General and I (Ep13-16): Thoughts, Review, Caps, and Everything in between

The big conflict in the romance department in General and I really occurred in episodes 13-16. PingTing finally lets her guard down and makes sure BeiJie knows how much she cares for him. However,  their love is quickly put to the test and there’s one battle after another.

Episode 13 : An oath to the moon

Another episode devoted to the OTP

  • To avoid many unnecessary deaths, CBJ acts out of the ordinary and goes to capture PT while the other 2 Liang generals are lured away. They had a good talk and CBJ reassures her that he would never order anyone to kill her.

CBJ: Stop hiding and come to me.

Chewywon: It finally dawned on me why PT chose CBJ. She feels safe with him and there’s equality in the relationship. She has been taking care of the people around her all her life. In BJ’s embrace, she can say “I’m tired.” 

She such a smart and calculating lady; no one can really fool her. Hence, it would be difficult for someone like her to fall wholeheartedly for BJ (who is her enemy). I could see what an important role the childhood story plays in PT’s trust. When she reminisced about the brief encounter with BJ in her childhood, she sees him as another HX. Later on, she gave an answer to HX’s question about why would she chose BJ of all people. She simply tells HX, that he is exactly the same as BJ. They both have killed so many others who also have parents and other family members. There is no good ending to seeking revenge, in her opinion, and BJ listens to her.

  • Their moment is interrupted when the 2 generals spotted both of them. BJ takes PT away on his horse to cross the bridge. However, earlier, PT had the bridge cut off (to avoid the Jin’s army from getting to Liang’s new base). Both fall into PT’s own trap, plummeting hundreds of feet with PT heading down first. BJ, with all his might, tries to grab PT and switch their positions to protect her, resulting in him gravely injured.

  • They are now hiding in the cave. BJ has a fever and PT undresses herself to hug and cuddle him. They stay like that all night to warm up. (The implication isn’t clear here, I don’t believe they went all the way since BJ is too weak to do anything. Anyone has a different opinion?)

  • Peanuts: Wallace’s body was major news during the airing of this episode. A Chinese gossipy article questioned why Wallace’s face was quite tight but the upper body so wobbly in an embarrassing passionate scene? Can you see the loose skin???

Chewywon: When I look at scenes like these, I see only PingTing and BeiJie. That’s how convincing their chemistry are on screen. 

  • While the Liang soldiers continue to search for PT, the 2 lovebirds are still enjoying their sweet time together. They eventually would have to be separated but promise to meet again in the Jin state.

Episode 14:

  • The state of Jin is in chaos, and their army have retreated. The 2 heirs to the Jin’s Kingdom are now dead while the King of Jin is in a coma ( the coma is planned by PT). PT faints upon hearing that shocking news of the deaths.
  • HX visits PT (Why is there spooking music when he enters her room?) We learn that, HX is the only one that knows about the effects of the poison. Adults will be put into a good 10-day coma, but a youngster’s body system is not yet strong so death will be the outcome for them.

Chewywon: I really think Angelababy is doing a fine job in this drama. I could see the potential in her. At least, she is able to give me all these emotions when I screen caps. Whereas someone who’s at their peaks, like Tang Yan and Yang Mi, they have been for the most part still expressionless. I remember screen capping for My Sunshine and Tang Yan just gives me the same face and her next project afterward Diamond Lover isn’t any better either. Granted, she did improve in Princess Weiyang for the few scenes that I’ve seen. In Angelababy’s case, when she is on the screen with tears welling up, I feel for the character (that’s all we really ask for from an actor). 

  • So why the twins and not the king? Because it’s BJ that everyone wants to get rid of. Framing BJ is the only way to get rid of him. It is PT’s plan indeed, the King of Liang instigated it, but HX took care of the rest.
  • PT is willing to take all the blame this time as repayment to HX since his family gave her a home all these years. HX has already disowned her, but now it’s PT’s turn to disown HX. She tells him (probably for the first time in his life) to leave.
  • HX rides his horse back. The arrogant and evil face displayed in front of PT a while ago is now gone. He is not happy either. (I can’t even hate him at this stage. It is such a sad situation for everyone).
  • PT warns YF about being cautious around HX : “There’s bound to be bloodshed in the future because of him.” He is a changed man.

  • After gaining the trust of the Liang’s army. ZY guides PT back to the Jin state without knowing all the details. PT plans to save BJ with her own life. HX orders his man to kill PT but fails. (What? I thought he wanted to see how BJ torments PT.)
  • The Queen of Jin is too depressed and falls deadly ill. (Hmm…why didn’t they introduce the twins to us earlier? Perhaps then, we would care more).

  • As it turns out, HX has some help within Jin’s palace, namely the consort. In return, the consort is to get help from Bailiang to gain control of the Jin state. The King falls right into their trap too, because BJ’s could easily have won the battle, but it’s clear he retreated many times just for PT. Everything points to PT and BJ working together.

Episode 15: History of CBJ and the King

My BJ is being tortured again! I can’t even look (I hope you are happy writer!!! Would it kill you to just leave CBJ’s as mighty as he is in the novel…after all that’s why fans love the novel…..DAMN YOU!!!!! For now I will not be putting any torture images of BJ. God bless my weak heart).

  • The grieving queen finally talks some sense into the King. She believes BJ.
  • In a flashback, we come to learn that BJ has the blood line of the past King of Jin’s. The current King of Jin had just ascended the throne and the court is not stabilized. In order for the Dowager to take BJ in, she asked for BJ mother’s life and to keep BJ’s name off the royal family, wanting her son to be known as the only true heir to the Kingdom (to prevent future discord).

  • Now back to the present, the King sobs uncontrollably with disbelief that BJ would stab him in the back (Seriously, the King is even more devastated by BJ’s possible betrayal than by the death of his 2 sons. Deep down he must have a great deal of love for BJ despite his tough attitude toward him).


  • Liang’s army helping PT to rescue BJ. They literally built a kite for PT to fly over the mountain, straight into the imperial palace.

  • PT gets tortured, while BJ is released from the prison.

Episode 16:

  • PT continues to get whipped. Ouch it hurts to even look at her being tortured. (Angelababy did a great job acting here. She is also great too when the consort whipped her in an earlier episode).
  • The King refuses to listen to PT, so she writes some characters on the floor with her blood. Finally getting his attention, she offers her life and the “Military strategies of Marquis Wu” in exchange for BJ’s freedom.
  • The King tells her: Do you really think that I’d care about a legendary military manual? (Of course, you wouldn’t, because you have BJ. All these years, Yan can’t even touch the great state of Jin with PT’s help). The King just wanted her killed by BJ (her face now turns sorrowful).

  • BJ walks into the palace with a limp but still obeys his King. Everyone shouts demanding him to kill her.

BJ:    I’ll give you one last chance to defend yourself. Did you produce the drug?
PT: Yes.
BJ: Did you come up with the strategy for the Liang state to make us retreat?
PT: Yes
BJ: Did you give the order to poison the two princes?
Obviously not true, PT turns around, her tears welling up.
PT: Yes.
BJ: Why did you still come here when only death awaits you? Look at me!

Won: I love Wallace’s gradial increase of rage here. 

  • BJ in disbelief, grabs a sword nearby, turns her around, and prepares to strike. She closes her eyes as her tears roll down. She is for death. His sword aims straight at her neck.
  • ZY comes to the rescue. We get another great fighting sequence. ZY will not last long after the 10th strike.

  • BJ kicks him onto the ground and is about to strike him. PT rushes over and covers for him. The sword goes straight below her collar bone. BJ pulls the sword out quickly and holds her. He is astonished by what he has done.

PT:  This is for the best. BJ, I’m sorry.

  • BJ just stares at her attentively and worryingly, but not willingly to forgive her still. Once she closes her eyes, her tears flowing down. He finally reacts with so much hurt. The snow couldn’t fall at a better time.

  • The King heaves a long sigh of relief that BJ actually stabbed PT as he wanted. He orders the eunuch to check on PT. BJ wouldn’t let him come close, but the eunuch sees the obvious stab. No one would survive with that sort of stab especially if the bones are broken along the way. He declares PT dead (Really? ). BJ goes along with it.

BJ: I remember that your majesty promised BT if she died in our state, you would return her corpse to her hometown. I beg your majesty to release this man (ZY). He came here alone courageously to save his friend. He is a warrior. Allow him to escort PT’s body back to her hometown to be buried. Your subjects will be impressed that you’ve kept your word. Your people will praise your majesty for being broad-minded and compassionate. Please grant me this wish.

  • CBJ tells ZY to take good care of PT, signifying that she’s not dead yet. He stays behind looking as ZY carries PT away.
  • BJ arranges for Zui Ju, a disciple of a miraculous physician, to take care of PT. (She’s quite spunky, I like her already).
  • The consort’s evil plan to take over continues. How she manages to kill the queen is beyond my knowledge to explain (well, at least the queen dies knowing who killed her 2 sons and that the King only loves her).

On a side note this drama is full of childhood love: PT and BJ, PT and HX, Consort and BJ, King of Jin and his queen…really scriptwriter…there are no other ways people could fall in love?)

17 thoughts on “General and I (Ep13-16): Thoughts, Review, Caps, and Everything in between”

    1. wish they didn’t include that arch as well. but their relationship buildup was so fast in the beginning that the childhood part is necessary. though really I felt nothing from their childhood part, to me it was unnecessary as a viewer. and it seems beijei is the only one that reminisces their childhood, pingting doesn’t seem to care much

      Liked by 2 people

    2. Ha ha ha, me too. But for the case like BJ and PT, is okay for me because they don’t grow up together. PT and HX, they grow up together, then the relationship is just like brother and sister. he he


  1. that court scene was great, one of my most favs. one of things I appreciate about this drama is the characterization makes more sense. beijei had it all plan out, he’s going to stab pingting not too deep and will be able save her, but she risked her life taking a shield for zhenyi. he’s hurt, but not for the reason that he believe she was behind the poison scheme, but because she risks her life to save him, and that’s what he’s angry about. [in the novel, he actually believe she poison his nephews]

    AB does a good job in this drama, not sure what the flacks are all about. she’s not the strongest actress, but her performance is decent, and has really good chemistry with Wallace.

    Oh, and that cave scene, they didn’t do anything. LOL — it was their wedding night, and immediately follow by baby news.

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    1. Agreed! That is one of the few scenes that everything worked well together. From the acting, directing, to the writing, it was better than the book. In the book, PT merely waited for BJ at the road before he takes her into seclusion.


  2. Hi Our Sunshine crew,
    So very glad I found this site. Your updates are amazing. I’m Vietnamese by birth but have lived in the US more than half of my life. I grew up watching TVB series (in black and white!), my first crush was Andy Lau :). Living abroad and got busy with life, I have gotten out of this “addiction” and thought I am now old enough to be immune to fangirling. Until I stumbled onto General and I. O.M.G. Since its first episode aired, I have scouted through all things Wallace I could find on the web. Nothing is as informative and as funny, and brings me as close to learning about WC as a real person, as much as a fan can, as your site. THANK YOU ALL for taking the time!!!
    P.SDoes anyone know how to send mails to him? Since I don’t know Chinese it has been impossible to find any official fan club mailbox etc.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well, “Thank You” for the complement. I’m glad Wallace made you came out of hiding…I know he is capable of doing that.

      I too started out watching TVB dramas. Andy Lau was one of my FAV.

      Are you following any of Wallace crazy Viets fans’ FaceBook? They might have any answer for you. Their devotion is beyond my expectation.


      1. Oh yes, me too. I started also with Andy Lau as my fav idol, after watching one of Wallace dramas and the latest drama Genaral & I,, I am in love with him. Also scouring any info, videos and awaiting to watch more of him in coming dramas. Love him to bits.😍😘


    2. You can try emailing his company at and I emailed them but I haven’t got a respond back yet in regards to the fan mail address. Maybe you’ll be lucky and they’ll respond and please let us know if he does have a fan mail address. Thx and good luck!! I’m a new fan of us as well. Welcome aboard. 😉 If I do find out anything about his fan mail address, I’ll updated everyone. Now it’s just a waiting game and hopefully we’ll get lucky to get an answer somewhere.

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      1. Crystal, if you got any update, do remember to update here. Waiting for you. Thank you. :o)

        I have applied membership but no reply since January 2017. May be they are not ready to accept international fans?! Or we should bank-in into their China bank account instead of HK account? HK gmail seems like nobody monitoring as it auto-reply ask us to email to their QQ email account (but no reply as well).

        I hope they just don’t have enough man-power to process so many membership applications, which cause the delay in responding to us. I just worry the payment go nowhere and ‘eaten’ by bank.

        Thank you, Chewy, Peanuts and Haha for all your efforts here. Thank you. Thank you.


  3. One of my fav scene is when CBJ stabbed BPT in the chest as she collapse in his arms, telling him she is sorry and the way he looked at her! That was a tear jerker for me :D. His acting is so good, that he can express his feelings through his stares, not even a word you feel all emotional for the character! Absolutely love it, and the cliche snowfall just made that scene every more beautiful lol. Thank you for the recaps!

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  4. For Malaysian fans, we can watch this drama at Tonton. It is so lucky for me to know from a radio publicity (I seldom listening to radio.)


  5. Where got loose skin. Our idol has got such a solid body build for his age. These people have got nothing better to review. I also saw only the kissing scene which was great and played out well between them and Wallace always make such scene REAL with emotions that when viewers watch, it’s like the real thing and would want to watch repeatedly as I have. 😍😘


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