“Three” Trailer Press Conference Released with Wallace and Zhao Wei

The upcoming summer release film, There  (三人行), held its first trailer released press conference this past 14th of April. Only Wallace Chung, Zhao Wei, and Johnnie To were on hand in Beijing to promote the movie. Louis Koo could not attend. 😦

Three is acclaimed director Johnnie To’s latest movie. In short summary, the story revolves around three main characters: a prisoner (Wallace Chung), a police officer (Louis Koo), and a female doctor (Zhao Wei). During a police arrest, the recently released prisoner injured himself in the head to buy more time while he gets treatment in the hospital. The policeman plays along with his scheme, as he plans to capture all of the bad guys. While the female doctor keeps getting in the way. Reportedly, the ending of the film will reveal a surprise connection relating to the past of these three main leads.

This movie is quite unique as the film took place almost entirely at a hospital setting that was specially build. Johnnie further explained how he came up with the concept of the movie:

"The whole story took place in a hospital. I have once hoped to shoot a movie without any outdoor scenes. So this film is shot all in studio. The starring role, played by Wallace Chung, is bed-ridden in the hospital."                     -China.org
It (the film) won't have lots of spectacles and heavy stunts. In nearly half of the scenes, Wallace lies on a bed and relies on speech and facial expressions to develop the plot."

Wallace  reiterated Johnnies’ words and said that almost 80% of his scenes were done while in bed and he had to relied heavily on his facial acting. In addition, he admitted that the director was strict and very meticulous with every detail. There are constant changes to the scripts and overall this film was quite a challenge. He thanked the director for improving his memorization skills as his character has long dialog.

"As we had no script, we did not know how the story would develop," says Zhao.    

Since Louis wasn’t able to attend the event, both Wallace and Vicki took a good amount of time complaining about the physical abuse they received from Louis’ character:

Zhao Wei:
"In one scene Goo Jai (Louis) slapped me. For different angles and bad takes, Goo Jai hit me all day."

...when they got off work they saw Zhao Wei's face swelling up that even her micro blood vessels burst. 

Zhao Wei joked that she demanded revenge with screen writer Yau Nai Hoi. So in one scene she got to slapped Goo Jai. However To Sir (Johnnie) might have been taking care of Goo Jai (Since he worked with Louis on many projects, whereas this is Vicki's first time collaborating with Johnnie). After only a few takes they got off work, while Goo Jai hit her all day! 

Goo Jai grabbed him by the ear in one scene. Goo Jai kept yanking after grabbing his ear. After the shoot his ear began to swell. He joked that Goo Jai truly was acting in full force! 

Three is set to open nationwide in Mainland China, June 24.


The trailer starts off with some whistling of classical music.  Wallace’s character is actually quite disturbing, even his smile gave me goose bumps. I’m excited for this one too.

“If anyone looks at me like this, even if it’s Wallace, I’m running away!”


Wallace Press Video  Cut

 Full Press Video Cut

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6 thoughts on ““Three” Trailer Press Conference Released with Wallace and Zhao Wei”

  1. thanks won..you so hard working
    not only wallace said that.many artist also said the director is very strict..
    altough wallace character is a badguy but his scene make me feel pitty at him..wallace is active person but almost his scene is on bed…i can imagine how bored the situation.


  2. and i wonder too with louis koo..did not stres for confrence pers..
    wallace and Vicky Zhu..hemmm,,they should have movie project together in the future..


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