Wallace Promoting “Bounty Hunter” & “Tik ToK” at BIFF

This year marked the 6th Beijing International Film Festival (BIFF), which was expected to run from the 16th all the way to the 23th. It is a festival aiming at providing a platform for promoting both local and international films. Any Chinese star who has an upcoming movie, will pretty much grace the red carpet with their fellow co-stars. Famous celebrities worth mentioning were Wallace Chung and his co-stars from Tik Tok and Bounty Hunters, Aaron Kwok, Chow Yun-Fat, Yao Chen, Tang Wei, Ethan Juan, Charlie Yuen, and Natalie Portman to name a few. Also, famous artists like Jane Zhang and Eason Chan showed up to perform during the ceremony.

Wallace was on double duty today, as he walked the red carpet twice with two different looks representing “Tik Tok” and “Bounty Hunter” respectively .

Tik Tok

After in what seems like one long year of having frizzy and messy hair, Wallace finally trimmed his hair. He first walked the red carpet with his “Tik Tok” costars wearing a polka dot suit, looking well rested, and as handsome as ever (if that’s even possible).

Wallace with Lee Jung Jae and Lang Yue Ting. If you need a reminder of what “Tik Tok” is about, go and read Peanut’s post here and here.)


Walking the red carpet and doing interview with his “Tik Tok” costars

Backstage interview


Bounty Hunter

Wallace had to skipped a couple of backstage interviews with his “Tik Tok” costars as he had to get ready to join his “Bounty Hunter” crew. During the red carpet walk, Tang Yan sauntered ahead with producer Raymond Wong, leaving behind both Wallace and Lee Min Ho (李敏镐) to continue their playful bromantic stroll.

This was an event where Wallace’s appearance was announced weeks in advance; hence, the red carpet bleacher was filled by many of Wallace’s fans holding sunflowers.

Min Ho was recently in China on the 13th attending back to back events, the Bounty Hunter Press and the LeTV Entertainment Award with co-star Tang Yan. Min Ho walked away with the Most Popular Asian Idol award, while Tang Yang received Favorite Actress acknowledgement. He had just arrived in China in the early morning just to attend this film festival.

Tang Yan is wearing an Alexis Mabille skirt and carrying a Judith Leiber hand bag. She was also on double duty, walking the red carpet twice. Later, she playfully teased herself on Instagram for not being able to change (like Wallace) due to her tight schedule.

Presenter with Min Ho

Wallace and Min Ho were both presenters at the opening ceremony. Following Wallace’said introduction, Min Ho also introduced himself in Mandarin. Wallace gave his approval by saying Min Ho’s Chinese has greatly improved.  Afterwards, Wallace enlightened the atmosphere by poking fun at their Chinese nicknames.

 Back Stage Interview:

Wallace: Karena and I are responsible for brain and wisdom (that's why he split them to 2 parts later), I am also responsible for making money for them and I love eating.

Tiffany: The role of mine is an arrogant female boss responsible for giving orders to them.

MC: These 3 actors around you are all handsome, how do you evaluate them ?

Tiffany: Super handsome.

MC: Which one is the most handsome ?

Tiffany: All are handsome.

MC: Talking about the Korean handsome one, what memories with him do you have when filming ?

Tiffany: He is a super nice person. No need to talk about his looks, everybody knows that he's very handsome. He is very easy to get along with. Although that was the first time we cooperated, we had a tacit agreement and got along very happily.

Louis: My role is a man who is like a super housekeeper, knowing everything but having a heart like a girl. First of all, I need to protect my "big lady" (Tiffany) and then I need to protect them all.

Karena : My role is a genius and female hacker. There is sisterhood between Tiffany's role and mine.

MC: This movie is filmed at several countries, and Mr. Lee Min Ho, was that was very hard ? Was there any special memory ?

Minho : It was not very hard, but I feel sorry that if there is not any language barrier, I can understand them more and we may have more interaction. 


MC : Let's teach Min Ho another Chinese term - "Da Mai" (big sale).

Minho : "Xang Jing Lei Ren Da Mai"  (Bounty Hunters big sale)

MC : Oh my god ! He can say it !!

Credit goes to Min Ho's friendly fan: gtLmh0622 @ Soompi


Walking the red carpet with Bounty Hunter’s Min Ho

 Korean’s Star Daily News Coverage

 English article on this years’s BIFF here:

Beijing opens 6th Int’l Film Festival 

More HD Photos of Wallace and the Cast of Bounty Hunter HERE

HD Photos of Wallace and Tik Tok Casts HERE



3 thoughts on “Wallace Promoting “Bounty Hunter” & “Tik ToK” at BIFF”

  1. wallace is super super handsome at bjiff.
    Aiya Chewywon, messy hair is my favorite lah.but for such big event,too look clean he must..many of big star will attend and i dont wallace look ugly beside Lee min ho..
    maybe in the future he will won something for his movie..in another event.


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