In July, Wallace wrapped up the roadshows for his three movies, “Three,” “Bounty Hunters” and  “Tik Tok.” He also announced plans for his continuing “Sing for Life” concert tour in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, and Beijing, resulting in a swarm of fans vying for tickets online and off. Wallace confessed that he enjoyed “dating” fans via road shows, press conferences, and live streamed chat sessions. All his efforts for the various projects paid off, driving the total number of his Weibo followers up to 22 million.

“Bounty Hunters” Wrap-up

Wallace entertained the fans during his last “Bounty Hunter” road shows in Shanghai.

Shanghai ‘Bounty Hunters’ Road Show (2016-07-01). For HD Photo Click HERE.

“Tik Tok”  Wrap-up

Wallace attended most of the road shows for “Tik Tok” with Li Jun (Director) and the other two leads Lee Jung-jae and Lang Yueting. The enthusiasm of the Wallace fans was mind-blowing. At a point, even Wallace couldn’t help but imitate his crazy fans.

Click on the above image to watch the video clip.


The weibo message reads:

Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah [抓狂][抓狂][抓狂] My Shaoye [young master, as Wallace played many young master roles before] vividly cosplayed [us]  [笑cry][笑cry][笑cry] Sisters, next time let’s be a little more composed and graceful, OK? [doge] Miaopai Video.

Being “composed and graceful” has been a joke among Wallace and fans. It is a joke because maintaning sanity in Wallace’s presence is a “mission impossible” [笑cry]. I also like the way Wallace lets loose and acts goofy in the fans’ presence. Besides his good looks, stunning physique, nice personality, and great works, his total comfort with showing the “feminine” side—such as the gentle and nonviolent communication style, the hip roll he is proud of, the willingness to discuss his feelings, and the unapologetic interest in skincare—is what I think makes him so popular among female fans.

2016-07-12 “Tik Tok” Beijing’s Premiere Press. For HD photos Click HERE!

2016-07-13 ‘Tik Tok” Shanghai Roadshow. For HD photo Click HERE!

2016-07-14 ‘TikTok’ Guangzhou Road Show. For HD photos Click HERE!

2016-07-18 ‘Tik Tok’ Xiamen Roadshow. For HD Photos, Click HERE!

One highlight of the roadshows is the live streamed interview featuring Wallace and the other crew members of “Tik Tok.” I felt that Wallace was very satisfied with this movie project and bonded well with Lee Jung-jae. Good for them!

Box Office Review

Box office update for Wallace’s summer movies in the mainland market:

“Tik Tok” opened in the 4th place with $7.82 million  (Cold War II was #1, followed by Larry, and the 3rd place went to China’s animation Big Fish). It has rallied up 75.9 million RMB ($11.3 mil) and this figure will likely end up being around its final numbers.

“Bounty Hunters” has garnered 213 million RMB ($31.9 mil) domestically. This overall result will more than likely increase as the movie is set to open in Hong Kong, Japan and Korea soon.

“Three” racked up 100 million RMB ($15 mil) in box office sales .

Credit: cbooo, variety

 “Blossom” Released 1st Batch Of Stills

The first official poster was released on the 8th of July while the stills were released on the 25th. Please backtrack to our last post for more info on the drama.

Weibo Update:

Wallace Chung:

“To sing one more song or say a few more words?”  
Won:  Such a bold close up, he must be so proud. Literally, his face is flawless and glowing so beautifully. Hey Wallace, what lotion did you use?

Wallace is going to give three more concerts in the next two months: August 6 in Guangzhou, August 13 in Shenzhen, and September 24 in Beijing. Great news—fans outside Mainland, China can purchase the tickets without a Chinese ID here.

Moonlight Blade Beta Test Live Streamed

Wallace has been the face of the multiplayer online role-playing game Moonlight Blade for a while. This game was adapted from his 2013 TV drama The Magic Blade. On July 1, the game’s beta test entertained the gamers and the fans of Wallace with a live streamed press conference. Wallace interacted with selected fans and gamers through the challenges of character design, cosplay [short for costume play], and character interaction. I found it interesting that the game company incorporated Wallace’s three movies and new album into the press conference and let Wallace promote his acting and singing projects among the gamers.

2016-07-03 Shanghai, Magic Blade Press. For HD photos Click HERE!

General and I Fan Meet

On July 28, General and I invited some lucky fans to witness the filming process and interact with their beloved acting crew. Wallace appeared at the fan meet and had some joyful interactions with the fans. You can watch the fan meet here.

Photo credit: @VV小燕儿爱小哇儿

One fan asked Wallace how he could endure the sweltering heat during the shooting process, Wallace first joked that the fan was an awesome fake fan hired to tout him at the fan meet because the fan gave a well-thought-out laudatory little speech when given the opportunity to ask questions. Then he turned to the host who played Zui Ju in the drama asking how she would answer the question. The host said she would just get through the shooting days without giving too much thought to the heat. Wallace agreed. Then he asked, “Do you want to hear a serious answer?” The fans shouted yes. Wallace said he would just distract himself from the heat by concentrating on work, “When you are really focused on something, you won’t feel hot anymore […] especially when you are shooting romantic scenes, you think about how much you like the person, and then sometimes you will even stop sweating.” This video clip recorded that delightful Q&A moment.

Text and Photo Collection: Chewy and Haha


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