3.16 Fan Meet: Wallace’s First Party with the Liang Family [Part 4]


This is Part 4 of the 6-part translation of Wallace’s first party with the Wallace Chung W Liang Family, his official  fan club in China. 

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The following terms frequently showed up in the transcript:
Xiao Wa= Little Wa=Little Wallace=Nickname for Wallace by the fans
LM=Liang Min=Good Citizen=Wallace’s People=Nickname for the Wallace fans

[Translator’s Note: Wallace shared anecdotes of his acting and hosting experiences in Hong Kong and began playing the Q&A game about his career in Taiwan with the fans.]

[03:16] LM: Xiao Wa, do you know this? In Chongqing we have mountains and rivers, hot pots and beautiful girls. We Miss Niu’s from Chongqing have been waiting for you to come to Chongqing!!!

[Translator’s Note: “Miss Niu” is a song in Wallace’s 2010 album All Eyes On Me.]

Wa: I’ve been there!

LM: It has been three or four years since you last visited Chongqing!

Wa: It has been this long since I went to see you?…I shouldn’t have [let you wait so long]! (Blogger’s Comment: Wallace was teasing the fans nonstop…)

LM: We all hope that you visit Chongqing [again]. We will keep waiting, waiting, and waiting for you!

Wa: We will have lots of opportunities to hang out in the years to come…Just stay in Chongqing waiting for me! Don’t leave [Chongqing]!

[Translator’s Note: Here Wallace was speaking dramatically as if he were acting in an martial arts TV drama warning an enermy not to leave. ;-)]


[05:36] LM: When will the concert DVD be released?

Wa: That may…take more time…but for today, for today, I can tell you a little secret. We are secretly, well not secretly [Fans laughed]…we have been shooting [this party] on a large scale, not of us [the host and me], but of you guys. And you, will receive this gift in the future. This gift, will be sent to you in the form of a video [DVD]! This DVD will be released soon…

[06:36] LM: When will the “Shake It Up” MV be released?

Wa: I have forgotten about this. Why did you bring it up? Do you really want to bring this up?…(Blogger’s Comment: This kid is playing cute in an unbridled way. His integrity is broken to smithereens. Hahahaha…)

[Translator’s Note: “The integrity is broken to smithereens”  is a Chinese Internet slang term. You use it humorously to describe someone who is “shamelessly” joking around.]

[09:04] LM: We [fans from Shandong] have been traveling around to see you!

[Translator’s Note: This fan said that since Wallace hadn’t visited Shandong for a long time, the fans there had to travel to other cities to see Wallace.]

Wa: Next time I will also travel around to see you!

[11:27] LM: Xiao Wa,, we made homemade cookies to give you as a gift!

Wa: Are they as tasty as our Liang Ren cookies [Liang Ren was Wallace’s dissert brand.]? Really? Handmade? Thank you! Let me taste it…oh wait until this party is over! It is not a good time to eat…Thank you for your homemade cookies…can I really taste one now? It is OK? Wow…some are deformed already…Can I really eat them? (Blogger’s Comment: Wallace had cleverly grabbed a cookie at that moment. Do you still want to pretend to be shy? Just eat it, we will definitely not say that you are the king of food junkies!)…I shall eat it now!!! …Our Liang Ren cookies are better (jokingly) (Blogger’s Comment: Hehe, he was acting so proud)…(At last the host asked the staff to take the cookies away from the stage, while Wa blurted out “Just put them here” and pointed at the stage…unfortunately…the host just ignored him…he seriously lost face. 😉 )

Wallace ate one of the cookies made by the fans from Huzhou on the stage.

[16:17] Wa [impressed, responding to a fan who correctly answered the question “Who is the lyricist for “OREA.”]: Your are also a songwriter, right? How come you remember this so clearly?

LM: [Because] you told me the answer in a dream!

Wa: Did I tell you that in a dream?!!! Hahaha!

[16:49] Wa [responding to a fan asking when he will give concerts in Changsha]: The concert, must to planned out carefully! It must be planned ahead and well-thought out. There will be one…when I am fully prepared, I will go look for you in Changsha! Wait for me! Don’t leave me (Blogger’s Comment: He was teasing fans outlandishly…)

[17:39] Wa [encouraging a fan who stood up to answer a challenging question about who was responsible for the arrangements of “OREA”]: Do you know that? You are the best!

[Translator’s Note: This is Wallace’s line in the 2013 movie “Fall in Love”. The movie was released only 8 days before this party, so Wallace was tactfully promoting the movie here. ]

From movie "Fall in Love"
From movie “Fall in Love”

[18:20] Wa [responding to the fan telling him “The fans in Hunan have waited for you to visit for a long time”]: You…you…you…wait for me…

A fan got a tattoo of the Chief’s totem [ the Chief refers to Qiang Feng aka Xiao Feng, Wallace’s character in the 2013 TV show Demi-Gods and Semi-DevilsQiao Feng is the charismatic chief of the Beggars’ Sect.] She said she found the image from the director’s weibo and copied the tattoo right from Qiao Feng’s chest [but her original words were more vivid—“I ripped the tattoo off your chest”].

[21:48] Wa: Why do I feel a little scared?…Can you wash it away? Is it easy to wash it off? Don’t let your parents see that…

LM: My parents are very supportive. They think you taught me many positive things.

Wa: Wow… [Wallace was shocked] I really don’t deserve this [a custom reply to a compliment in Chinese]. Let’s keep working hard together (Blogger’s Comment: This time Wallace was really surprised by the fans. Seems like a girl’s fanatic love for the idol will always be surpassed another’s!!!…Regarding this girl’s parents’ awe-inspiring mindset in parenting, I not only admire it, but I would worship it!!!)

[Translator’s Note: Then Wallace sang the signature “OREA”. ]

Source: 嵩弦的吉他’s blog post “Zhong Hanliang [Wallace Chung’s name in Chinese]—The Touching Words That Xiao Wa Said to the Wolves

Qiao Feng’s tattoo from Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils (2013)

10 thoughts on “3.16 Fan Meet: Wallace’s First Party with the Liang Family [Part 4]”

  1. Thank you Rensi. I love many Wallace’s qualities and talents! He is determine and focus; hardworking and tolerant; kind and mischievous at the same time; has great sense of humour and positive; smart and wise; always elegant and sometime clumsy Lol! I always enjoy and look forward to hear his witty comments. 😍😍😍


  2. sorry rensi..i just cek this post..manys wallace news on this week…i agree with LMS..who was say..wallace give many positive feeling that is actually happening to me..if we only watch his drama my thought he is HOT.but by following his news..i have diffrent tought more than that..he is an smart actor,profesional,kind person…


    1. I totally agree. Acting was not his first choice. He was offered the possibility to make that career change in 1999. He wasn’t really sure about that at first but later he discovered the charm of acting. The rest was history. So, he brought to his acting career some insights as an outsider. Even now, I think he still feels that acting is a craft and a way to make a living and derive some creative pleasure. While other actors either take acting too seriously or regard that as a shortcut to fame and fortune, Wallace distances himself from acting every now and then and that approach constantly offers him fresh ideas.

      That being said, he is not a perfect actor but I see a lot of potential in him. He might as well become a truly respectable artist in the future. His talented and passionate fans are a great asset to his artistic development.


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