Wallace was busy filming Liang Sheng, Must We Be Sorrowful? in December. Due to the fact that December is a festive season and also the impending release of General & I, there were plenty of updates on Wallace which took me ages to compile but it was all worth it. Happy New Year to all Wallace’s fans from Chewywon and me. We look forward to watching his dramas together with all of you in 2017.

Firstly, a belated Merry Christmas from Wallace and family in General & I.


A new poster was released by Blooming Flowers to celebrate the birth of Christ.


Liang Sheng, Must We Be Sorrowful? released a video on Christmas Eve. I’ve only included Cheng Tian You’s parts for you to admire how cool and handsome his character looks.

Season greeting on behalf of the advertiser, Xiang Piao Piao milk tea.


A Merry X-mas video from Ecovacs.

What better way to celebrate the arrival of 2017 than with a greeting from Wallace? Did you notice Wallace is wearing the same clothes in both videos lol?

Wallace performed 2 songs during Hunan TV’s 2017 Countdown. The first one is an appropriate upbeat song called “Feeling Enough [or Feeling Pumped]” to welcome the new year. He is a really good dancer, able to move agilely even when wearing such a heavy glittering top.  In the 2nd video below, he kept on wiping his sweat during the short interview. He must have used up a lot of energy.

Then he asked the audience, “Are you happy? Blessed?” He wished everyone to be even more blessed and happy in 2017. He also promoted the premier of General & I on 2nd Jan.

The second song is one of the sub-theme songs of General & I. It is called “A Lonesome Blossom”. Do you like the song? Everyone should be resting at home on 2nd January so do tune in to support Wallace. Wallace said make sure you watch it and tell all your friends and relatives to watch it as well 🙂

Because General & I will be released on 2nd January, there were plenty of promotions on it. My Sunshine was also released in January two years ago so Wallace can always celebrate my birthday with me 😛 Are you excited to see Wallace on your screen again after such a long absence? The hardworking Chewywon uploaded a lot of promotional pictures and teaser screen caps on Facebook so go there and feast your eyes. Looking at the relationship chart below, it seems rather complicated, at least more complicated than My Sunshine lol.


The industrious Chewywon had also posted 2 songs released for the drama. The theme song  is sung by Henry Huo. The sub-theme song called “Once Familiar with the Scenery” is a duet by William Wei and Claire Kou.


Below is the making of General & I. Three cheers to the hardworking cast and crew who toiled so hard in the sweltering heat. It is no easy task to film an ancient drama in summer.  Poor Wallace, must be sweating heavily in his armour and thick clothing.

The trailer “Deep Love” with English sub by xah was released.

I don’t think xah subbed the other 2 trailers below.

Below are some advertisements filmed by Wallace for LETV which has the online broadcast right in China. I am not sure if you can access it from overseas. If you want, you can click on it to try. You can also watch it on Youtube, on the official Croton channel. Similarly I am not sure if everyone can access it as there could be restricted viewing in certain region. As for English subs, I think dramafever will do it.

Alternatively, you can watch it real-time on Hunan TV.  But you’ve been warned that Hunan TV is notorious for butchering their broadcast. The schedule is only 1 episode on 2nd Jan at 8.25 pm to 9.55 pm. Then 2 episodes per night from Monday to Thursday at 7.40 pm to 9.55 pm. For Friday & Saturday, it is 1 episode at 7.30 pm to 8.15 pm. Finally, you get 2 episodes on Sunday at 7.30 pm to 9.55 pm.

The promotional ads below is funny. Wallace said ‘Let’s date on 2nd of Jan” lol.

The countdown is only 1 day now !!! Let’s watch General & I together tomorrow.

Wallace was talking about his role as Chu Bei Jie. His narcissism is showing again, praising himself looking good in the promo poster lol. Actually it is because the photographer took a good picture and the costume is nice. Every male also has a Wuxia dream which is why Wallace felt it was time to film another ancient drama. Someone who knows martial art is really good looking. Every new character also brings new pressure to him—especially General & I which was adapted from a novel with plenty of fans. Some fans may not be able to accept his portrayal.

A lot of discussions and eating were done with the director and cast during filming. Everyone loves to eat snack except Wallace. He just paid for them 😛 Wallace filmed most of the action scenes himself, so it was rather difficult for him. There were a lot of action and horse riding scenes, involving a lot of people so it was even harder. He disregarded the dangerous aspect because he wanted to give his all to film some exciting scenes. Later, he did feel a bit scary. But if you have confidence, you should be able to do them well. It is inevitable that some scenes which involved advanced skills to be done by the professional stunt men.

As usual, Wallace goofing around in the filming set lol.

A press conference was held on X-mas day to promote the drama.  It has been quite a while since he filmed an ancient drama. His last ancient drama was filmed in winter but General & I was filmed in summer so it felt very different, very unbearable. A lot of will power was needed to tolerate the blistering summer heat (50 degree).

If you jog your memory, you’ll remember Sean Sun filmed the reality program “I Go To School‘ with Wallace before. Even though they are enemies in the drama they have good chemistry because they went to high school together haha…..Wallace also picked a few lucky winners to give them some gifts. One recipient who is probably his fan also gave him a gift in return.

The director Liu Jun Jie, of Liang Sheng, Must We Be Sorrowful? and also My Sunshine did a very long interview and I had intention to translate it because it is very in depth and insightful. Unfortunately I don’t have time so you’ve to make do with some excerpts and summary. He wanted to film an emotional and simple drama that can touch your heart and keep you warm. He is so dedicated, taking a lot of time to prepare and involving himself in every aspects of the filming from planning to choosing cast, music, filming locations, editing etc. In a nutshell, he is really a professional director who is creative and takes his work very seriously.

He wanted to do something different and did not want to use his previous formula of success to film the same old thing. I also don’t want to watch the same old thing so I am very impressed with his interview. No wonder Wallace accepted to play a character who is more than a decade younger than himself and to pair up with a girl young enough to be his daughter. I am starting to get excited about this drama and have high expectation. I hope I won’t be disappointed but be mesmerized 😛

Liu Jun Jie rarely has the chance to cooperate twice with the same actor but got to do so with Wallace. I must mention that Wallace usually cooperated more than once with most of the directors. For your information the director of General & I is also the director of Treacherous Waters and The Stand-in. This shows how well-liked and good Wallace must have been to be remembered and rehired.

The role of Cheng Tian You is very suitable for Wallace but will be a challenge for him because it is rather different from this previous roles. He is more infatuated and extreme with no middle ground. It is either all or nothing.

Liu Jun Jie felt that Wallace’s acting skill has improved a lot and is completely different from two years ago. He is more mature now so he is able to grasp his role with more precision, “like an American cowboy turning into a British gentleman.” His growth as an actor is in line with Cheng Tian You’s inner layer characteristic, so he immediately felt Cheng Tian You can be none other than Wallace !


The Wasted Times had been released in the cinema.  For those who don’t want to sit through the whole movie just to get a glimpse of Wallace, you can just watch the clip below.

Also, for anyone who is wondering, due to schedule conflict Wallace will longer take part in As Long As You Love Me, a drama adapted from the infamous step-mum Fei Wo Si Cun’s novel Switch of Love.

In conclusion, taking a leaf out of Wallace’s words during the 2017 countdown, “2016 turning to 2017, we’ll be together all the way !!!” So let’s continue to fangirl Wallace together all the way in 2017.


10 thoughts on “DECEMBER 2016 NEWS UPDATE”

  1. Thank you, Peanuts, for the wonderful update. Looking forward to another great year with Wallace and Our Sunshine. Happy new year!


      1. Happy new year to my wonderful girls. I watched the first 2 episodes of General and I yesterday. Wallace looks super hot as usual and shows some excellent martial arts moves. Baby was a bit off for me for a female lead. Perhaps she will improve in the coming episodes.


  2. Thanks peanuts for all the good news…i watch the confrence press general and i..and curious with what they say..especially when wallace and sean sun was make a really funny.i hope they are not talking their kissing fake in (going to school).


  3. Your news is always very wonder i love this blog so much.and all the banners..i will never get boring and always surprising me..


  4. No I was waiting for the drama to be half so that I can watch several episodes a day without having to wait. But I was not able to resist temptation in the end. Now I have to endure the daily wait. 😂. I am quite lucky vietsub is literally just hours behind.


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