“Yilu Fanhua Xiangsong” Released 5-Min Trailer and Posters

Wallace’s upcoming drama Yilu Fanhua Xiangsong (一路繁花相送, Blooming Flowers Shall See Us Off) recently wrapped up filming in Xiamen last month and we’ve already received a 5-min trailer and posters. However, what I really want is an official English title to this drama. They really are not going to give it to us …huh?

Here’s a quick collection of everything released so far:

You’ll know if Peanuts is happy and satisfied with this trailer if we ever post an English sub video out. 😉

According to Cfensi:

Wallace Chung (Tik Tok) plays Lu Fei, Xin Chen's first love to Xin Chen and Lin Leqing's university classmate. He is invited back to China to direct a movie, and uses his love story with Xin Chen as inspiration for the film. He is also intent on getting Xin Chen back, and never loses hope even after being rejected numerous times.

Jiang Shuying (To Be A Better Man) plays Xin Chen, a free spirited dancer who is the first love of both Lu Fei and Lin Leqing. She and Lu Fei parted due to a misunderstanding, and when he reappears in her life a decade later, she refuses to acknowledge her own hidden affections for him. She is ultimately touched by Lu Fei’s perseverance, and decides to give their relationship a second chance.

Aaron Yan (Refresh Man) plays Lin Leqing, a young entrepreneur who fell in love with Xin Chen at first sight. He knows his love is unrequited, yet he is willing to remain by her side as a good friend.


But in this world, her family abandoned her…

Chenzi is an orphan…

I hope I will always remember it, so I will definitely shoot this film…

Do you know how badly you hurt her…

She ruined herself to help you get to where you are now…

Why I went to the United States…

I want you to be nice to her…

I will never forget the moment when she was hit by the car…

…how disgusted she was at the mention of you…

Posters of the main characters

Screen caps of the Trailer

Kappy from AVirtualVoyage did a quick summary of the 5-min trailer, so go there to read additional information about the drama.

All Gif credited to 爱奇艺爱粉团


2 thoughts on ““Yilu Fanhua Xiangsong” Released 5-Min Trailer and Posters”

  1. I really love the poster and the drama look so promising
    What im waiting the most is im gonna to see wallace wore jeans more.hahaha
    I hope i will not fall in love with Aaron yan..hemmmm


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