3.16 Fan Meet: Wallace’s First Party with the Liang Family [Part 6]

w31This is the last part of the 6-part translation of Wallace’s first party with the Wallace Chung W Liang Family, his official  fan club in China. 

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The following terms frequently showed up in the transcript:
Xiao Wa= Little Wa=Little Wallace=Nickname for Wallace by the fans
LM=Liang Min=Good Citizen=Wallace’s People=Nickname for the Wallace fans

[27:58] Q: What type of girls do you like?

[The answer to this question straddled video #5 and video #6.] Wa: I don’t dare look at those who are too pretty. I am actually not that kind of [people]…who will easily…eh, be attracted to people’s physical appearance. I can’t fall in love at first sight. It’s just that I don’t warm up to people easily. But she will eventually show up…you guys will support me, right? I am…I am, actually, not that young anymore, yes, so, everything should be fine…so, we will…I will take good care of myself. I should be able to take good care of myself, I am probably able to. You guys don’t need to worry. [The fans screamed, “Marry soon!”] OK OK OK, [The fans screamed, “Have a ‘Little Xiao Wa’ soon!”] soon, yes, [I will] complete those that I should complete. But you guys should be supportive and not be worried. OK…

[Translator’s Note: Wallace stammered a lot here. I can feel he is a very private person and feels uncomfortable talking about his love life. Still, he tries his best to assuage the fans’ concern about him and to satisfy their curiosity about his romantic life as well. The above answer contains many layers of meanings if you read between the lines.

Haha I can’t stand seeing Wallace so embarrassed. Let him do whatever he wants. I don’t care whom he loves or marries. If he doesn’t want to discuss his love life in public, I will definitely leave him undisturbed. 😉 ]


[00:25] Q: Why did you choose the current team? Isn’t it great to manage your career all by yourself?

Wa: Actually I made the decision exactly because I was on my own for a long time. I discovered that many things require teamwork. Especially when it comes to founding the Liang Family, this is a very important decision. In the past I did not set up [the Liang Family] because I had not found the right people and the right team to manage this huge and complex project, but I finally found them. I hope…this is a difficult process, just like us sitting here together right now…this is not an easy thing. Previously many…for example, when the Liang Family was initially founded, there were many voices: Some folks felt that we were used to having no organization, no leadership, no fen tou [“head of fans,” a word coined by Wallace, which caused a burst of laughter in the audience]. Now suddenly there comes a person…Actually we just want to provide a platform for you guys, to help you get together, and to serve you guys. Sometimes we saw that you guys have to travel a long way to purchase tickets [for press conferences, variety TV shows, etc.], and spend time, so we want to simplify the process, so I try to do my best. This process is not simple, and I need your support. Now I know that everyone that is here is supportive, because you have already joined the Liang Family, but we still want to pass on the message to more people, hopefully we will grow bigger and more united. Besides, we are a family…

[02:20] I know you guys pretty well, especially the members of the Liang Family. It is worth telling you stories about some of them. There is one Liang Min [Civil Citizen, aka Liang’s person, nickname for Wallace’s fan in mainland, China] from Qingdao. You guys know her. She is Xiao Ren [Little Ren. The older Chinese people tend to use “little + family name” to address younger people to show affection, but I personally don’t like it]. She has voluntarily organized some book donation activities, and then send those books to the kids in remote areas, for many months, for 15 months. So, although she probably doesn’t want to keep a high profile here at the party, her good deeds deserve our encouragement. Actually I have a pretty good idea of what you guys are doing, despite the fact that I am not online very often [the fans laughed], but I know [those stories], especially those that I should know. The gifts you send me…eh, today there are many signed banners, many gifts—I will collect them…Also recently many people have sent me books as gifts. I actually don’t have enough time to finish them, but I will collect all of them. I will collect food gifts as well…Also we have a special friend. She is sick. I don’t know if she is here today. She is having a hard time, a tough time. Since she is also a member of the family, I hope that she can find some energy from  here to fight the disease. This is what we must give her. Besides, we must harness the spirit of our family to give her more support. If she is right next to you, please give her some encouragement, show her the spirit based on which we found our Liang Family. OK? …(Blogger’s Comment: Xiao Wa, Thank you for knowing LM so well…)

[Translator’s Note: Then Wallace sang “Fall In Love”, the theme song of his latest movie at that time.]

Wallace cut the cake with Hei Hua [Black Flower aka Hey Wow, a stuffed panda he claimed to be his daughter on Sina Weibo].
[13:36] Since the inception of the Liang Family, we have come all the way to get here. The process has really been not easy, not easy.  From the formulation of the name, to the organization of it, to the heart-shaped logo we chose, we got where we are step by step. We started with dots, which led to a line; and lines are connected to form a facet, which led to this Liang Family party in Shanghai. So, let’s give it up to every staff member around us. This team is part of our Liang Family. We are one family. Let’s respect and love each other! Let’s love Wa [Wallace] and love Jia [family]!

[22:04] Closing remarks: I am Xiao Wa. Every time I feel happy to see you guys. And just like you, I look forward to the next party. Eh, I know today there are many friends who come from afar, yes, from afar—some come from abroad. To those who come from afar, I want to let you know that I really appreciate it! [Thanks for] coming to our first party as the Liang Family. Eh, I believe in the future we will soon have more meetups, because we made a pact that the Liang Family will be carried on. And, eh, we will [make a pact by] crossing little fingers. Yes, crossing little fingers is a magical thing. We hope that after we made the promise, we cross fingers, then we will be able to keep giving parties, and carry on this Liang Family until [I am] 70 years old!!!

[Translator’s Note: In the last part of the transcript excerpt, the blogger included the lyrics of the fan club theme song—“One Day We’ll All Grow Old”.]

Source: 嵩弦的吉他’s blog post “Zhong Hanliang [Wallace Chung’s name in Chinese]—The Touching Words That Xiao Wa Said to the Wolves



11 thoughts on “3.16 Fan Meet: Wallace’s First Party with the Liang Family [Part 6]”

  1. Thank you Rensi. I felt I just attended Wallace’s first fans party! Lol!Glad to know the LM fans and fans in this blog too! And hopefully many more! 😘😍🤗


  2. thanks rensi..his conversation with his fans is like we talk with freinds or our brother and sister..thats why he called liang family..i agree with this.


  3. Thank you, Haha for the work. I enjoy reading it very much.

    Anyone join the official fans club? I have applied but pending approval. I think it will take quite a long queue to process as there are so many fans around the world.


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