First Impression of Wallace in General And I – Episode 1 to 8


This post will concentrate solely on Wallace Chung so don’t complain that I am biased 😛 The first 8 episodes have already been subbed in English so there is no point for me in summarizing them. Thus I’ll address some criticisms on the drama as well as some interesting observations. I welcome any constructive criticism but please don’t be too harsh on me and Wallace lol.

Chu Bei Jie (CBJ) as well as the other two leads He Xia (HX) and Bai Ping Ting (BPT) made an impressive debut at the beginning of episode 1 with a battle scene, two at the frontline and one behind the scene. OMG, Wallace looked so cool and good-looking in combat armour.  He also looked very handsome with the iron mask.

The first episode is so action-packed and fast-paced. As a result, I can overlook any inconsistency or deficiency. I am really enjoying the drama, from the grand costumes to the beautiful sceneries to the well-choreographed sequences but who am I kidding, I am watching it for Wallace Chung.




I don’t think CBJ should shoulder all the blame for the death of HX’s parents.  He did orchestrate the destruction of an honorable clan, but the King of Yan as well as HX’s parents were also at fault. Moreover CBJ did not directly kill HX’s dad. He committed suicide to protect his honor and his wife followed suit.
















The first meeting of our OTP (One True Pairing) in adulthood. CBJ rescued BPT twice, once from the river and the other time while she was trying to run away. According to Chewywon, this deviated substantially from the novel.

Chewywon: The novel began with BPT separated from HX and got into CBJ’s territory. They met for the 1st time there; although they had been in battle several times. It’s only HX and BPT with a quite lovely childhood story. There isn’t any flashback about CBJ and BPT’s childhood and the jade hairpin. The first few chapters in the novel focus on BPT and CBJ’s relationship and how he found out about her true identity.

Many people complained that the drama deviated a lot from the novel. In the first place, this is an adaptation, not an adoption. If the author is not the scriptwriter, don’t expect the drama to follow the novel closely.  For a book fan, I can understand that they want every scene to be like the novel. But isn’t it boring since you’ve read the book already? Can the drama beat your own vivid imagination?

I personally prefer some changes, something to surprise me. On the other hand, I also prefer the development of the leads’ relationship in the novel which is more fun and interesting. Unfortunately the scriptwriter decided to use the cliché childhood love plot so just accept it. It is inevitable that the scriptwriters will always try to differentiate themselves from the authors by making extensive changes.  Compare to many adaptions, this one did not butcher the novel that badly. So, be open-minded and enjoy it as a stand-alone.



Did you recognise that guy with the mustache in Episode 1? Do you know who he is? His name is Mickey Chu and he is Wallace’s buddy. He is the same age as Wallace and acted with him in their first TVB drama, The Chord to Victory. His acting career has not been smooth sailing but Wallace has been helping him to get more acting jobs as you’ll notice he was also cast in The Stand-In and the movie Three. Oh, Wallace is such a loyal friend.



What do you think of Wallace’s horse-riding and fight scenes? Do you think he used stunt doubles too often?  The internet was abound with rumors that Wallace and Angelababy used stunt doubles extensively.  They also used look-alike and were not happy that the doubles look too much like them so asked the production company to fire them. The rumor also said both of them took home a hefty pay packet by doing minimal filming. Haha will shed more light on Wallace and the production company’s responses in her January News Update.


In the first place, Wallace’s occupation is an actor, not a stunt man. Of course, those dangerous and high-level stunts will be done by the professionals. In an interview, Wallace said he does not have the skill to execute those stunts. It’ll also put his health and life in danger. If he is injured, it’ll affect the filming. Thus it makes commercial sense to use stunt doubles. But Wallace did do his share of horse-riding and low-level stunt. For those who watched The Amazing Race, you should notice that the real Wallace is someone who’ll give his all be it a game show or drama.

As for receiving a hefty pay packet, the production company said his pay is commensurate with the market rate. If the production company was silly enough to give him above market rate, it must have meant that he is worth it.

Can you recognise the real Wallace? Do you think the look-alike will affect Wallace’s career and take away his job? Honestly, I don’t find this guy looks that similar to Wallace. Even if he is a replicate of Wallace, you can’t possess the same character and charisma. Hence I doubt Wallace will have anything to fear. But I’ll give the report the benefit of doubt. Maybe Wallace’s management company is being too protective in securing their interest. I doubt Wallace is so petty and cruel that he would fire a person just because he looks too much like him.


Wallace’s fans know his professionalism and personality and will support him unconditionally. As for non-fans, they can make their own judgements based on the facts presented . Issuing  a solemn declaration is making it a much bigger deal. Maybe the production company wanted more promotion.

Himmy: Wallace has always been silent on all those bad rumours about him. I’m glad he decided to take some serious actions against those people this time.  They need to be taught some lessons. It also means all the rumors are not true. He’s always hardworking and sincere. If he did use a lot of stunt doubles (which I doubt he did), he would just admit it. And the ridiculous rumour about asking the production company to fire the look-alike, I don’t believe it one bit.




Wow, the first kiss in the drama and a forceful one. Anyone noticed that Wallace is a good kisser especially with forceful kisses like the ones in My Sunshine and Too Late To Say I Love You? It is customary to have at least one in each of his drama lol.

Himmy: The kiss was too sudden for me, like everything else except CBJ’s one sided love.  Don’t how why the romance was developing so fast, even the flow in the manhua is better. There are 62 episodes, so why the rush?




According to hamster who is following the drama diligently with me, Dramafever translated 连守三夜 as he “stays celibate for 3 nights in order to marry her” She rofl (rolling on the floor laughing) because the words mean to keep vigil for 3 nights. Why would staying celibate for 3 nights matter in this case? Keeping vigil means staying up all night long. That is why he told her not to go anywhere for 3 days, and why he stood outside of her prison in the rain, because he was supposed to guard her through the 3 nights. If all he had to do was refrain from sex, then he could do it without her cooperation. The Vietnamese subs also didn’t get it right, but better than the English sub. Vietnamese subs say “he will keep his bride for 3 nights”.


Chewywon: I think the romance was well developed in the novel; although, fast-paced too but it almost seemed like CBJ would have married anyone who was able to play the zither as well as BPT. So in the novel, that girl from above was actually CBJ’s fiance. Since she has a lover already, she used BPT behind close door to be her. CBJ fell in love with the girl playing the zither (BPT). He later found out that they tricked him and forced BPT to be his maid (sort of). They spent a good deal of time together and love blossomed despite CBJ being suspicious of her identity. I was surprise she told him her name already in the drama, because it was epically done in the novel.

Wallace putting on a clothes that is too flowery for him. Himmy was wishing that he was taking off his clothes, haha…..His wicked sense of humor started to show up when CBJ suggested to BPT to take his surname since she refused to say her name.



Did he kiss her nose or mouth?  It is ironic that most of the characters that Wallace played before were aggressive but he has a gentle personality.

Chewywon: To be honest, I don’t think Wallace fits the image of CBJ, because just his name alone, makes people quiver and Wallace is too gentlemanly. CBJ’s temperament is like a mixture of Murong Feng, Yi Chen and Lu Li Cheng and it can get overwhelming. He would sacrifice all his soliders just to get BPT back (not cool).  But I am very impressed with how the story is progressing and how CBJ is being portrayed by Wallace. Angelababy is not bad here too. She got a lot of hate from her previous dramas, so that must have given her encouragement.



In real life, Wallace is not a foodie and he is a vegetarian. But in his dramas, there are always scenes of him eating and enjoying his food. If he doesn’t have good acting skill, how can he look like he loves to eat?  Wah, so yummy to eat plum blossom congee for breakfast, give me some 🙂



Grrrrgh !!!! How dare that evil consort slapped my CBJ? Later you’ll see how crazy she is and the extent she’ll go to for revenge. Aiya poor Wallace, let Himmy console him by giving him a kiss 😛



Arrrgh!!!!  Such a touching scene of CBJ begging in the rain. But next time, please use my umbrella 🙂


I’ve to admit that CGI is over-used and some were not properly done. There was also the overuse of the green screen and the leads’ hair were poorly cropped out. But do bear in mind that this is not a Hollywood blockbuster with a big budget. The director admitted that the post-production was a bit sloppy but defended that they’ve limited time and resources. Overall, I think some of the cinematography was beautifully executed so it is a mixed bag, not all are bad.

Himmy: About the CGI, I did notice they look bad in the rooftop fight scene but I didn’t notice any badly cropped hair.

Below is the filming of a green scene in the studio. Later, CGI will be used to fill up the background. This can save time and money as they need not do location filming.


I can’t speak for Angelababy because I don’t know her well and she was pregnant at that time so it would not be surprising if there was extensive use of body double. But I doubt Wallace is so unprofessional. Otherwise he will not be able to survive in this cut-throat industry for such a long time. Wallace did mention that he did a lot of the stunts himself especially the horse riding as proven below.




Ahhhh, CBJ is so attentive to personally feed her home cooked food. Himmy is imaging that he was feeding her 😛


Does the scene below look bad? In fact, I was very impressed with it, so pretty.

No doubt the drama is far from perfect but it does not warrant the ridiculously low ratings in some Chinese websites like douban which rated this a 3.6. I think there are people who are jealous of the success of the drama and purposely voted it down.  Without Wallace,  I’ll rate this drama a 6. But because of Wallace’s powerful screen presence and good acting, I’ll add 2 more points to a 8 which I think is a fair reflection of the quality of the drama as well as Wallace’s acting. After all, the drama is still entertaining enough.



I read a few complains on Wallace’s dubbing. I also didn’t quite like his voice at the beginning but as the drama progresses I got use to it. Actually it is rather similar to Wallace’s real voice, more softly spoken, not as authoritative as a general. Well, it is at least better than Wallace’s accented Mandarin 😛 If you really can’t stand it, then mute it and read the English subs.

Some complained that Wallace is too old for this kind of role.  Based on age alone, he is in his prime, not a senior citizen yet. He has a baby face so he can easily pass himself off as someone in his 30s.  Many actors in their 40s are also acting in this kind of role so why can’t Wallace? Moreover his acting skill is convincing enough. Since the audience like to watch Wallace in this kind of role, he should continue to portray roles which are suitable for him and well-liked by his fans.

If all else fails, at least Wallace’s acting is great and he looks so handsome in every scene. He may not look like the Chu Bei Jie in the novel but he surely acted like one. Just concentrate on all the subtle differences in his expressions, his electric eyes, playful smiles and bare chest which you’ll see later 😛  I won’t comment on Angelababy’s acting or the lack of it because my eyes were fixated only on Wallace lol. As a Wallace’s fan, this drama is a must watch 🙂

You can follow the daily musings of dangermousie on tumblr. She is watching the English subbed version and her remarks are pretty amusing.


18 thoughts on “First Impression of Wallace in General And I – Episode 1 to 8”

  1. Forget all the ridiculous rumors, the LMs all understand Wallace so well to know it’s 100% not true and they also knew the true motivation behind those rumors, that’s why they’ve kept vigil and stayed on alert for him until now.
    Back to the drama, i absolutely agree with all your points except the romance development. I think it’s not fast at all… erm… don’t know how to express my opinion in English (_ _!)


    1. Did you read the novel? If you’ve not read it like me then you won’t feel that it is fast bcos CBJ met BPT in their childhood already and she is so pretty so it is love at first sight.

      However in the novel which I read a bit after I watched the drama, they didn’t meet as kids & she is plain looking so CBJ can’t fall in love at 1st sight with her. He made her become his maid and have more interactions with her. It’ll be fun to watch them bicker in the drama and can tone down on CBJ’s love sickness lol.


  2. “Based on age alone, he is in his prime, not a senior citizen yet.” ROFL.

    The King of Jin, Yu Bo, is 2 years younger than Wallace, but he looks perfect as CBJ’s older brother…For Wallace, age is just a number.

    Oh yay himmy is back!

    Looking forward to more reviews!


    1. Oh really, I didn’t know Yu Bo is 2 yrs younger than WC. Then it is so ironic that the evil consort complained that she had to marry an old king. At that time I was thinking, ya he is older looking than CBJ but not that old compared with the kings in other dramas such as The Empress etc. Yu Bo is doing well in his character but the production coy should have hired someone much older in order for the evil consort’s ranting to make sense.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thanks for the nice review! Enjoyed reading it very much. According to the drama, Chu Bei Jie is a tiger and the king is a dragon, which means the king is 10 years older than Bei Jie, right? I thought the king’s boy counterpart should look older and bigger than the boy Beijie.


  3. I dislike the “we met as kids” plot but really, the drama story is not bad. I like strong heroines so I’m glad they are keeping her military skills. The really heartbreaking story is He Xia’s and it looks like that particular revenge plot it still part of the drama. I loved hearing all the filmmakers rumors although I can’t imagine them being true!


  4. The story seemed interesting at the start. I’m now at episode 25 and the initial excitement has faded away. Repetitive themes, terrible CGI, embarassing cliche moments are making it harder to continue watching with each episode.

    Don’t have much to say about the female lead because WC takes up most of my attention. In spite of that, I haven’t noticed his body double. That’s probably also because I’m watching it on the phone.

    I had a bone to pick about his voice dubbing at first to, but I’ve grown to tolerate and endure for the sake of WC’s pretty face.

    I prefer the ending credits song over the opening one. And the guzhaeng tune that BPT plays at the entrance of the city in episode 14 sounds lovely.

    Hope the plot gets more interesting. WC is as handsome as ever. But I like his modern look more.


    1. I can understand how you feel since I didn’t watch live last night. After CBJ & BPT got married, kind of anti-climax & going to war again 😦

      With 62 episodes, it’ll surely drag in the middle. This is why I don’t understand why can’t they show more on the development of CBJ & BPT’s r/s at the beginning, having her work as his maid, etc 😛

      Ya, the ending credit song is sang by WC so definitely nicer 🙂 Anyway persevere for WC’s sake, add oil lol.

      WC’s next 2 dramas will be modern so plenty for you to drool on 🙂


  5. WC too old for this type of roles…I’ve not heard of this before. For those that do believe so, I’ll like to smack those people in the head. What are they talking about?!!!! CBJ is a general in control of all the wars for Jin state (the most powerful out of the 4). Wake up people!! No young boy is going to command that much power in reality (this is the silliness from the novel anyway).

    Good Job Peanuts, now you can finally take some rest!


  6. Agree. When I watched Wallace riding a horse at a fast pace in his other drama, I got a shock. It is so dangerous. I rewinded several times to check if I saw it wrongly.

    But as Wallace said, it is okay if have confidence. It makes him looks more macho.


  7. I fall in WC as CBJ, a really ideal man. Even now I’m called PingTing by my friends 😁. WC could play that role perfectly (i think so). I extremly love him so much 😍😘😍. I’m sorry for my bad English. This is my 1st comment bout drama/film, its bcos my deeply interested in WC 😀


  8. Yes, I absolutely agreed with all of u on Wallace and drama General & I. All of u have said what I have in mind. He is fabulous in this drama and looks so young and boyish, he can even pass as a under 20 year old!
    Why bother about his age?! In fact the moment I watch this drama, I was glued and watched again umpteen times as the different emotions played out by Wallace was so marvellous and he was and is so handsome in period costume. I am intoxicated by him. Overall, the drama is the best I have seen compared to other period dramas with the love scenes and kisses..OMG, I want to take the place of BPT. LOL. Dont mind others negative remarks, we are here to defend Wallace as all other dramas have doubles to do stunts as well, so why pick on his drama. Every other drama also uses green screen and effects too, so why again only comment on this drama?! Very bias! I feel some other dramas, can see outright the defects and actor’s double and no one pass any negative remarks at all. Why so picky on Wallace’s drama, I feel its out of jealousy cause he is so popular and have plenty of fan support. Wallace, we love all your dramas but please do more period dramas as you look so good. Will there be a sequel to Chu Bei Jie? Hope the director will consider. I am looking forward to period, martial art fighting and love combination or history of emperors kind that Wallace can present to us. I am with you, Xiao Wa. Live from Singapore. 👍💕


  9. Hello everyone. It’s amazing to see such dedicated fans. I came upon this drama by chance and I’m so glad I did. It’s been a very long time since I’ve liked a drama this much. It has drama, action, romance, humor…basically a complete package for me. I did not know of Wallace before this even though I’m sure I’ve watched the movie Three. At first impression was that he was not good-looking (yes, I’m sure you are all in horror), but my comment changed to not classically handsome. The more I watched, the more attractive he looked because he has this unexplainable charisma. He’s also like fine wine – gets so much better with age! I rarely become a “fan” of any actor or singer but I find myself searching and reading up on a lot of things about Wallace. Even my young daughter has become a fan and also loves the drama!


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