3.16 Fan Meet: Wallace’s First Party with the Liang Family [Part 3]


This is Part 3 of the 6-part translation of Wallace’s first party with the Wallace Chung W Liang Family, his official fan club in China. 

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The following terms frequently showed up in the transcript:
Xiao Wa= Little Wa=Little Wallace=Nickname for Wallace by the fans
LM=Liang Min=Good Citizen=Wallace’s People=Nickname for the Wallace fans
Liang Shu=Nickname for the boyfriend/husband of Wallace’s female fans

[02:18] Another fan’s boyfriend [after his girlfriend screamed “Zhong Hanliang I love you” at the top of her lungs]: Zhong Hanliang! My gas money!

Xiao Wa: Another Liang Shu? Your what? Gas money???

Liang Shu [jokingly]: Yes! I am the one who drove my wife to this place!

Xiao Wa: Don’t…be…so…stingy!!! See? Everybody is stomping their feet!!!


[02:37] LM: Wei! Xiao Wa!

[Translator’s Note: Wei is the custom greeting in phone calls in among the Chinese people, just like “Moshi moshi” in Japanese, but Wei sounds more informal.]

Wa: Wei, wei, I’m here! Wei, wei, the connection is not good! Wei!

LM: Xiao Wa! Hurry and come into Shenzhen [city name] fans’ bowl!

Wa “Come into the bowl”…I saw this slang term on the Internet, but I don’t understand it. What does it mean?

Host [jokingly]: you are a piece of meat that she wants to eat.

Wa [wide-eyed]: Really? Really? (Blogger’s Comment: It seems like this kid was freaked out again…)

Host: Do you guys want to eat this piece of meat?

Other LMs: She is teasing you!

Wa: You are kidding, right? That’s not the meaning of “getting into the bowl”, right? Can you please explain the meaning of “getting into the bowl”? Let me learn some new knowledge. There are too many Internet slang terms…Ah? You were teasing me? Gee…so it has nothing to do with the bowl? Is it related to the bowl? Not related. Hai…hai…hai… [Translator’s Note: Wallace was sighing playfully to protest the fan and the host’s teasing.]

[Translator’s Note: Then Wallace mentioned Leslie Cheung’s “Destiny”, the first song he recorded with his first tape recorder. Leslie Cheung is Wallace’s idol. He said he wanted to emulate Leslie to be a good singer, dancer, and actor. Later, Wallace covered Leslie Cheung’s “Monica” and sang his own “Want to Fly, Fly Across the World” which is one of the songs for which he wrote the lyrics.


After singing the songs, Wallace and the host chatted about how he learned ballet as a teenager. The point of this session is to tell the fans that the process of realizing one’s dream requires hard work. He also mentioned that his enjoyment and achievements in dancing, a non-traditional career choice for Chinese males, later won his family’s support.

Then, Wallace sang one of his Cantonese songs “A Thousand Kinds of Worries” aka “Present” (1998).

Wallace’s Cantonese songs are amazing. Cantonese is his first language, while Mandarin Chinese is his third language. As soon as he discovered that some fans at the party were from Hong Kong, he became excited and chatted with them a little bit in Cantonese. It is very considerate of him that he translated what he said into Mandarin for Mandarin-speaking fans immediately afterwards.]

Source: 嵩弦的吉他’s blog post “Zhong Hanliang [Wallace Chung’s name in Chinese]—The Touching Words That Xiao Wa Said to the Wolves


9 thoughts on “3.16 Fan Meet: Wallace’s First Party with the Liang Family [Part 3]”

  1. Thank you Haha. I love every conversation he had with fans, what really stand out is the word Ballet over bowl! Lol! I start to picture Wallace in those body hugging ballet costume!😂😋😛 Do you think we could persuade him to do ballet again! Lol!


    1. He said he wanted to be a ballet dancer as a teenager! He participated in a TV drama and a movie about dancing and competed in a TV dancing comtest. “The highest level of dancing is standing still while dancing in the soul.” I love his insight about dancing!


  2. thanks rensi..you work so hard..cantonese is wallace first Language,mandarin chinese is his third.so what is the second Language?is it english?


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