time. Generally speaking, it’s a pretty influential music award as the outcome really determines how popular the artist is (basically they have a lot of fans). Wikipedia stated that it is known as the Chinese Grammy Awards (LOL) but I wouldn’t trust this source). Some of the recognizable artists at the award show were Exo, Kangta, Han Geng, Wei Chen, and SNH48.

Wallace skipped the red carpet walk, but he was the center of attention during the award ceremony. He walked away with 4 awards under his belt:

  • Best TV Drama Soundtrack to “Why Love” (for My Sunshine)
  • Best Album to “Sing For Life”
  • Best single of the year to “Sing for Life”
  • Most active fan group to Wallace’s awesome fans

Strategically speaking, Wallace alone had 40,000 fans who participated in the voting process. There were nearly 90,000 sign up posts. In the end, nearly 10 million votes were accounted. Wallace ended up with 7 awards nomination.

Wallace was polite sitting in the audience and very adorkable [adorable and dorky ;-)] on the stage. He thanked the fans profusely. The fan representative was funny. She was so excited that she kept telling Wallace how handsome and positive he was. Wallace was shy but later jokingly responded , “I agree.”     –Haha

Wallace Segment Cut

Himmy: Wallace was the presenter for the “Most Popular Drama Idol” and “Best Foreign Actor” awards to Wu Lei and Park Bo Gum. He messed up the sequence of the awards at first XD. Then he asked to redo it. I guess he was nervous so he messed up the award name as well lol so cute.

Himmy: The trio were asked to stay on the stage to greet the audience and do some chitchat. Wu Lei has been in the entertainment industry for 12 years although he’s only 17 years old. Wallace jokingly said Wu Lei entered the industry 5 years earlier than him. And then they all started calling Wu Lei “senior” and bowing to him which made him not sure what to do. Thus he knelt down to show them greater respect. Then all of them ended up kneeing and bowing LOL. Thereafter, Wallace kept calling him senior. When asked what kind of acting role they’d like to portray, Wallace said nobody would cast him as a student. Then he went on asking if he could play graduate student, master degree student and young teacher roles. Wallace, didn’t you act as a university student, He Yi Chen, in My Sunshine? 😛

Wallace had a hard time believing that Wu Lei was the actor in Nirvana on Fire because he had grown so much taller. Wallace promised Wu Lei that he would continue to grow until he is 185 cm since his own height kept growing until he was 25 years old XD Then the host asked if that means Wallace is still growing now? lol Wallace goofily agreed with him and said he still has a few more years to grow XD

Wallace’s ending pose to show his love for the audience and his fans.

Himmy: LOL it’s quite funny how Wallace congratulated his own fanclub for winning the “Best Fandom” award. The host teased him by saying he’s only 25 years old this year since he called Wu Lei his senior. Then the host asked how many years the “liáng mín” (Wallace’s fans) representative had been Wallace’s fan. She honestly replied 10 years plus. Hence it means she has been Wallace’s fan since she was born XD

Peanuts: Why didn’t this award ceremony let Wallace sing a single song? I was waiting for him to sing “Why Love” 😦 As Wallace said, it is very difficult to win a singing award because the competition is very keen. Thus, I am very glad Wallace did so well. Congrats to him!

News Reporting

Source:  网易娱乐


21 thoughts on “Wallace Dominated the 16th Top Chinese Music Awards”

  1. Thank you Chewywon for sharing his update. Congratulations to Wallace for all the awards that he was nominated as well as those that he had won. His OST ‘Why Love’ is my favorite OST from the drama and is still my ringing tone till now. I finally got my hand on this ‘Sing for Life’ album thanks to my friend whom managed to bring it over from Shanghai for me recently. All the songs in the album are awesome. Of course ‘Sing for Life’ is the best song of all. Looking forward to more of his news and updates.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. My friend could not even find it in physical store in China. So she got her husband to get it from Taobao. Very happy to have a friend like her. Enjoy those songs. His songs are on my daily and repeated listening list together with the OST from the K-Drama DOTS at the moment. Thank you again for working hard on sharing Wallace news with everyone. Keep up the good work!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Sound like it! Music is my Life! Don’t start DOTS until it is over is the word of advise for me. Not my usual kind of drama so I refused to start till several days ago when I made the mistake and started it. It is very addictive. Now I am trapped. Anticipating eagerly for the release of Junsu / Xia version of the OST which I heard is this week…. They did a fantastic job in lining out some of the top singers / group from the K-Pop scene for DOTS. So not only the drama that is a hit worldwide (even my friend in Maldives is raving about the drama now), the OSTs are a hit too….


      3. I’m a huge JYJ fan !!! Love Xia!!! As for the drama, I’m not planning on watching it. I follow the recaps & watch clips here and there only. I’m not a huge fan of SHK. I don’t care for the OTP, but I like the secondary OTP though.

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Yeh! Another JYJ fan out there… I loved them and it is a dream to be able to stay in Toscano (Xia’s Hotel in Jeju) one day. I am in love with the cool soldier actions when they protect everyone in the drama. It is very well written on how both the medical team and the military team works together. Yes, I don’t like the main OTP but prefer the cute 2nd OTP. The 2nd male lead is sooooo cool and good looking. JYJ site just released teaser revealing that Junsu’s OST for DOTS would be released in 2 days time… and my countdown starts now officially… 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      5. It is and now I am stuck with the awesome voice of 黄致列. He sang 총 맞은 것처럼 (Baek Ji Young) in one of the episode and I am totally taken on already.


      6. His name is Hwang Chi Yeul, a korean. He is known as 黄致列 in China. Became popular through I Am A Singer 4 after he was invited to join. He recorded some songs in the past but did not make it big and the company closed down. A very good singer. If you have the same music taste like me, I am sure you will love his voice. Check out the video of him singing 총 맞은 것처럼….. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NnEzQiOSo6I&nohtml5=False


      7. As it turns out, you and I do have the same taste in music. Enjoy the songs… And continue to share our love in music. I am actually working on a post on his music today… 🙂

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  2. Thank you Chewywon for putting this updates in the shortest time possible. I wish I could view the every part where Wallace was shown, on stage and off stage as well! Lol! He is so fun to have around! Love to watch and listen to him! 😍
    For those who are new to his music, you have to be patient to appreciate, just like red wine! Just like Wallace! 😘😘😘


    1. oh yeah jona,i remember when i first time found wallace actually he is a singer..by accidently..because i really dont know what is wallace background..i love it from the first time.the first song i heard and i watch is i want to fly fly over the world..
      luckily i found this blog.so i know him more and better..love his acting,his song ,his personality.. and all

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Congrat wallace!!!you are awesome,adorable.i never regret to prise him All the time,thinking of him,
    Wish many many and many more awards you get in the future,once you make appereance everyones was happy,happy and happy..i like anything about him..

    Liked by 1 person

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