“TiK Tok” Press Conference with Wallace Chung & Lee Jung Jae

Tik Tok held its first press conference this past 17th of April at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Beijing, just days after all three leads attended the BIFF. Hence, we finally got our first official look at Wallace’s character as well as the released poster and trailer.

“Want to find the bomb? Do as I say! You think you can beat me? The game has only just begun.”

In the movie, Wallace’s character is a strategist white-collar worker who is highly intelligent and seem to have a connection with the mysterious man wearing the mask. Perhaps it’s his brother or he has multiple personalities? Lee Jung Jae plays a tough policeman who never back down when faced with danger and difficulties. His character seems to have some kind of beef with Wallace’s character. The leading lady, played by Lang Yueting, is a psychiatric who’s a softy at heart.

Trailer Video



Press Conference


Time: April 17, 2016

Location: Grand Hyatt Hotel in Beijing, China

Attendants: Wallace Chung, Lee Jung Jae, Lang Yueting, Director Li Jun

Although this is a collaboration between China and South Korea, director Li stated that the movie is geared toward the Chinese audiences. He said it’s more of a Chinese style suspense thriller movie. The audiences will have to be on alert as they will have to use their brain while watching the movie.

During the press, LJJ also shared his difficulty with learning Chinese. Wallace talked about homesickness during filming in South Korea. He said he would often eat very good Korean food but being there too long made him miss his homeland food. Wallace couldn’t say much about his character since he didn’t want to ruin the suspense.

Full Press Conference Video:

Tik Tok will go head to head with other summer movies with the opening date set on July 15th.








HD Photos of the Press HERE


17 thoughts on ““TiK Tok” Press Conference with Wallace Chung & Lee Jung Jae”

      1. But this one worse tha Halloween..i remember when i watch US movie..this kind of face they always very bad villain.
        I just dont want wallace character to be so bad.he can be badguy but still normal badguy.dont so cruel..


  1. Thank you Chewywon. This year has been very exciting for Wallace’s career and fans’ anticipation on Wallace talent on such challenging role. I myself is excited and can’t wait to see a different Wallace playing his role as a villain! I am confident in his acting talent, at the same time worry that his acting skill could be so convincing that may have caused some risk to his ever goody-two-shoes image that had been instilled in the audience mind over the years! But on other hand, these opportunities will only affirmed Wallace’s acting skill and not just a pretty face! Wallace has many loyal fans who will stand by him and I am one of them! 😘😘😘

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Too much confident there. No? I’ll wait until the movie is out, because if his character is not likable and is killed in the worst way possible. I might ban this movie from this site. LOL


      1. yeah jona..i also wonder.. why himmy missing…i thought she was married…oh himmy,if that happen pls let us know..


  2. Chewywon..all your banners pretty good..why you dont make it bigger and share it on Facebook..i also want it to keep and share.lol


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