[Eng Sub] Hunters 獵人 MV- Wallace Chung 钟汉良

This week’s translated MV features Wallace’s song call Hunter ( 獵人 ) from his 2015 album Sing For Life. It’s an upbeat song that will surely give you an extra boost.

The MV making itself was easy breezy, but the timing of the translations was something else. I swear it took me 3 times as long as making the MV. My limited mandarin is just not strong enough for these fast paced songs. Nonetheless, it is finally done and I’m ready to let it go and move on to the next song.

Song: Hunters 獵人
Singer : Wallace Chung 钟汉良
Album: Sing For Life 2015
Released Date: December 1, 2015
Lyricist: Zhang Mengwan
Composers: Drew Seeley / Phil Bentley / Matthew Tishler / Andrew Underberg

The English translation is credited to Haha. She has completed 2 different translations of the song, so go and visit her original post on her blog and see differences. Originally, I wasn’t really a fan of this song but thanks to Haha’s translation and Wallace’s great performance of this song, it really is growing on me and I find myself playing this song when I need to stay awake at work.

Haha’s Blog: InMyMelody.Wordpress.com


2 thoughts on “[Eng Sub] Hunters 獵人 MV- Wallace Chung 钟汉良”

  1. Thanks chewywon..is really nice mv..even i cant really hear very clearly wallace voice..is doesnt matter..the music is so energic
    I like the first pict


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