The keywords of this month were unequivocally “General and I.” Wallace’s engrossing performance in this romantic ancient costume drama once again made him one of the most popular entertainers of the month on social media. He topped the Entertainer New Media Index in the Television Actors category by Vlinkage, an entertainment marketing service provider, on 13 days in January, and was among the top three on 23 days.

Three Weibos in One Month 

To many fans’ surprise, Wallace’s weibo is not in hibernation mode anymore. He posted three weibos in the first month of 2017. The last time he updated his weibo three times in one month was last August.

January 1:

A lonesome blossom is the unique you, is doing your best. 2017 together all the way. Happy New Year! @ General and I Official Weibo

As always, Wallace likes playing with words. “Together all the way” sounds like 1617 which means “from 2016 to 2017,” and “A lonesome blossom” is the title of his theme song for General and I.

January 2:

One, one, always, one lonesome blossom General and I started airing! #Wallace Chung A Lonesome Blossom# #Wallace Chung General and I# @ General and I Official Weibo

Wallace seemed to be so pumped about General and I. He unprecedentedly added two hashtags in this weibo to promote his latest ancient costume drama.

The second intriguing image in this weibo also indicated Wallace’s enthusiasm for General and I…as well as his hobby of playing guessing games with the fans. What do those different segments of the Chinese character “lonesome” try to say?


The last time Wallace posted a drawing for his TV series was back on September 6, 2010 for Too Late to Say I Love You which was a milestone in his acting career. So, I think General and I also means a lot to Wallace.

January 11:

Those characters and lines, seem like withered lily pads, but are actually proud and wild.

What I loved about this weibo is the enormous amount of beautifully written comments from fans. Some simulated the original weibo’s sentence structure, some explained the meaning of “withered lily pads” in traditional Chinese painting and the beauty of Chinese calligraphy, while still others condemned the scathing attacks against Wallace’s professionalism in General and I (which you will read a little bit later on).

On January 18, Wallace liked W Liang Family’s weibo regarding the “hurry and come into my [the king’s] arms” stickers. This is the first weibo he liked in 2017. Wallace usually doesn’t use the “like” feature on Weibo….

Another change I noticed about Wallace’s weibo is that he switched from traditional Chinese to simplified Chinese. The change first appeared last July, but since his weibos were rather short during that period, I thought they were posted by his staff members. Simplified Chinese is mainly used by mainlanders while traditional Chinese is predominantly used by the people in Hong Kong. In the past, Wallace used simplified Chinese to post weibos occasionally, mostly when he was invited to answer mainland netizens’ questions, but this time it seems like a rather permanent change to simplified Chinese, which might suggest that Wallace and his team decided to reach more fans in the mainland.

General and I: An Overnight Sensation

The following infomation comes from the show’s official weibo account, unless stated otherwise:

Only 24 hours after being uploaded on LeTV.com, General and I had been visited over 200 million times.

On January 8, General and I had received over 1 billion views on LeTV.com alone before reaching the 10th episode.

On January 13, General and I hit over 2 billion views on LeTV.com alone.

On January 16, General and I had earned over 3 billion views and 340,000 “barrage” comments or on-screen viewer comments on LeTV.com alone. Its CSM 52 Cities rating also topped the chart with over 1% on 7 days among the 14 days of airing on Hunan TV. Besides, weibo hashtag #General and I# had prompted 1,760 million discussions. This weibo hashtag topped the Realtime Trending Searches list in 10 days, the Trending Searches list in 4 days, the General Searches list in 4 days, and the TV Series list in 5 days. Another weibo hashtag, #Wallace Chung General and I#, had generated even more discussions—2,080 million!

On January 19, General and I‘s CSM National Network rating had soared to 2.11% with a 6.39% share. Its CSM 52 Cities rating had climbed to 1.571% with a share of 4.59%. Topping the lists of both the CSM National Network ratings and the CSM 52 Cities ratings is a milestone. Its official weibo proudly declaired, “A Lonesome Fragrance should be appreciated by all.”

The total number of views increased faster during the week before the lunar Chinese New Year.

On January 21, nearly 20 days after streaming online, General and I had been clicked over 5 billion times on LeTV.com.

On January 23, three weeks after streaming online, General and I had been clicked over 6 billion times.

On January 25, the official LeTV.com proudly announced that General and I had been clicked over 7 billion times.

On January 27, LeTV.com had witnessed over 8 billion views of General and I.

On January 28, the lunar Chinese New Year’s Day, General and I still topped the charts with a 1.079% rating and a 3.34% share, while the other TV dramas’ ratings dropped by more than 30%, according to TV critic @传媒第三只眼 on Weibo.

Feng Nong, the author of the original novel of General and I, posted an essay on her weibo on January 24, explaining her understanding of love in A Lonesome Blossom Awaits Appreciation. The essay was titled “Love, Is Not a Lonesome Boat.” Her main arguments are that all the couples pay the price for love but love is worth the struggle. For example, Chu Beijie and Bai Pingting were torn between their love for each other and their love for the people. They were unwilling to ruin world peace just to be together, and all their struggles were meaningful. I guess Feng Nong posted this essay at this particular point because the audience were going to see Bai Pingting decided to leave Chu Beijie. The author wanted the audience to understand that Bai Pingting was not being timid or unfaithful, causing Chu Beijie unnecessary pains. Her decisions were justified. (What do you think? Well, after watching some of Wallace’s previous dramas, I am used to seeing Wallace’s characters being tortured in love…but dark twists always move to happy endings, so I am not worried. 🙂 )

Wallace’s fans also contributed to General and I‘s success by actively participating in online discussions. As of this writing, weibo hashtag #General and I# has produced over 4.11 billion views and over 3.516 million discussions; weibo hashtag #Wallace Chung General and I# has generated over 2.66 billion views and over 7.317 million discussions. Discussions have also been heated on Baidu Tieba, YoutTube, and Letv.com. Here are some of the discussions that I enjoyed the most:

  • 笨蛋番茄烩土豆 wrote a hilarious drama review titled “The Adorable Routine and Anti-Routine Plots in G&I.” The review lists the creative plots in the drama. For example, Chu Beijie decided to save Bai Pingting not because of the common storyline of being attracted to her beauty but because he saw He Xia’s cloak. In many TV dramas, the female lead pledged to marry the male lead out of gratitude, but in G&I, it is the other way around. Many parents in G & I died, but their deaths have different impacts on their children. Think about Chu Beijie’s mom, Bai Ping Ting’s dad, Consort Zhang’s dad, Shuang Er’s mom, and He Xia’s dad…
  •  墨浓书香玉琳琅‘s 5049-word analysis “Loving You Is Silent or Spirited Confessions” focuses on Wallace’s characterization of Chu Beijie through his lines, gestures, and facial expressions. For example, she contended that Chu Beijie’s line “Now that I saved your life, your life is mine. You must do whatever I say. Understand?” seems possessive, but it is actually equivalent to “Now that you saved my life, my life is yours. I will do whatever you say.” The author unraveled the implications of Chu Beijie’s classic lines and analyzed how Wallace brought the role to life through body language.
What a dapper Chu Beijie!! However, seeing Chu Beijie telling Bai Pingting her life was his, I lamented that the Chinese TV dramas are still obssessed with such “overbearing boss” male leads, thinking that they are the male roles that women love watching. Actually, I as a female viewer do not like domineering, rude male characters. The only reason I can understand this overbearing side of Chu Beijie at this stage of the drama is that he was not sure if Bai Pingting was an enemy.
  • 尺素红拂 compiled the ancient Chinese poetry that appeared in the drama and pinpointed the mistakes such as using poems that were written in a later dynasty. She also wrote six articles regarding Chu Beijie’s costumes. Honestly, I was taken aback by the fans’ knowledge, patience, and keen perception.
  • 独爱旋舞‘s 5481-word commentary on the 23rd episode alone also made me feel that this 4080-word January news update is nothing (you still have 2684 more words to read, but I promise you they are all good stuff ) .  And the author has written 28 General and I reviews so far… 

Even if you don’t read Chinese, you can still go to all those articles to admire the stunning Chu Beijie pictures they painstakingly screencropped or copied elsewhere.

And of course, don’t miss out on the super rad reviews from our very own peanuts and Chewyon!

I love Wallace as much as I love his amazing fans!

Rumors and Controversies, Wallace and General and I Respond

Last year, it was rumored that while Wallace and Angelababy split nearly 100 million RMB for shooting General and I, they were on the set for only 10 days and heavily relied on stunt doubles.

After General and I aired on January 2, more criticisms centered on Wallace and Angelababy’s professionalism and the drama’s improper use of the green screen and CGI. The extensive use of Gaussian blur in the background made some viewers suspect that either the actors were filming in front of a green screen or the doubles were used because some actors did not make it to the set on the shooting day. In the early episodes, Chu Beijie’s and Bai Pingting’s hair were poorly cropped out, which deepened some netizens’ conviction that Wallace and Angelababy were filming those scenes separately. Those online discussions later got a little out of hand as some netizens derided the drama as Kou Xiang  Bu Zi Shang (Cropped Images Waiting to Be Appreciated).

General and I‘s chief producer, Zhao Jianling quickly mollified the netizens with an open letter titled “A Letter to All the Friends Who Care about General and I“on January 5.

She thanked the media and the netizens profusely for their critiques and pledged to solve the problems. I found it pretty funny and adorable that she reminded the audience there would be more CGI-assisted scenes in future episodes. She wrote that she apologized in advance if those scenes didn’t meet everyone’s expectations. She also emphasized that Wallace demanded to act himself in equestrian and wire/pulley-assisted fight scenes. In the end, she pled with the audience to have more compassion for all the hard-working staff.

On January 6, another producer He Jing chimed in and denied the rumor that she had ever said that Angelababy and Wallace got hefty pay packets but did not work hard at all. On the same day, General and I‘s official weibo issued a Solemn Statement to defend Wallace and Angelababy’s professionalism.

Moreover, Wallace’s company, Shanghai Cornucopia Television Culture Media Co. Ltd., also issued a Statement through Wallace’s official fan club account @钟汉良W良家族 on January 6.

According to older fans, this was the first time that Wallace or his company issued such a statement. The statement denounced the defamers, urged them to stop spreading rumors, and announced that the company had sought legal help to collect evidence and contact the parties concerned.

On January 10, the W Liang Family weibo released a bunch of photos to prove that Wallace worked long and hard on the set. The caption was pretty poetic: “10 days in the human world, three months in Gu Fang.” “10 days” refers to the rumored 10 shooting days, while “three months” refers to the actual duration of the shooting period.

On January 13, Chief Director Ju Jueliang also responded to the controversies. He attributed the technical imperfections to the limited time, budget, and technology and wished to solve those problems in future projects. He also discussed the frequent use of slow motion in Wallace’s fight scenes, saying that he meant to highlight the storyline and the characters’ emotions instead of grand scenes or dazzling fight choreography. He welcomed critiques but pointed out that he didn’t want to follow the trend of hiring young but inexperienced actors and lowering artistic standards to cater to zealous yet tasteless fans. General and I, he concluded, is a “lyric Wuxia” drama created for “the cultured audience.” The interview gave me the impression that Ju Jueliang is an ambitious and insightful director who likes challenging himself at work (No wonder Wallace worked with him so many times…birds of a feather flock together. 🙂 ).

Based on my observation, throughout the first 10 days or so since the drama aired, Wallace’s fans were pretty emotional. Many were angered and saddened by the rumors. They defended Wallace with no reservation and praised Wallace’s team for the statement. The incredibly long reviews aforementioned are possibly part of the fans’ reactions to the controversies.

By late January, things had turned around. To many people’s surprise, General and I drew rave reviews from some of the most important state-own media outlets.

The official weibo of People’s Daily praised General and I in a very understated way.

On January 20, People’s Daily selected two GIFs from General and I to accompany a weibo about “Why  Some People ‘Look Better over Time.'” Although the weibo was about a brain science study, General and I and many fans took that as an implicit compliment that the drama had got more and more interesting.

The other media outlets were more clear about their appreciation of General and I. Check out the following headlines:

People.cn (People’s Daily): Wallace Chung Performs the Good Royal Highness of China, His Resourcefulness Praised by Netizens

“The Good…of China” is a catchy phrase that became popular after the The Good Voices of China (The Chinese version of The Voice) aired in 2012. Now the media often use the phrase to praise something or someone.

Youth.cn (China Youth Daily): Good Drama Does Not Fear Public Opinion, General and I “Looks Better over Time”

Huanqiu.com (Global Times): General and I Gets Better over Time, Netizens Say It Is as Well-Made as Movies

The official weibo of China News Week simply re-shared General and I‘s weibo and commented enthusiastically on January 19, “A lonesome blossom proudly bloomed. Shall appreciate it together in this new spring. [心] Looking forward to #General and I#”

His Highness: I am awesome and I know it!

General and I: Behind the Scenes

For those of you who want to see the real man behind Chu Beijie, General and I and LeTV.com have very considerately released 29 clips of bloopers and sidelights and 9 episodes of a behind-the-scenes documentary. Following are the translated comments by or concerning Wallace from the documentary.

Episode One Highlights

Wallace: It has been quite a while since I acted in an ancient costume drama. But there has been more than one reason for that. Reasons for accepting ancient costume drama projects vary. Every time I pick scripts or roles, I would regard the role as something I had never tried before.

I am actually pretty lively. I am actually pretty outgoing. It is just that everyone tends to see me in an environment where I have to think a lot, and that probably gives them the impression that I am relatively quiet. I do have a quiet side, but noboby possesses only one facet. I have multiple facets in my body.

When I worked with Director Ju Jueliang for the first time, I learned how to ride a horse in his Windstorm. You can say that he witnessed my beginning stage in acting. He watched me change throughout the years. Gradually we developed this tacit mutual understanding at work.

Every time I work on a project, I will take the role very seriously. I will learn about him, read about him, and feel him…and then complete the role step by step.

There are always imperfections and pities. It is…very difficult to achieve the acme of perfection. But completing this project is still worth celebrating, because we have finished a project that represents a phase or stage in our artistic growth. I will just take those regrets with me to my next…uh…next journey.

Shao Jinghui, Director: His many peformances are actually electrifying. Many people may not be sensitive enough to notice those electrifying moments, but I know…he puts a lot of effort into every of his performances.

Episode Two Highlights

Wallace: At the beginning of this drama, Chu Beijie was going to…to put down some rebelion. He chose the Prince of Jing An’s Manor, aiming to bring peace to the people of Jin and Yan, but he did not set out to kill people. He actually wanted to stop wars and massacres.

Episode Three Highlights

Shao Jinghui, Director: Hanliang is good at acting. He is not an actor who purely relies on his appearance to succeed.

Sun Yizhou aka Sean Sun, Actor: If you go watch many of Zhong Hanliang’s previous dramas, you will discover that he never repeats himself.

Wallace: When I read the script for the first time, I thought he was a character with integrity. But when you read it more closely, he will show you another layer of personality. He has gentleness hidden deep inside his heart. That you will be attracted to.

I seem to have been trying a more understated approach to acting. And that approach works for Chu Beijie, coincidentally. He is mature. He needs to be carried out through understated performance.

When I am not filming, I often look like I am lost in thought, or other people may feel that I am lost in thought. So, you may see that I sometimes stroll all the way to the hill nearby. If you are willing to discuss the scenes with me, I might as well follow you wherever you go.

I learned dancing before, so that sort of helps me in fight scenes. Sometimes I feel I can be better, instead of always relying on the stunt doubles for most of the fight scene moves.

Wang Yu, Fight Choreographer: Actor Zhong Hanliang can be called a star, but when he is on the set, he never acts in a perfuntory manner. When I tell him something, he always gives me undivided attention and excutes my directions. I think he did pretty well in fight scenes. His moves were, honestly, really beautiful.

Ju Jueliang, Chief Director: We worked with Zhong Hanliang many many times. This year when I worked with him again, hey, I felt Zhong Hanliang changed a lot. He stressed many elements in acting to convince the audience about this character. Throughout this process, we saw that Zhong Hanliang had developed a deeper understanding of acting.

Episode Seven Highlights

Wallace:  It seems like [Ju Jueliang, Chief Director] has a soft spot for Wuxia dramas. He likes the chivalrous spirit of the ancient times.

Episode Eight Highlights

Wallace:  As long as I see [Sun Yizhou], I know there will be jubilant sounds.

Episode Nine Highlights

Wallace:  [The drama] has many visual arrangments that did not exist in the script. It has a variety of images that make the audience experience different fields of vision.

The minute I entered [the set], wow, I really said “Wow!” because I rarely saw drama sets that wowed me. They really built an ancient house. They really wanted you to experience the time period and see what the royal hall should look like. The sets were bigger than any of the ancient costume drama sets I had ever seen. They were so big that I even wondered if the camera could capture everything in the picture. And, of course, grand drama sets have their own challenges. It takes a lot of work and human labor to build them, and it it not easy to film in them.

I think the audience can sense the effort put into the creation of those drama sets. I have rarely seen this level of craftsmanship in ancient costume drama sets. In some indoor scenes of other ancient costume dramas, the windows have only one side. and the other side…you probably have to make some compromises and avoid shooting the window from outside; but in our drama sets, wow, the window lattices alone are already…you can see they were designed. They are not the ordinary kind, and they don’t have just one side. They are the things that will look beautiful when shot from any angle.

I have filmed horseriding scenes for many years, but this time I had the craziest experience. Their horses were very fast, and we were shooting at Beijing’s Chaobai River—the outdoor filming location, a pasture which was wide and open. I had never tried a horse galloping at such a high speed.

Wallace’s First “Barrage” Comments

On January 21, Wallace appeared on LeTV.com and watched the 29th episode of General and I with the netizens. He also sent out several “barrage” comments or on-screen viewer comments. The following screenshots are from @我没你想得那么_坚强.

Wallace (Look at the highlighted comments in red with Wallace’s pic): Princesses, have you had dinner? I am trying hard to read everything, but I have been dazzled by your comments. This is my first time playing “barrage” and I haven’t got used to it.

Wallace: Do you still remember those classic lines? “What other tricks do you have? Show them all to me.” Why did you guys stop commenting?

Wallace: I am playing “barrage” for the first time. I am already overwhelmed by this dazzling display of comments. Are you watching tonight’s episode? Did you find anything special?

Wallace: Does anyone want to come to the Mount East country house? So you guys are the real server performance tester. The barrage feature has [crashed]…
Wallace must have been pretty proud  at this moment… His fans are famous for causing server crashes in the past when they flooded to a website to interact with

Wallace: Now I can only see my own comments. I can’t see anything else. Have you all exited the barrage? Well I will follow suit.
Wallace: His Highness discussed the war after dinner. What do you discuss? Emoticon.
The barrage has crashed because of us. Please fix it, Little Le (LeTV). Happy New Year, everyone.
Wallace: See you in the next battle. Let’s play barrage next time. Emoticon.
Wallace: But I will finish watching this episode with you today. How come there was only one episode today? I wish I could watch one more episode with you.

Wallace Completes Liang Sheng, Must We Be Sorrowful

According to the drama’s official weibo account, the team rushed a little to complete the project by January 20 or Xiao Nian, a traditional Chinese holiday that falls on the 23rd day of the year’s last lunar month.

The following weibo from the drama reads:

#Liang Sheng, Must We Be Sorrowful# #Meeting in this life is already a reunion# @Wallace Chung completed shooting and took a photo with @Director Liu Junjie as a memento. Goodbye, the best Cheng Tianyou. Receiving your love is the biggest blessing. [心] Miaopai video

In this clip, a delicate cake with Cheng Tianyou playing the piano on the top wowed Wallace. Director Liu Junjie thanked Wallace but our Mr. Curiosity was completely drawn to the cake, “You planned this…”

Later that day, Wallace was spotted at the airport getting ready to fly from Shanghai to Taipei.

More Wallace Videos 

  • The Making of the “Let’s Date” Commercial
  • “General and I” Chinese New Year Greetings
  • Behind “General and I” Dancing Battle
  • General and I Visits Happy Camp Trailer (the episode will air on February 4)

Thank you for reading this long news update. Happy Lunar New Year to all the Chinese blog readers. Let’s continue watching General and I and enjoy more great performances by Wallace in the Year of Rooster.

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  1. Omg i been a silent reader for so long. I have always enjoyed all your wallace updates! I am so obsess with this series thank you so much for thus beautiful article! Love hearing updates on general and i and love it even more hearing about the huge success! I am going to link this article on my instagram?

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  2. Omg, I’m so happy to find this blog. That I’m actually dancing. First of all, I would like to say Thank you so much for your time and efforts on updating us nonspeaking Chinese fans about Wallace. I’m a new fan of his and currently obsess with General and I. I fell in love with his chu bie jie character that he portray so perfectly!!!
    I have a few quick questions maybe you can help me with. (1) Does he lives in HK or Taipei? I read his biography that say he’s from HK. (2) Is there a fan exclusive address for fans to mail stuffs to him? Especially fans that are not from china but other countries. (3) if we find some articles pertaining to Wallace, can we Send it to you & possibly translate if you guys find the time? I can’t read Chinese therefore I cant find answers to some of my questions. Thanks in advance and keep up the good work. We appreciate you guys so much for updated and translating. ❤❤💋💋

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    1. Glad that you found something you liked here. Honestly, I don’t know the answers to your first two questions. Wallace is a very private person. He doesn’t talk too much about his personal life, but he was born and raised in HK. As for the second question, maybe you can email his company at askcornucopia@qq.com. Feel free to leave the article links on our Facebook page. If we don’t have time to translate them, we will at least tell you what they mainly talk about.


      1. I don’t know how to read Chinese but it’s the interview where they both wear white and black. The YouTube is attached above.

        There’s another one is https://youtu.be/GLVexTL_940
        This one is when Angela baby where sweat shirt and Wallace wears a blue suit.

        I’m just curious what’s they’re are saying because they kept on laughing. 😂 They’re such a cute on screen couple and their chemistry is AMAZING. If I didn’t know that both are married with kid, I would have thought there’s something going on or wish they’re a couple in real life. ❤

        Thanks again for helping. ❤😘


      2. Ah you are great at picking interviews…those two interviews were a lot of fun. I will try to give you a summary soon.


      3. Thx Rensi. I can’t wait to read your summaries for the interviews. I can’t believe general & I are close to the END. 😢 What am I going to do without the CBJ & PT. 😕


      4. I hear ya…G&I brought me so much joy!

        The first interview video was set private…Can you find another source?

        Here is the second interview summary. I laughed when I did this. 🙂
        Angelababy-A, Wallace-W, Reporter-R
        1. R asked what they were talking about before the interview started.
        A joked that it was a secret. W played along.
        2. R asked A why she was still so slim at this stage of her pregnancy.
        W agreed that A did not change as much as he expected. A said it was because she knew how to pick the right outfit to conceal the bump.
        3. R asked them to comment on each other’s costume design in G&I.
        A said W’s costumes always wowed her and jokingly complained W had way more costumes than she did. W denied that he had way more costumes. He said A’s costumes were also stunning—she looked dapper in the drama because she played an intelligent strategist.
        4. R asked who looked more handsome in the drama.
        A said of course it was W. She said she espesially liked his costume design with braided hair. W asked A jokingly if she had stolen his braided wig to try it on, and A said she really wanted to do so. W explained that the braided wig was actually very heavy.
        5. R added Wallace’s armor looked heavy too.
        W agreed and reasoned that it was because the drama wanted the costumes to reflect the historical period as faithfully as possible.
        A said the weight of W’s sword surprised her. In a scene where she thought about W while holding his sword, she wondered how he managed to handle the sword with one hand in fight scenes as she could barely lifted it with both hands.
        6. R asked A how she felt about vomiting blood for her love in the drama?
        A said those heart-wrenching scenes were meant to show that the character was willing to sacrifice herself for CBJ. A said she felt that she got better in crying scenes in the drama. W added that A looked just like the BPT in his imagination—smart, confident, and also feminine. A responded by saying W also met her expectation for CBJ—mature, composed, and imposing.
        7. R asked if they always flattered each other like that on the set.
        W said he wasn’t joking. He was impressed by A’s ability to memorize the lines.
        8. R asked A to compare her performances in G&I and Love Yunge from the Desert, her first TV series.
        A said she was inexperienced in Love Yunge from the Desert and especially couldn’t adapt to the fast-paced work environment. Sometimes the shooting was over before she was fully ready. But in G&I, the director and W spent more time discussing each scene beforehand.
        9. R asked W why he was more talkative in front of A.
        W said he was actually pretty talkative in front of everyone. A agreed. W said he mainly discussed the scenes on the set due to the hectic filming schedule. His “quiet and gentle” [this word usually applies to a female so W smiled when he said that word jokingly] side showed when he had to think and memorize lines. Also, he tried to stay quiet in the searing heat because “a serene mind brings coolness” [Chinese idiom] lol.
        10. R said she heard some staff fainted because of the heat.
        A agreed and said the extras who played soldiers in armor had to stand 40+ degrees in those imperial palace scenes. W said everyone carried on with their strong willpower.
        11. R asked A how she handled the heat as a pregnant actress.
        A said at first she didn’t know whether her symptoms were caused by pregnancy or heatstroke.
        12. R asked A whether she felt scared in hindsight.
        A said not really—”it was my fate.”
        13. R asked if Wallace took care of A because of her pregancy.
        W said he didn’t know A was pregnant. He said he perhaps had let her stay in the shade a little longer during breaks. A said W once gave her his electronic little fan. W joked that he didn’t really wanted to give A his fan.
        14. R asked W if shooting romantic scenes were his strong suit.
        W stammered no and A started laughing. W explained all he did was following the script and the director’s directions…A joked that this question must have triggered the audience’s wild imagination…lol. W said the question made him suspect there was going to be a more difficult follow-up question.
        15. R admitted she wanted to ask about the kissing scenes.
        W said oh, actually kissing scenes are just the natural outcome of the characters’ relationship development.
        16. R asked if they saw the GIFs of their kissing scenes online.
        A and W said yes. A asked if R was talking about the kissing scene where CBJ lifted BPT up after their reunion. R said yes. A said it was the director’s idea that CBJ should lift BPT up in that scene. W added that he stroke his thigh [gesture to show happiness] in admiration and told the director it was an ingenious idea. W and A said it seemed like the director had tried that move before in his own relationship lol. W said they actually had some fruitless discussions about how they should deal with that kissing scene because there had been a similar kissing scene earlier, and then that “magical stroke” [Chinese idiom for epiphanies that magically solve a problem] suddenly dawned on the director. But then he quickly added he was not sure if the director had that epiphany during their discussion or when he was alone. A said in her opinion, the solution did not come up during their discussion because it was after lunch when the director suddenly came and told them that brilliant lift-her-up-and-kiss idea which left both A and W stunned and speechless lol.
        17. R asked if the actual shooting process of that kissing scene went smoothly.
        A said she remembered the camera got stuck. W said overall the kissing scenes happened naturally.
        18. R naughtily said she heard Huang Xiaoming [A’s husband who worked with W in Royal Tramp] was in the same location, Xiangshan, while they shot those kissing scenes.
        A confirmed that Huang Xiaoming was filming another drama in the same location and said that she and Huang Xiaoming are fine with each other’s romantic scenes because they had the agreement to focus and be professional at work.
        19. R asked if W agreed with A.
        W said yes—it is important to focus at work.
        20. R naughtily asked if that means W wouldn’t hold back in those kissing scenes.
        W said he rarely “held back” in kissing scenes because they are part of his job anyway. He wanted to focus and did them well. He joked that maybe even if Huang Xiaoming came to visit and tapped his shoulder during those kissing scenes, he would be too focused to notice him lol. A laughed and said she could visualize that and then raised her right hand to say “hi.” W played along, turned his head and said, “Ah? You are here?” Then A, W, and R collapsed with laughter.
        21. R asked A if Huang Xiaoming told her to be careful during these promotional outings for G&I.
        A said no, because she is still “a nimble fattie” lol. W looked at her and said “you really don’t [look like you are pregnant].”
        22. R asked A if Huang Xiaoming called her often to check on her.
        A said yes, they maintain normal contact.


      5. Thx you so much for the summary. I was laughing reading the summary. They’re so funny esp Wallace. I like how he took control and answer for AB about how her acting compare on G & I and love yunge. He acted liked a protected bf/hubby and how does he know how she feels about it. It’s like he knows her well & what issue she had with her first drama..🤔 Even the reporter ask why is he so talkative, he even talk on AB behalf. Answering her question for her. Lol
        I love these 2. They always be laughing, playful and so comfortable with each other. if they’re not married in real life, I would totally shipped them as a couple. I hope they will do another drama or even a movie together. I just love his personality. I like funny, goofy guy but serious when he needs to be because laughter is one key to happiness.

        I’ll find another source for the first interview. I didn’t know it was private bc I was able to watch it on YouTube. Thanks again, Rensi. Yes, I hope one day Wallace will notice your blog. That’ll complete you as a fan girl. 😉


      6. Oh I am sorry…AB answered the question about Love Yunge…not Wallace. I corrected that part. But I agree they have great chemistry in this interview. I am impressed by the way AB talks. I like her mellow voice. She is very mature but can also act goofy from time to time. The same goes for Wallace.

        Wallace likes joking around. Unless being asked about his love life, he is always open to heart-to-heart talks 😉 (but I 100% support his decision not to discuss his family openly, first because as he said, he wants the audience to notice him because of his work and artistic growth, and second because the paparazzi and the netizens can be very mean and rude to the entertainers and their families.) For this interview, I wish the reporter asked more questions about how they made acting decisions. The G&I behind-the-scenes documentary totally got me hooked on the making of a TV series.

        The first interview wasn’t private the first time I saw it. But it seems like Ironfingers has found a second source for you. 🙂


      7. I’m deeply sad that G & I is over. The ending was so vague to me. What happen to the other 2 couples(would love to see both couples with the new king and Queen) and why there’s no family reunion with their son? Did he united all 4 kingdoms into one? So many questions and I need closure. 🤔 Time to read the novel to get some closure but I would to see more than them ascending to the throne. Atleast give us one more sweet moment of them instead of flash back of their sweet scenes. To me it’s kinda a waste of air time. Overall this is by far my fave drama this year. I don’t know if I can find another CBJ character as good as the way Wallace portray him with another drama play by another actor. I have to admit he’s #1 kisser. He should get an award for best kisser. Both him and AB should get an award for best chemistry/onscreen couple!!! I hope they’ll do another **ahem several more** drama/movie together. Fans will squill in happiness and excitement. I know I will. I love that couple so much and I’ve become a big fan of Wallace.
        Thanks for the blog I’m able to keep up with what project he has next and etc. thank you for your dedication and hard work. & also thx for translating the interview for me. Much appreciated.
        Unfortunately I wasn’t able to find another first interview. Bummer. But it’s great to know someone else did and I can’t wait for U to summarize that.
        I’m currently learning Chinese so hopefully once I’m more fluent I can help translate here for you. I’m at a beginning stage of learning. So wish me good luck!! It’s so hard to learn the literature aspect of it. I’m learning the basic and conversation & will learn how to to transcribe and read Chinese. I find it easier to learn Cantonese but Mandarin is a universal language for all Chinese so I must learn that
        Now it’s time for me to go read the novel and rewatch G & I bc all the subs should be in tact. Lastly, thank you so much for your time in this blog and summarizing for me. ❤👍🏻 Have a blessed great weekend!!


      8. Thank you! Check out the new post (especially the last part)! 😀 My blog Haha China (hahachn.wordpress.com) has an Internet Slang Index where I gleaned the hottest slang Chinese young people use. If you are interested in Chinese, don’t forget to take a look at those funny buzzwords. It is interesting that Wallace made you want to learn Chinese. He made me want to learn Cantonese and master traditional Chinese characters. 😀 Let me know if you have questions about Chinese. I surely hope you will translate for Our Sunshine. And maybe soon I will ask you questions about your languages. Don’t worry, Wallace’s preparing for his new drama Healing Love where he will play the violin and become a conductor. Wondering who the female lead will be…


      9. You’re awesome and I did read the new post. I haven’t respond to that yet bc I want to come here to say thank you first. If you’re wondering about my ethnic background, I’m 1/2 Chinese, 1/2 Vietnamese, 1/4 Cambodian, 1/4 French. But I don’t speak or read Chinese at all. My mom is mixed Chinese & French but she never taught me Chinese. Her Chinese dialect is not a common dialect use like Mandarin or Cantonese but her own city dialect. Even if she taught me, it has no use. I grew up speaking fluent English and Vietnamese because my father is mixed Vietnamese and Cambodian and somewhere along ancestors he’s also part Chinese. My mom has to adapt the Vietnamese language therefore she lost her native Chinese dialect. No I don’t speak Khmer fluently. I’m a mutt lol. I only wish I’m fluently in all the languages that are part of me. I said Cantonese is easier for me to learn in comparison to Mandarin because Cantonese pronunciations are very similar to Vietnamese. I picked up Cantonese a lot faster than Mandarin. Let’s not talk about reading and writing the characters. Both are hard regardless. Thx for offering to help improve my Chinese. If I do have questions, I’ll ask. Right now I’m learning conversations. Thanks in advance. I want to know what’s the quickest way to pick up the language because I’m so impatient lol.
        I can’t say that W made me want to learn Chinese but it’s actually part of my heritage and it’s always good to speak different languages for Job and etc. I’m consider moving to China when I’m more fluent in Mandarin & Cantonese. Not sure where I want to reside & what I’ll be doing but that’s just another story and journey that I’m excited to embark on. Ok enough about me. I definitely help translate when I’m more fluent. Didn’t know anything about Chinese slangs but that’s good to know.
        On another note, I have emailed his company the email address you have given to inquire about fan mail address but they never responded back. I don’t think they’ll respond. I was hoping atleast they said no if there wasn’t one so I can updated here. And if they do I was gonna updated here for others that are interested in mailing him things. Oh well, maybe my email is lost in translation from all the emails they got or they can’t read English lol. I hope someone will updated us with fan mail address if they knew about. Other than that!! Thanks for your time with the interviews summaries. 💋👍🏻😊


      10. Fascinating background! Thank you for sharing with me. It is cool to be multilingual! As for the email, all your guesses are possible. Another way to reach Wallace’s team is via Weibo http://weibo.com/u/2835464372 They managed the W Liang Family weibo. Not sure about the response rate though.


  3. Thank you so very much for your thorough update, Rensi! It must have taken you tons of time to gather materials, compile, translate, and write! I really appreciate and respect all your efforts! Love you~~~

    Liked by 2 people

      1. I translated and shared w Korean fans the behind-the-scene interviews you translated here. They all loved and were impressed by what Wallace said and what others said about Wallace’s acting. Thank you again!

        If I may, can I possibly request you to kindly translate the lyrics of 泪塔? Dying to know . . .

        Liked by 1 person

  4. Thanks for the news updates on General and I. Been searching for news since I started watching this drama – I simply love it as it is a joy to watch. I have to admit I am now a certified Wallace Chung fan. He is just awesome.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Thank you for such a detailed and comprehensive update. You’ve set the bar high so you need to follow it through by doing all the updates in the months where Wallace has a drama released 😛

    Liked by 2 people

  6. thank you so much for this update ❤ I seriously wait for it from month to other
    I'm really really proud of G&I success and wallace
    we have waited long to see him on dramaland again and we are going to have him in 3 dramas this year ~ so excited
    anyone I haven't start G&I yet TT but soon enough I will ~
    as for the rumor about wallace I think that no one will go as far as he went if he was lacking professionalism ! I'm glad that the dps and his company released statements and took action about that .
    I liked his OST for G&I so much since i heard it when he preformed in that new year show it's so beautiful
    anyway im very grateful for you girls to do all these efforts for wallace and his I-fans ❤
    thank youuu


    1. How Wallace can make so many fans all excited amazed me. G&I made me happy. Hope you will enjoy it when you watch it! Are you waiting for English subtitles?


  7. Someday Wallace will find out about this blog & he is going to be so proud to have such devoted fans as shown on this professionally done blog! You ladies are the best and the kindest!

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Finally, I am caught up!!! I’ve been so busy and can’t keep up w/ his news feed. It’s so hard to back track. I hope fans don’t expect this high quality of work every time. 😉

    Again, I echo everybody’s sentiment. Peanuts and I can not say enough great thing about you. Much love!!!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. No problem I will look forward to them i know you are busy so no rush. Waiting patiently or am i lol. I think you should make a seperation page for these interview. I dont want your hard work to be barried in the comment sections. And of course i am going to link people here because i know many people are curious about the interviews and bts interviews. Its a lot of work to translate. And i thank you so much for doing so! I know you guys put lots of work into this website. Fans of wallace like me apperciate every sentence written! Forever xaio wa fan! Wa wa wa!


  9. @Haha – if you’re interested in another interview of them talking about their characters and script it’s here http://bit.ly/2l1Gsxu [not as fun as the SINA one though]

    There would’ve been more promotion if AB was not pregnant heavily pregnant at that time. It’d have been a riot consider AB tomboy personality and she’s definitely not shy when answering about kiss scenes, etc.,


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