Peanuts is back !!! Anybody misses me lol? What did Wallace do in Oct? I think he was busy filming “Blooming Flowers” as well as some ads where he is the spokesperson.

Hence a lots of swoonworthy  stills of the drama  “Blooming Flowers” (aka Yilu Fanhua Xiangsong)  were released. Can the production team please give this drama an official English title as soon as possible to make our life easier? The hardworking Chewywon had included most of the stills in Wallace’s facebook so do go there and check them out if you have not done so.

Why do you look so serious?
Quite similar to the picture above except the suit.
Pat! Pat! Give you a hug, don’t throw a tantrum anymore.
Yeah! I made it!

Fan cam of the first teaser of “Blooming Flowers” had been released !!! I can’t really hear their dialogues but it looks pretty good especially the end when Wallace pulls Aaron away and kisses Maggie lol.

Chewywon has been lamenting that Wallace looks very similar to He Yi Chen in this drama because of the same hairstyle.  I beg to differ as I think Wallace looks more casual with jeans, bracelets and a handbag, haha…..

Chewywon: I need to take back my words, we want Yichen back asap. These shoulder bag, bracelets, and doctor’s jacket need to go. (pulling the style aside, we need to talk).


After I finished writing this update, Wallace updated his weibo. Since it is dated 29 Oct, I’ve to include it here. He is talking about the hardworking fishermen and making an analogy with the crew of ‘Blooming Flowers’. Haha said he can also be talking about life in general, stressing the importance of hard work, being adventurous, and living life to the full.

Wallace wrote:

"Among light, shadows, and I is a presentation of the skills passed down from generation to generation in this simple town. They dry the nets for fishing; they set out on a a voyage and then come home. No toiling is seen in the good-natured smile. Tying the knots skillfully, the fisherman and the ocean live in symbiosis. When wind rises, they cast off for the sea. When it rains, they fight with all their might. They venture to explore the known and the unknown, hence validating all the sweat shed in the strong sun. What is kept in the heart is perhaps the gratitude for God's company throughout the years. Blooming flowers along the way, thanks to all of you!"  

 English credit: @瑜伽之路梦想之光 weibo, Sinophile_K

Chewywon:  I found this very funny. So a fan found out the about the 4-dollar cups Wallace was using hand been sold out and they decided to take matters into their own hand by using a permanent marker to duplicate the cup. LOL! I didn’t go that far, but it did urge me to take my own huge coffee mug and had a cup of tea while I work from home.

Happy Halloween from a Wallace fan of Blooming Flowers:


Liang Sheng, Must We Be Sorrowful?

After this drama, our hardworking Mr. Sunshine will film another drama adapted from a popular novel called Liang Sheng, Must We Be Sorrowful? The weather has changed, and he is all gloomy now. The director is Liu Junjie (My Sunshine, Boss & Me). Did you notice that Wallace likes to work with directors whom he had worked with before? It will be shown on Hunan TV next year. If you don’t want to read spoilers, skip to the next drama, General and I.

Recently released character stills of Liang Sheng, Must We Be Sorrowful? Everybody looking so young.

Wallace will play the role of Cheng Tian You (meaning heavenly blessed). Although Liang Sheng who is portrayed by Ray Ma Tian Yu, is considered the male lead in the novel, Wallace’s character will get the female lead who is played by Sun Yi. Is Wallace playing second fiddle? I doubt it since he is standing in the middle of the conceptual trailer called “Ten Years With Liang Sheng, This Feeling Is Heavenly Blessed”. The drama will probably change the plot to make him a joint lead. I am happy that Wallace’s character will get the girl but Sun Yi is 19 years younger than Wallace 😦 I’ll prefer Wallace’s character to end up with an older girl, maybe a famous guest star?

Do you want to know more about Wallace’s character in the novel? He is middle-aged and the young master of the powerful Cheng conglomerate. Dubbed “Little Prince,” he is also the youngest chairman in Five Lakes Starry Sky Entertainment Co.  Although cold on the outside, he is a loyal and devoted man with a childlike heart. His love for the female lead gradually touches her resulting in her marrying him and having a child with him. Even though they got married, you’ll still need plenty of tissues for the novel ending 😦 This is one drama which I hope won’t follow the novel closely.

This arrogant man is willing to apologize to another person because of her. This cool looking man is willing to jump into the ocean for her. He is Cheng Tian You, with him in your life, there is no regrets.  It sounds like this character can give He Yi Chen a run for his money in term of persistence and devotion. Is Wallace being typecast as Mr. Perfect? In his acting career, Wallace tends to select some rather strange and offbeat roles which I don’t really like. I think it is high time for him to step away from romantic melodramas and do something different like a crime, legal or medical drama. Detective Chung? Ya, he did a movie with Lee Min Ho but that is so short. Lawyer Chung? Ya, he was one in My Sunshine but he was a lawyer without a single case. Dr. Chung? He was one in Fall In Love.


“General and I” Updates

Fancam of the first teaser of General and I had been released !!! Looking pretty epic and majestic. This will be his first drama to be aired in 2017 on Hunan TV. Chewywon said it’ll air on 18 Jan to celebrate my birthday 😛 but the schedule can change any time. If this is true, then it’ll compete with Yang Mi’s drama, Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms.

Wow, such a raunchy & sizzling kiss. Unfortunately, why I don’t feel excited watching Wallace kissing the pregnant Mrs. Huang?


Speaking of Yang Mi, there is a rumor floating around that Wallace will be cast as the emperor with her in a drama adopted from a novel called The Rising Empress. Oh no, is he playing second fiddle to the title role? I hope this is true since the novel as well as the male lead are rather popular. Anyway nothing is set in stone yet so let’s wait and see.

2016 Movie: The Wasted Times

On the movie front, The Wasted Times will be released on 23 Dec to celebrate Christmas with you. Unfortunately Wallace only has a cameo role. Hence don’t blink your eyes at 1:49 in the trailer or else you’ll miss him . Why is the release date postponed by more than a year?

Promotional Videos of Endorsements

Fortunately, Have You (Upper)

Hey, are you still well?

Even though you throw yourself into work all day long.
But I actually know all about your loneliness.
Helping you to take good care of everything at home.
Is the way I take care of you.

Every girl is searching for happiness.
Even though this is just a casual action.
Will be remembered in the heart for a lifetime.

Reluctant to let you be lonely.
Giving you a cozy and warm home.
Is the happiness I can give you.
“Fortunately, I have you to provide warmth.”
I will always keep you company.
It is a robot, it is also part of the family.

Fortunately, Have You (Lower)

How long have you not returned home?

Mother is in a very good mood today, preparing the food you like to eat.
She hopes that you who are living far from home can also feel the warmth of home.

But, do you know?
Age has already slowly leaving its traces at the corner of mother’s eyes.
Occasionally, her memory will become not so good.
Mother, the time for you to take the medicine has arrived.
When the weather is good, she likes to get busy in the sun.
Most of the time, she will be thinking of how are you getting by at the moment.

You who are striving hard alone must be feeling very lonely.
Actually your far-off family is also feeling very lonely.
“Fortunately, you keep her company.”
I will, I will always guard her.
Mother, I will return home on my next holiday.
It is a robot, it is also part of the family.

Below are two promotional videos for Singles’ Day Sales, a consumer holiday in China.

Next year will be a busy year for us as we will be able to watch three of Wallace’s dramas. I’ll end this update with a poll. Among the three Wallace’s dramas which will be released next year, which one do you look forward to the most? I’ll pick General and I because it has a big budget and Wallace’s role is kind of different from his previous ones.


20 thoughts on “OCTOBER 2016 NEWS UPDATE”

  1. Thankyou peanuts..of course i miss you all the time
    me too..i prefer general and i
    From coustume he look better..and the story..about the other drama i hope is so good as well..


  2. Thank you for the update. Enjoyed reading it. I also think Wallace doesn’t look good in the long doctor’s jacket in Blooming Flowers. ㅜㅜ


  3. Thank you Peanuts! So happy to hear from you!
    I really look forward to Wallace’s drama in 2017. And I wish he could get project like thriller plus romance something like twilight with a happy ending and not tragedy. But of course if it was historical legendary hero that ended in tragedy that is understandable. Today society is already so stressful why choose project with a sad ending! To the fan, Wallace is always the hero, and we like to see the hero as the victor! 😍😍😍


    1. Ya, without Himmy, I’ve to work hard now 😦

      I feel that WC might look & behave like a happy go lucky guy but he actually likes poignant and sorrowful stuff that can leave a deep impression. Look at his dramas, most of them are BE.


      1. Totally agreed. Till today, those kissing scenes in TLTSILY is still the hottest! I really salute the Director in TLTSILY who motivated and encouraged them in the kissing parts! 😂😂😂


  4. I must admit I don’t like the “Blooming Flower” teaser. It’s sloppy and doesn’t sell anything for me. Instead of feeling the actors are in character, they are all acting. The romance is not there and the brief comedy doesn’t tickle me. This teaser need better editing.


      1. STD? LOL! All unofficial fan capture teaser were pretty good so far except “Blooming Flower.” In the past, ‘My Sunshine’ was pretty good and it got me hype up.


  5. Actually when I was writing the update, my initial words were ‘pretty bad except the last scene’ but I changed that bcos I sounded unsupportive and maybe a bad influence. Hence I wrote ‘pretty good’ which I actually meant only the last scene 😛

    The only thing that can save it is a good OST.


    1. Yea, when I read your “Good” comments I had to go watch it again….but I don’t even like that last scene either. Maggie’s character was literally going to stand there for any guy to kiss her. She didn’t even budge when Aaron tried to kissed her. What’s up with that, does she like both guy?

      …but YES to a good OST preferably w/ WC.


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