Let’s round out our translated OST series for General and I with “Never Betray”  by Zhou Pin.  The song doesn’t get much air time, but it does pop up at the most crucial moments in the drama when Ping Ting and BeiJie are separated. It is probably the most soulful song depicting Bei Jie’s inner battle with his emotions.

So what’s your favorite OST from General and I thus far? Vote below and see if others also agree with you! 

Here’s the playlist of all the OST!

Title:  Never Betray 不负

Singer: Zhou Pin 周品
Album: General and I  《孤芳不自赏》
Lyricist 词: Li Xueman李雪漫 /  Composer 曲: Tan Xuan 谭旋
Arranger 编曲: Xue Feng 薛峰 / Producer 制作人: Tan Xuan 谭旋
Guitarist 吉他: Xue Feng 薛峰 / Harmony 和声: Yu Zhaoyuan 余昭源  /  Lyrics editor 歌词编辑: Guo Guo 果果

English Translation by Haha


Nàihé fēnluàn de xuānxiāo
Helpless in chaos and tumult
Sànluò liúlí de jìliáo
Lonely in separation and exile
愿只能不改初心 就好
Yuàn zhǐ néng bù gǎi chūxīn jiù hǎo
I only pray we never change our original aspiration
Lángyānsìqǐ de āiháo
Smoke signals rise on all sides, people wail at the imminent war
Duì tiān qǐshì wèilái rú mèng huò jiān’áo
I swear to God whether the future is a dream or an ordeal
Dōu jǐn jǐn yīkào
We will tightly hold on to each other

Bèifù suǒyǒu de shāng tòng cái zhídé měihǎo
Only after we endure pain will we deserve happiness
Bǎi zhuǎn qiān zhé shuí néng liào
Who can predict life’s countless twists and turns?
用尽一生苍老 愿妳一笑
Yòng jìn yīshēng cānglǎo yuàn nǐ yīxiào
I exhaust my life, only wishing for a smile from you
Shēn xiàn bīnghuāngmǎluàn de páoxiāo
Notwithstanding the turmoil and chaos of war
Wǒ jiāndìng bù yáo
I stand firm
爱永远追随 天涯海角
Ài yǒngyuǎn zhuīsuí tiānyáhǎijiǎo
My love will follow you forever, to the end of the world

Chūn yíng qiūsī de chánrào
The plentiful spring and the soulful autumn envelope me
Xià sè dōng yǔ de lísāo
The colorful summer and the whispering winter live in my poem
Su bù jìn sīniàn xin tòng rú jiǎo
There is no way to define those heart-wrenching pains
Dēng shàng bùshèng hán de gāo
I ascend to the lonely heights

Diéluò fúchén lěngnuǎn de cháo
I tumble into the freezing irony and the burning satire through life’s ups and downs
人海中 寻妳的容貌
Rén hǎizhōng xún nǐ de róngmào
In the midst of crowds, I search your face

Repeat **** (once)

Rènpíng luànshì biànyě huáng shā yíngmiàn héngsǎo
Despite the turbulent world where the yellow sand sweeps over my face
Lièrì bēngluò yǐng cánzhào
and the scorching sun collapses into evening glow
穿越地陷天塌 爱怎可抛
Chuānyuè dì xiàn tiān tā ài zěn kě pāo
I cross the falling sky and the crumbling earth. How can I forsake my love?
Chōngzhuàng guó hèn rúshān de zǔnáo
Dashing through the hindrance of overwhelming national enmity
Xiāngsī rùgǔ shāo
is our deep-seated lovesickness
Wǒ yǒng bù xiāng fù cǐshēng yǒngbào
I’ll never betray the embrace of love

Officail MV for “Never Betray”

Is it normal for official drama OST music videos to come out after the drama ended?

Won: When this MV came out, I had already started working on my own MV for the song and it was challenging. Oh, the lost time I could have saved if I just waited…I would also like to say Hahawent above and beyond for this song …just look at the translation and you’ll understand. The lyrics are so complicated.



17 thoughts on “[ENG+PINYIN] 不负 Never Betray MV ( GENERAL AND I OST )”

  1. Love it ❤❤❤❤ thanks for sharing. I do wish that somethings from the book was in the drama and left some made-up stuff out but over all they did a pretty okay job at the drama and I am only saying that it is okay and good is because my husband Wallace Chung is in it! 😍😍😍😘😘😘 Anyways that’s for the translation of the song and the MVs ❤❤❤

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Thank you thank you xie xie
        Now if only we can get Wallace Chung here to give us kisses like the movie! 😘😘😋😋 I am so hoping to stock him on my trip to China! 😆😆 Probably will even get to 😖😖 lol


  2. I love the ost. Especially the one by zhou pin! Thanks so much for all your hard work guys. I am still having withdrawl! Rewatching it ! Still awaiting for the interviews translations and hoping they are going to release skme never before scene footage or something along that line! Wishful thinking lol.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Love this OST! It’s my 2nd fav to Henry Hou’s theme song.

    I associate this song with the scene where Pingting convinced Beijei to let her stay by his side. The best scene in the drama, imo.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Chewywon, thank you for your beautiful collection of scenes. Your MV is a lot better than the original so no time was “lost”! Love your MV! And big applause to Haha for another great translation! Thank you guys very very much for your hard work!

    Liked by 2 people

      1. I like all six but if I have to choose one, it’ll probably be Tower of Tears because I love the way the song was used as a medium of connecting the two souls, first played with zither by BPT, then with flute by CBJ, then in the song form with lyrics. Love that sequence.

        Liked by 1 person

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