2017 Drama: Blooming Flowers (一路繁花相送)

Get ready to learn more about the characters from Wallace upcoming drama. The English title is not yet announced. I’ll be shortening it to Blooming Flowers until the official title is released. The production team is still filming in Xiamen, China and these are the latest released stills of the cast members.

Jona did such an awesome job writing descriptions for each characters according to the novel, I decided to do a quick post for an easy read.

Novel Title: ‪‎一路繁花相送‬
English: All Along the Way, Blooming Flowers Shall See Us Off
Broadcast:  Dragon TV, Jiangsu Satellite TV, Tencent Online
Director: Liu Miaomiao
Genre:  Urban Romance Drama
Episode: 50

Starring: ‪‎Wallace Chung‬, Maggie Jiang,  Aaron Yan‬, ‪Christina Mok Yun Wen, Christopher Lee‬

Wallace Chung as Lu Fei

Jona: Wallace is acting as Lu Fei who came back, determined to win back Xin Chen’s love because along the way, he accidentally discovered Xin Chen’s true feelings for him and realized he also had never once forgotten her. Lu Fei was anxious because Xin Chen kept denying her true feelings for him. This is because Lu Fei had disappointed her in the past, through many misunderstandings when they were both very young. Xin Chen was afraid of getting hurt again, so she could not openly, fully and heartily love another man. She stubbornly refused to acknowledge that she still loved him. To me, this is about having a second chance to love and put things right. Lu Fei is more matured now. He is also more patient and composed to manage their relationship compared to when they were both young and headstrong.

I understand that between the novel and the script, there are slight differences. Both Lu Fei and Xin Chen’s occupations are different from the novel. Not sure if there are any other change or modification that differ from the novel.

Meggie Jiang as Xin Chen

Peanuts: When they were 15 years old, Xin Chen said to Lu Fei, “Anyway, your first kiss belonged to me.” When they were 17 years old, Xin Chen said to Lu Fei, “I don’t want to be anyone’s responsibility.” When they were 25 years old, Xin Chen said to Lu Fei, “I don’t have the right to act willfully and become an uninvited guest in other people’s life after saying good-bye.” The feeling as childhood sweetheart has already become life’s most warm memories. Is it possible for it to continue unchanged until forever?
When they met again, she was no longer naive and straightforward, no longer believe in love. Their meeting means nodding to each other to say hello or a new beginning?

Won: Somehow Peanuts is never here, but she still manage to make an appearance.

Credit: Shushengbar 

Aaron Yan as Lin Le Qing

Jona: Aaron is acting as Lin Le Qing (Bruce as in the novel). He is a close friend of Xin Chen’s who is a few years younger than her. According to the novel: They met when she went on an expedition. He saved her life when she was seriously sick, which almost cost her life. Bruce has been keeping in touch with her since then and has a soft spot for her. But Xin Chen only has brotherly feeling for him.

Christopher Lee as Xin Kai Yu 

Jona: Christopher Lee is acting as Xin Kai Yu, the young open-minded and happy-go-lucky father of the leading actress XinChen. He is a good father who treats his daughter like a friend but not a devoted parent since he is always working away from home. Kai Yu met Xin Chen’s mother when they were still in school. Xin Chen’s parents separated after giving birth to Xin Chen resulting in Kai Yu becoming a single parent to a young teenager. Most of the time, Xin Chen was in the care of her uncle, Kai Yu’s elder brother.

Christina Mok Yun Wen as Ji Rou Li

Jona: According to the novel, Ji Rou Li was Lu Fei’s fiancee and has been pursuing him for years. She even tried to seduce him. Rou Li knew all along that Lu Fei has an unforgettable past love, yet she was  willing to wait for him. When Lu Fei finally realized that he  cannot forget Xin Chen, he asked Rou Li to forgive him and broke off their engagement. As Rou Li was still not willing to give up on Lu Fei, things get interesting when she tried to find out who is the mystery girl who captured Lu Fei’s heart for so many years.

Li Sheng as Xin Di

Jona: Xin Di is the female lead’s (Xin Chen) cousin and childhood friend. She is also our leading man’s (Lu Fei) childhood friend, as both their parents are family friends. Lu Fei first met Xin Chen when he was helping Xin Di with her studies at her house.

Li Hao Xuan as Dan Wei Fan

Jona: He is Xin Di’s schoolmate. During school days, Wei Fan was very popular among the girls and was taken as a spoiled flamboyant playboy. Because of that, Xin Di was prejudice toward him. After graduating, they met again at an overseas work trip. Wei Fan has a crush on Xin Di and will make use of any opportunity to see her, hoping to clear up her misunderstanding toward his character.

Wang Jian Jun as the Young Lu Fei  

Wang He Run as the young Xin Chen

 photo Flow 14.jpg

Feng Lin Hu as the young Aaron Yan (?)

More Promotion Stills

What do you think about this two pairs as this type of dramas lives and dies with their visual appeal and their chemistry? My Sunshine had nothing, but the prettiness from Wallace and Tang Yan)

Sadly, I’m a little disappointed overall with Wallace decision to do this drama. I don’t expect Wallace to accept this drama  (My Sunshine was enough). The leading lady is not someone that met my expectation, either. As soon as the stills were released, I felt that my “Yichen” was cheating on “Mosheng.” (LOL) I really wished he would have changed his hair style at the very least, because with modern dramas like Best Time and My Sunshine I could differentiate between Yichen and Lu Li Cheng.

I don’t feel an urge to watch this drama as I did for My Sunshine, but I have a feeling I might end up liking it just because my expectation is so low.

Blogger avirtualvoyage also did a great write-up about this drama, so go and check it out.


18 thoughts on “2017 Drama: Blooming Flowers (一路繁花相送)”

  1. Thanksnjona .cewon and peanuts..
    When i read this sinopsis in my opinion about this drama is the same like won.seem like you are my sunshine.but i hope will be very diffrrent i really missed his new character in his new drama.and i think no need to be long episodes.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Altough peanut seldom make apereance here but i always miss her lol
    And jona if you meet christoper lee tell him i like his hair..some grey and black.but make him look sexy.
    I just want to wait the next news of this drama.bcause i read in somewhere this drama need the big budget


  3. Thank you Chewywon. And I still miss peanuts! Lol!
    Love the the articles and all those pictures! I am slowly warming up to the idea of Wallace as Lu Fei and his leading lady Maggie Jiang as XinChen. But not so sure about the young Lu Fei and XinChen played by new artists, yet to feel the chemistry looking at the pictures! I truly think Wallace and Maggie could play the young roles and put it off pretty well too!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I think Christopher Lee makes a sexy Father! Love him!
    Aaron Yan is cute! And our Sunshine Wallace is all sexy, attractive and cute! Lol!


      1. From the novel, I view that XinChen’s Aunt (XinDi’s Mother) as the antagonist. Not the evil type, more towards snobbish, selfish and a control freak! Lol! She always criticised XinChen, called her a wild and wayward child. She favoured Lu Fei and hope to have him as her son-in-law, when she knew Lu Fei like XinChen, she bad mouth her to Lu Fei’s parents! So can imagined how lonely XinChen is! Luckily she is loved by her Father, Uncle and Lu Fei. XinChen closest friends are XinDi and Bruce. And Lu Fei, the hero came back for her! 😄Lol! I am a sucker for fairy tales! 😂😂😂


      2. You really absorb and ready for anything about wallace jona…
        Maybe the antagonist is not evil..she just envy


    1. Talking about Christopher Lee, I remember him playing the lead in Condor Heroes & wow he has really aged….but aged to be a very hot Ajeossi (korean word for uncle or mature man).
      I looked up his age and he is only 4 years older than Wallace. Then you have someone like Aaron Kwok who is already 50.


      1. Yap! Wallace age very well! Like red wine. While Christopher Lee, I compared him to tequila! Ha! Ha! Ha!
        Christopher married the leading lady in Condor Heroes, Fann Wong, and both has a adorable son who is turning 2 years old this August.


  5. Hi chewy, Thank you for the article!

    I feel the same way as you about the drama, it sounds a little boring, but who knows it might surprise us! Honestly not really looking forward to Wallace next three drama, first it’s the choice of leading ladies. I feel that Wallace need a strong female lead to act with his talent, he always overshadows the leading ladies in my opinion. Out of the three drama that are coming out, As long as you long me sounds the most interesting, but I wish Wallace would scrap that, the character Wallace will be playing is not something I want to see Wallace portray and leading lady Ying Er is not my cup of tea. Maybe if he had another leading lady it would be more appealing. Just not Ying Er, lol she erks me the wrong way lol. I don’t want to see Wallace make out with her either! So this series is probably the one I would attempt to watch since I don’t mind Maggie Jiang. Hopefully its not to bad. Thank again, sorry for the long rant!


    1. “As Long As you love” has already been scrapped. Initially Wallace was supposed to produce that drama, but it has been replaced with “Healing Love” w/ the same 2nd leading man but YingEr is busy; hence, we got an unknown actress instead.

      There’s a part of me that feel regret that “As Long As you Love me” is no longer starring Wallace, because it’s a kind of drama that targets discussion due to the subject matters and brings more interest from audiences. I’m just not a fan of YingEr like you.


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