May has come to an end, Wallace spent most of his time filming General and I. June is coming with all the movies that Wallace had filmed last year. Are you ready to watch Wallace on the big screen? I sure am! (although some of us need to wait longer for the movies to reach our local cinema.)

General and I Began Filming and Change of Name

Ah yes, yes, drama adaption of A Lonesome Flower Awaits Appreciation has its official English title as General and I which is shorter and simpler.  Easier for me as well XD

Praying ceremony

Release of first batch of posters


Why all long shots, cannot even see Wallace’s face 😦

On set pictures



Chu Bei Jie’s armor/night costume

Can’t wait to see it on Wallace!

Filming location

“This time, I, the aerial photography saber, showcased

the amazing super low altitude indoor filming task.
In a small space crowded with multiple totem poles, with my high sensitivity to light, I nimbly flew around to record the above moments. How about that? Am I awesome?” – Translated by Haha

Wallace Attended the Opening of Ecovacs’s 1st Robot Museum

The staff working there turned into Wallace’s fans once he arrived. The CEO of Ecovacs took Wallace on a tour and let him try some of their new products. Ecovacs held a new product launching press conference on the same evening and Wallace didn’t forget to promote his upcoming movies before saying goodbye. What a great salesman lol !

Visit the link for more HD pictures.

“Bounty Hunters” to be released on 1st of July in China

Bounty Hunters has changed its release date to 1st of July and released two new trailers. The 3rd trailer is looking good!

3rd trailer

2nd trailer

Everyone except Wallace was dubbed? lol

New posters

Looking at that babyface, I really want to touch his soft skin lol. Anybody thinks that he looks younger than Lee Min Ho?

Look at that pitiful face… Let go of him! or let me hold him instead! XD

“Three” confirmed to be released on 24th June

There were some speculations that the release date of “Three” will be postponed to July to avoid several upcoming blockbuster movies in China. But not long after, Johnnie To posted a video of him reassuring us that ‘Three’ will be released on 24th June as planned.

For more coverage of “Three,” visit our other post.

“Tik Tok” to be released on 15th July

Moonlight Blade online game poster

Weibo Update

“It had been a while since I joined a [production] team to make TV series as I filled the time slots with the Sing For Life album and the concert tour. Recently I have been an early riser. As soon as I get on the van, I am greeted by exuberant flowers before starting a day’s work. My sense of happiness soars thanks to the plants [literally “flowers and grass”, which Wallace Chung translated as “Cornucopia” to be his company’s name]. [I would] randomly turn on some music I like and enjoy those five minutes before a busy work day. This driver big brother [adding “big brother” to one’s name is a way to show respect] is a dab. He is nimble-fingered, scrupulous, reads often…,he can go along the roads and trails to search for plants and flowers in the wilderness, both the special ones and the ordinary ones. He arranges the flowers and grass intuitively. [The whole process] looks just like art! Touched [by the artwork], we will make small talk about the plants [he got] for the day. Before we know it, it’s time to start working. I slide the van door open only to see that the muddy path has been covered with thick hay so that I don’t have to step into the mud. Actually, every job position requires not only specialized skills but also attention to detail. With a little more focus, [we will] be able to touch others’ hearts; with a little more open-mindedness, energy will quietly come together. A “dab” does things with a clear conscience. Peace of mind is [his or her] home. @钟汉良W良家族

Translated by Haha

Wallace wishing happy 5.20 (I love you in Chinese) to his fans and praising us (yes, I shamelessly want to count myself in) for being talented as we can draw, write, edit and make video. He did see some artwork created by fans!

Below are some cute fan art     

Let’s support Wallace’s movies in the cinema! 😉

16 thoughts on “MAY 2016 NEWS UPDATE”

  1. Thank you Himmy for the May recap!
    Lol! Missed your comments! Hmm! Your writing seems to have tamed and toned down after a long gap! Did you went into hibernation up in some mountains or do meditation in caves to cleanse yourself because I kind of missed your Creepy…hoops! I meant descriptive details recaps! 😂😂😂 By the way, hope you did not end up corrupting the innocent minds on the mountain or in the caves! Ha! ha! Ha! Just kidding! Anyway😍 you the same! And 😘 Wallace too!


    1. Lol just how crazy am I in your eyes? Sometimes when I stay too long in reality, I lost my ‘crap…creativity’.
      I will only cleanse myself from dark spirit, which Wallace is no and I’ll love for him to stay forever in my body 😂 too bad I’ve failed to capture any innocent. Sorry that I couldn’t meet your expectation.


      1. Lol! Never crazy! You are one sentimental devoted outspoken fan! And I love your honest, unpretentious and humorous writing style! Just like our Wallace 😘😘😘

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Thankyou so much himmy,miss your post alot..i just now actually some of scene general and i is real outdor..China has many beutiful places..i like the new title of new drama,and easier for me too.


  3. I notice wallace costume on bounty hunters almost is brown colour.. I feel like i saw a box of choolate and i want to eat a yo..he so adorable,, funny but


  4. I am sure ready to watch all Wallace’s coming soon movies at the cinema! And keeping up all news on his Drama, General and I. I enjoyed all his movies trailers and always looking forward to hear and watch his news on his new dramas, music and wish him acquire many more good projects and Awards. I 😍😍😍😍😘 Wallace


  5. Can’t wait for General & I. I am sure Wallace will make another classic. He looks incredibly hot in the proper hair style, simple but hot. Oh by the way I hope Baby can act this time. Seeking tired of Wallace acting beside pretty faces with no acting skills (am a bit harsh here, the female leads in his dramas are usually not as good as him)

    I recently read the novel of Love Switch and such terrible story. Really don’t want Wallace in it but since filming rumoured to be done already, I hope the drama story will be better.

    Thank you Himmy for this wonderful news updates and please put more of Wallace hot photos in General&I on.😁


    1. Love Switch haven’t start filming yet, not really sure how it’s going now. Needless to say, fans are definitely more excited for General and I!


  6. This news update is as good as your previous ones! 🙂 Wallace had a productive month. So inspiring! I literally told myself to work hard for the finals so I would watch “Three” this month with no guilt.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Just want to add,..everyones said LMH was too fat as a fighter in bounty Hunter, look at to his cheek.while our wallace always just nice!thats why he look younger than LMH


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