November is an important month as it is Wallace’s B-day ( which happens to land at the end of the month when we do our monthly Wallace’s news recap, Nov 30th). So, Peanuts, along with all the contributors, and myself would like to wish Wallace a “Happy B-day!”

I will warn you all, though, there’s really nothing to write about except for lots of promotional stuff on Wallace’s upcoming dramas. All the info regarding his dramas had been written before, so backtrack to our previous posts.

“General and I” Teaser w/ EngSub

Corton Mega Hit is the official YouTube page for General and I (same as Wallace previous drama My Sunshine). For some reason, MS is still blocked off for most regions and international fans still are not able to watch it on YouTube. Hopefully, the same won’t happen with General and I since Corton is allowing international fans to watch  The  Princess Weiyang.

The release date hasn’t been confirmed. First it was reported in the news media to air on  January 28 on Hunan TV. However, the date  has since moved up to the 3rd of January (probably to avoid colliding with another highly anticipated drama 3 Worlds 3 Lives staring Yang Mi and Mark Zhao). Since the teaser was dropped, and no date was confirmed along with the video, we’ll have to keep an open eye on its actual date.  

Below is the 1-min teaser on Corton’s YouTube page. Xah, who translated the novel, managed to get the approval for her translations to be used for the video (just don’t forget to click on the CC button). The dialogue is  actually quite famous straight from the novel.

Bai Pingting: Do you still remember that we once swore to the moon to never turn against each other?
Chu Beijie: I, Chu Beijie, will only love you in this lifetime.
Bai Pingging: In the face of parting, let's go hand in hand.
[Alternative: "Let's face life and death hand in hand, in the face of parting" or "In the face of parting, I'll follow you till death."
Comment: It's kinda hard to explain...]

           Credit: Xah

   Go to our FB page to see the full screen cap of the teaser

Official Posters and Stills

Forget about fancy and grand costumes, simplicity can be ‘Oh’ so beautiful to look at too!
WC’s previous looks for his ancient costume dramas have been, for the most part, unsatisfactory. However, all these different looks and costumes for Chu Beijie have been very promising. I am looking forward to seeing them.

All the official HDs photos of “General and I” can be found on our FB

Eng Sub to “Yilu Fanhua Xiangsong” 

A big shout out to the very kind Tranzgeek,  who has finals and still manage to squeeze a little time to translate this drama trailer. So, on behalf of all the Wallace fan contributors, “Thank You” very much.

I find Aaron Yan a little childlike for trying to pick a fight. The way he delivered his dialog is too funny. For more info, you can backtrack to our previous post.

The following Lu Fei posters were released in conjecture with Wallace’s B-day celebration. Hence, “Lu Fei, would like to wish Wallace a happy B-day filled with success too. “

LS, Must We Be Sorrowful?” 

Here’s your first look at WC in character on the set of his latest work in progress. The biggest news though, is how high the asking price is for this drama. Apparently, the estimated 60-episode drama is priced at $4-5mil (for Mango TV).

Weibo Update

Wallace updated his weibo page “Thanking” his fans for all the wonderful messages and nice wishes. Seeing everyone gathering at different places to celebrate his birthday and cut cakes, he felt very happy looking from afar. He wished he could attend in person to celebrate his birthday with all of you. Please do take note that you shouldn’t eat too many cakes 😛 He is currently busy filming one drama after another. General & I will be broadcast in January so he will really get to meet us in person very soon. He told members of the Liang family (meaning us too … right?) to stay warm during this coming cold season and we’ll meet up very soon.


Here I come @钟汉良W良家族

Hello, everyone! Thank you all for your wishes for me. I saw that you guys got together at different places, cut the cakes, and celebrated [my] birthday. Although I am far away, simply seeing you [via the Internet] brought me joy. I wish I could be there in person and party with you. But beware—don't eat too many cakes.

My recent schedules were: Filming and... filming ...  and... filming! And in the very near future, in January, General and I will meet with you guys. So, I think we will have opportunities to meet in person very soon.

And, my Liang Family friends, winter is here—remember to wear more layers of clothing. See you soon!

English Translated by Haha @ 哈哈鍾國 Weibo
Source: Wallace Chung's Weibo

Last year around this time, Wallace celebrated his birthday on the set of his movie Bounty Hunters in Thailand. This year, he got to celebrate with his young cast members of “LS, Must We Be Sorrowful?” They gifted him with a small guitar full of their signatures, which I’m sure WC would be thrilled (I guess music and dancing are his true passion).

You know you are kind of a big deal when every possible media outlet took a little time and wished you a “Happy B-day.” Literally, sponsors, investors, directors, writers, news media, TV, magazines and so on all left some very warm words for WC on his special day.  

Source: Weibo,1


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