[EngSub] Red 紅色 MV – Wallace Chung 鍾漢良 featuring Gui Gui 吴映洁

In celebration of Wallace Chung’s B-day this month, we will publish a few English subbed MVs of Wallace’s songs weekly this whole month. So follow us on this blog, Facebook, Twitter to help us celebrate such a great month, a month of givings (Thanksgiving that is).

Last year, Himmy did an awesome explosion fan message box. This year there won’t be any physical creative things, but instead you’ll get creative media visual stuff. 

Song:  紅色 (Red)

Official English Title: The Red

Singer: Wallace Chung 鍾漢良

Released Date:  September 24, 2010

The official MV for The Red  featured singer and actress Gui Gui (吴映洁), who at the time was 21 years old while Wallace was 35 and that makes it a good 14 years apart. The age difference however is perfect for the MV as it targeted the topic of teacher and student love (which is something I know Peanuts loves… j/k). I must admit that it doesn’t feel so weird watching them as lovers. They are kind of cute together.

Speaking of huge age gaps between Wallace and his leading ladies, Sun Yi, who is 23, will be paired up with Wallace in Liang Sheng, Must We Be Sorrowful Between them is a whopping 18-year age gap.  I’m reserving my opinion on that matter and will wait until the drama comes out.

Switching back to the song again, the English translation for Red is done by Haha. She has translated many of Wallace’s other olden classic songs, so go to her other blog to check them out.

Actually, this fooling-around bed scene had many NGs. It took a good 10 takes, which left me with puzzlement. Wouldn’t it be easier if the camera kept rolling for a good 15mins since only a few seconds are used anyway?

I’m sure Wallace stopped growing here already, but why does he look so small and skinny unlike the 6ft man we know now?

Original MV:


3 thoughts on “[EngSub] Red 紅色 MV – Wallace Chung 鍾漢良 featuring Gui Gui 吴映洁”

  1. These songs are great birthday gifts. When I translated those songs, I regretted not discovering them earlier.

    Thank you! I love the font you used for the subtitles. Please use that script font for my name! :p


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