A BTS Glance of “Three”

The best part of having an acclaimed director like Johnnie To is the media’s strong interest in his work, hence the English audiences get more information .

Here is the latest English article:

In conjunction with the production company planning to release a 45-minute documentary of the making of Three at the Cannes Market, a 2 min video preview was released.


Wallace’s had his batch of official stills (which were shared on our April news wrap-up). Now it’s Vicky Zhao and Louis Koo’s turn:

Behind the Scenes

Well Go USA entertainment has bought “Three” distribution rights in North America, the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand. They are planning to have the same release date for both the North American and China markets on June 24, 2016.

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8 thoughts on “A BTS Glance of “Three””

  1. Thanks Chewywon..honestly my attention to three movie maybe no as big bounty hunters..but still so happy.he has colaboration with big actor and director
    I think wallace didnt have comnication problem with the director..they speak cantonese right?maybe this time wallace not the lead man who know for the next movie?


      1. I’ll like to add that since all 3 of Wallace upcoming movies are glared towards the mainland market, Wallace’s characters have been highly promoted and he is really no second lead based on the story lines.


  2. Thank you Chewywon for the article. I am getting more curious on Three and looking forward for the documentary making of Three! The cannes film market already started this month right? Any idea when we get to see the documentary?


  3. im more into this one instead of his movie with LMH. perhaps bcuz i never feel impressed with LMH’s acting sooo, im just waiting for Wallace.

    while this one, im a big fan of Vicky Zhao, Wallace and Lois Ko. i hope this movie will be a hit!
    plus this one is crime-thriller-action, definitely my cup of tea.

    thank you Chewywon 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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