Bounty Hunters’ Beijing Press Conference with Wallace, MinHo, & Tang Yan

The second press conference for Bounty Hunters took place this past 13th of April in Beijing and revealed the first official trailer. All the main characters were presented, except for the 5th bounty hunter, played by Hong Kong actor Louis Fan. If you missed out our coverage on the first press promotion, click here.

Meet our Bounty Hunters

Wallace changes up a bit from his previous leading man image and plays up his comedic skills. He does not have it easy either, because there were many explosive and fight scenes he had to take on.

He stated:

"There were scenes of car chasing and fast-driving at the beginning. Shooting these scenes helped broadened my mind."
"Simulation technologies are applied, which provided animated 3D human models that may guide us to do action scenes accordingly. Eventually after editing, the visual effect would look like what we discovered from the 3D human models in the pre-shooting phase. To me, it's a very unique experience."
                      (credit, Hunag Shan, from CRI)

Lee Min Ho continues his leading man appeal by playing the action packed fighter. However, this will be Min Ho’s first flight scene with his leading lady and they both had to practice a lot.

Tang Yan plays the team leader of the pack ordering Wallace and Min Ho around (they are her right hand men). A reporter asked her if it’s possible to control the 2 men? She said, it’s possible during filming as she’s the team leader;  they had to listen to her.

She further explained the preparation it took for their fight scenes:

"In it, I had to jump from one car to another. Meanwhile, a lot of our energy was put into the shooting of fight scenes. Maybe some fight scenes will end very quickly in the movie, but in reality we were given one day off just for the practice of our action parts with the fight choreographer and did rehearsals in advance."            (credit, Hunag Shan, from CRI)

Karena Ng switches off her sweet image and plays a smart tech nerd trying to hack into the bad guy’s system.

Producer Raymond proudly says this about Karena’s image:

“Do not mess with innocent girl like Karean Ng, because those that appeared quiet and sweet, they are fundamentally strong.”

Rounding out the last cast member presented at the press conference is Bounty Hunter’s evil man himself, Jeremy Tsui.

Official Trailer

The first trailer has got my stamp of approval. The music got my heart pumping and the action scenes gave me an adrenaline rush. Extra excited for the movie already. Comedies have done very well at the Mainland China market, so I expect great results (fingers crossed).

Full video coverage of the event

Bromance between Wallace and Min Ho highlighted the event

Himmy: Both Wallace and Lee Min Ho were asked to do a series of poses for whatever reason it is. They both looked so awkward and embarrassed with those requests XD

Himmy: Wallace said Min Ho had asked him if he can let go of his idol image to play the comedic role. He hesitated about it at first but tried not to think about it and focused on how to make the audience laugh. LOL Wallace you had long tossed your image away since The Amazing Race 😛

Summary on the Press done by hktopten’s blog
The two leads Lee Min-Ho and Chung Hon Leung had the ultimate task of "expression" challenge. Lee Min-Ho and Chung Han Leung had to look sad, cool, flirtatious, loving and naturally stunned together. They made poses and performed each character convincingly. When they played cute, they both stuck out their tongues and gave a victory sign. Lee Min-Ho even squinted with his smile. However for their loving side, Lee Min-Ho and Chung Han Leung looked awkward with a heavily ambiguous stare. 

Chung Hon Leung said that because he played a law enforcement officer in the film DRUG WAR (DUK JIN), this time as Ah Yo, a bounty hunter with an Interpol background and relied on his mind to complete the task was like a sequel. He also fulfilled a promise to himself with this performance -- to keep challenging himself and give the audience the best character and work. He also revealed that on the set, although Lee Min-Ho did not understand Putonghua he still worked hard to memorize the pronunciation. By the first week he was able to rehearse in Putonghua with the cast professionally. 

Lee Min-Ho played Chung Hon Leung's bounty hunter partner Lee Shan. He will show off his ability on the action side. In the film they were in life and death situations and had highly difficult stunts in the air, at sea and on land. 

Go here to read the full article.

Bounty hunters is set to open nationwide in China this summer June 8th and in Singapore the date is on June 9th.

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3 thoughts on “Bounty Hunters’ Beijing Press Conference with Wallace, MinHo, & Tang Yan”

  1. thankyou cewywon for this post
    two handsome guy on stage.but my heart is belong to wallace chung and my eyes never go to somewhere else.hehe..they both so funny during the confrence pers.. cant wait to watch this movie..we will see wallace diffrent character..i hope this movie will release in my country..

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  2. Thank you Chewywon.
    I so so so excited!..and has to wait for April to end and the whole of May and finally June! Oooh! The waiting is killing me! Why why why it seems so long! …Ok! Counting down will help me survive the agony of waiting…looking forward….today is 21st April…50 days to go! Lol! 😅😅😅

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