3.16 Fan Meet: Wallace’s First Party with the Liang Family [Part 5]


This is Part 5 of the 6-part translation of Wallace’s first party with the Wallace Chung W Liang Family, his official  fan club in China. In this post, you will read some “love confessions” from Wallace’s elder fans.

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The following terms frequently showed up in the transcript:
Xiao Wa= Little Wa=Little Wallace=Nickname for Wallace by the fans
LM=Liang Min=Good Citizen=Wallace’s People=Nickname for the Wallace fans

[10:47] [The blogger was paraphrasing this part of the party] Wa said that [14:04] respecting elders and caring about minors is the ethics observed by the Liang Family. Then he offered the opportunities to ask questions to several senior citizens. An old grandma said, [14:30] “Not only people born in the 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s like you, you also have fans born in the 1940s!” This old grandma, to everyone’s surprise, is Jiang Qinqin’s [Chinese actress] teacher! Another grandma said, “You are the best entertainer I have ever seen. In my remaining years, I will go see you wherever you perform.” I teared up instantly. I was moved beyond words.

(Blogger’s Comment: I saw the grandma born in the 1940s write in a post on Baidu Tieba: “I wan to say that, I am sorry I can’t accompany you until you are 70 years old, because I am unable to live until 100 years old. But I am happy that your classic performances in movies, TV drams, songs, and dances  will accompany me till I am 70 years old. I am already content with that. Thank you, Hanliang!” I feel so touched.)

[Translator’s Note: Then Wallace sang “I Want You” and “Shake It Up” before entering the Q&A session during which he answered some interesting questions posted on the big screen. ]

[25:58] Wa: Actually, in my heart I want to hold a complete concert…today what we are having is actually is not a concert. It is a, yes, party. After the concerts in Shanghai and Guangzhou, I feel that we have a lot of areas for improvement. We need more time to prepare for the concerts. I do have such a plan. Hope I can accomplish this goal in 2014. By that time I hope you…[Wallace did not finish the sentence because he assumed the fans understood what he was going to say.]

[27:06] Q: After playing so many roles, which role do you think was the hardest to play?

Wa: Ai [sighing], every role is hard to play…it’s always going to be the next one…Hope all my roles will make you satisfied.

Source: 嵩弦的吉他’s blog post “Zhong Hanliang [Wallace Chung’s name in Chinese]—The Touching Words That Xiao Wa Said to the Wolves



8 thoughts on “3.16 Fan Meet: Wallace’s First Party with the Liang Family [Part 5]”

  1. Thank you Rensi. Whao! your translations are speeding up really fast! Ha! Ha! Now I am chasing to read! 😄
    Wallace has great talent in his acting! Even Du Sir said said Wallace can do even better in ‘Three’ and acknowledged it was a difficult role! Even Du Sir could see Wallace has unearth potentials!
    I was upset that Wallace many past movies was not complemented with famous actors and Directors and I felt Wallace is at par with many good artist and well deserve that recognition! But after reading your translation here! My thoughts are different now! Wallace are so well loved by many fans who saw and appreciate his talents, these ovations are something many popular artists don’t even had! I am really happy and proud of Wallace! 😍😍😍


    1. I feel he is so lucky for having those “true love fans” (another slang term about LMs). I wouldn’t have noticed him without their amazing photos, videos, LONG essays and TV show reviews…I am also very happy he has ardent fans who support him no matter what. He loves the fans too. He said he kept all the fan gifts (food excepted) in a storage. He can find any gift if you tell him when and where you gave him the gift.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Wow! He stored all gifts from fans! Fantastics! And even remembered them! Amazing! Ooooooh! 😚 Sooo! sweet of him! 😍😍😍


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