[Eng Sub] China Mountain 中國山 MV- Wallace Chung

As promised, here is this week’s English subbed MV of Wallace.

Initially, I wasn’t planning on posting this song, but it’s been a tough week for us in the States. This song, along with all the clips, helps me to space out. I think I need to return to the place where my ancient ancestor were, the China Mountains.  (LOL)

English Title: China Mountain   中國山

Singer: Wallace Chung   鍾漢良

OST: Bodyguards and Assassins

世界 潮流 浩浩 蕩蕩
The zeitgeist marches with great strength
順之 則昌 逆之 則亡
Following it you’ll prosper, otherwise you’ll perish

The old Chinese civilization of twenty-four mountains
Is passed down from Qin and Han to Ming and Qing
Green in spring and bleak in fall
How can we guard the mountains of China forever?

Each era brings forth new talents on this noble land;
They each set trends for years to come
The zeitgeist marches with great strength
May our country prosper unprecedentedly

公民近 王侯遠
Modern citizens step ahead; feudal lords fade away
聖賢無畏 匹夫有責
The wise and the virtuous are fearless; even the common people should take responsibility
Great minds and the average people share this land
你化泥 我成岩
You turn into mud, and I morph into rocks
Mr. Sun Yat-sen transformed us into ridges and peaks


**社稷壇 共和壇
The altar to the gods of earth and grain, the altar of a republic nation
東風似錦 西風如畫
The east wind is as splendid as the brocade; the west wind is as gorgeous as a painting
East and West winds compete for the merry land
萬國山 中國山
The mountain of myriad ancient nations, the mountains of China
Tower for centuries to come

Repeat **

English Translation Edited by:Haha



6 thoughts on “[Eng Sub] China Mountain 中國山 MV- Wallace Chung”

  1. Thankyou so much chewywon.and haha.i really like this song..especially the music..so energic
    First time i watch this song when wallace attending for award event but i dont know what award😊😊😊

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you Chewywon. I love this song especially when Wallace sang it during the awards night. I actually listened several time on Awards at YouTube by playing back to this song. Now I know the exact meaning of this song! 👍😘😍

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I love “Do you Love him”…. Accepted!! However, there are a few songs that I’m working on at the moment. I don’t like to put out song’s translation w/out any good MVs out there, so I’ll have to make them myself. Right now my scheduled is jammed, so next year for sure. 😉


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