Concert Finale In Beijing

Wallace’s 4-concert tour took us from Shanghai, to Guangzhou, Shenzhen, and, finally, Beijing. The final stage appeared bigger and there was not a single seat left empty. To accompany those fans who were not able to grab any tickets, they could watch the live streamed concert on Iqiyi (VIP members only though). The live streamed video has since gleaned more than 1.8 million views.

There were many high quality videos of the concert, but the sponsors have ask fans not to duplicate the video elsewhere. As a result, there will not be any video of the live streamed stream shown here. Instead, you get very nice GIFs… … Yea!!

 The overall stage setup and lighting were very nicely done !

Wallace is always happy, lively, and often forgetting his ear plug.

“We do not say goodbye” we say take care” and look forward to going home and forward to life.”

“Even if one day we grow old, we will not feel sorry, because we have been quietly accompanying each other and growing old together. Good Night!”

Pixdyknj              HQ Photo of the Beijing Concert Click Here.

Fun BTS of the Concert

A big shout out to all the young fans of Wallace who did an awesome flash mob dance video remixing all of Wallace’s fast songs. They did such a fabulous job at song editing and dancing. A job well done to all the people involved. They deserve a high five!

    Such devoted fans of Wallace!

Awesome cut outs of Wallace @ the Venue!

General and I Comes To A Close

After 4 long months of continuously working day and night, the filming of Wallace’s new ancient costume drama has finally come to an end on September 9th. General and I is now in the post production stage gearing up for an early 2017 release. In addition, the news media reported that a “behind the story”documentary will be the next promotional followup.

“I’m not demanding perfection, but there’s no regret.”                                                     -Ju Jue Liang, director

Wallace did have some hard time dealing with his horse during action scenes as other horses often get startled and hence affecting his own horse. However, he stayed professional and kept calm in front of the camera.

Sneak Peak at “Blooming Flowers”

The first look at “Blooming flower” (aka Yilu Fanhua Xiangsong) has been released and the chemistry between Wallace and Meggie is promising.

I guess it’s too much to ask for a change in his hairstyle and/or wardrobe

BTS Official Stills Released

If the role is too similar, I do not want to take it within a short period of time, unless I find that there are different qualities.”    -WC

I’m going to give Wallace a little more credit and hope that we (mostly me) can stop differentiating this character from his He Yichen. From all the fan’s BTS captures, Wallace’s character looks more like a country boy.

The Golden Screen Awards

The  Golden Screen Awards nominations were announced and it’s a battle between Wallace (Three),  Huang Xiaoming (Xuan Zang), and Xi Yi (Montain Cry)  for lead actor. Both Three and Xuang Zang lead in 6 tied nominations overall.Three nominations include:

Best Actor: Wallace Chung

Best Director: Johnnie To

Best Film: Three, 三人行

Best Screenplay: Yau Nai Hoi, Liuhao Liang, Mai Tianshu

Best Camera Work: Cheng Siu-Keung

Best Visual Art

A big congrats to all the nominees. The award ceremony will be held on the 3rd of this November.

“You don’t feel so bad now that I was a little rough on you huh?”

Tang Yan Mentioned Wallace

In Tang Yan’s recent interview promoting her latest movie A Chinese Odyssey Part Three, she was asked about some of her most popular costars. Here’s what she had to say about Wallace after collaborating with him twice: 

When Tiffany worked with Hong Kong actor Wallace Chung for the drama My Sunshine (何以笙簫默), he left a very cold impression on her. Nevertheless, she discovered that she had been tricked when they collaborated again for the movie Bounty Hunters (賞金獵人). “That’s when I discovered that in his private life, [Wallace] is actually a very sunny and lively person,” said Tiffany.    -Full article @Jaynestars

New Ecovacs Ads

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18 thoughts on “SEPTEMBER 2016 NEWS UPDATE”

  1. Thank you Chewywon for the updates and those beautiful pictures! I wondered what other project he may have and look forward for more news! Or maybe he should take a short break and considering having more little Wallaces! That will be awesome! Lol!😜😊☺️


    1. No! No breaks, because when he comes back he’s going to be playing uncles and dad roles… plus it’s not like guys do much any ways when it comes to making babies.


  2. Thanks a lot Chewywon, you guys always keep Wallace’s fans updated in a very professional way. I’m in love with the flash mob video and four Heihuas. I watched a video recorded his fans kept singing One Day…after the concert ended and heard them singing in tears.That’s really touching. I did cry all the times I watched it. Love you, Wallace.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Thank you for the news updates Chewy! I love seeing people love Wallace. It is inspiring and heart-warming. Seeing fans applaud each other for being so creative, active, and positive makes me grateful for the influence of Wallace and the power of fandom.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Thank you very much for your hard work & dedication. I can always count on you to keep the blog updated and alive lol. If the rumor is true, TY & WC will collaborate for a 3rd time. Oh, I hope WC will win that award which I’ve never heard of 😛


    1. Aaaaawe look who decided to show up? ;P

      You have never heard of the award show, because it’s the first annual gearing to promote China’s film in the states. The ceremony will take place in LA apparently. If Wallace gets it, you’ll might see me holding signs at the venue. 😉

      Also for all my hard work, TY and WC better do another project together. YC is the only thing keeping me motivated and I don’t know how long it will last (LOL).


      1. Haha, showed up just to support u & WC 😛

        Wow, award ceremony in LA? Who can vote? Get Iinsuci to vote everyday & I m sure he can win like how he won the AVV’s poll which surprised me lol. Then I really really hope he can win so that you can go to LA to support him 🙂

        I can’t find the novel for the rumored 3rd drama. Maybe Bong gave me the wrong name. We’ll wait & see.

        I think you should be fine with General & I plus Flowers broadcasting next yr. We’ve to work hard again to write recaps?


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