Wallace and Angelababy’s General and I Interview Summaries

CrystalT, Ironfingers, and anom,

Thank you for your patience. Here are the interview summaries you requested. I am sorry that one of the three videos was deleted twice when I worked on this post. It was the interview Wallace and Angelababy did in August, 2016 during General and I‘s filming days. I searched everywhere and found snippets of the interview in news articles and videos. I put that summary in the end. If you found the source again, please let me know.

Angelababy-A, Wallace-W, Reporter-R

January 2017 Sina Entertainment Interview

1. R asked what they were talking about before the interview started.

A joked that it was a secret. W played along.

2. R asked A why she was still so slim at this stage of her pregnancy.

W agreed that A did not change as much as he expected. A said it was because she knew how to pick the right outfit to conceal the bump.

3. R asked them to comment on each other’s costume design in G&I.

A said W’s costumes always wowed her and jokingly complained W had way more costumes than she did. W denied that he had way more costumes. He said A’s costumes were also stunning—she looked sharp in the drama because she played an intelligent strategist.

4. R asked who looked more handsome in the drama.

A said of course it was W. She said she espesially liked his costume design with braided hair. W asked A jokingly if she had stolen his braided wig to try it on, and A said she really wanted to do so. W explained that the braided wig was actually very heavy.

5. R added Wallace’s armor looked heavy too.

W agreed and reasoned that it was because the drama wanted the costumes to reflect the historical period as faithfully as possible.

A said the weight of W’s sword surprised her. In a scene where she thought about W while holding his sword, she wondered how he managed to wield the sword with one hand in fight scenes as she could barely lifted it with both hands.

6. R asked A how she felt about vomiting blood for her love in the drama?

A said those heart-wrenching scenes were meant to show that the character was willing to sacrifice herself for CBJ. A said she felt that she got better in crying scenes in the drama. W added that A looked just like the BPT in his imagination—smart, confident, and also feminine. A responded by saying W also met her expectation for CBJ—mature, composed, and imposing.

7. R asked if they always flattered each other like that on the set.
W said he wasn’t joking. He was impressed by A’s ability to memorize the lines.

8. R asked A to compare her performances in G&I and Love Yunge from the Desert, her first TV series.

A said she was inexperienced in Love Yunge from the Desert and especially couldn’t adapt to the fast-paced work environment. Sometimes the shooting was over before she was fully ready. But in G&I, the director and W spent more time discussing each scene beforehand.

9. R asked W why he was more talkative in front of A.

W said he was actually pretty talkative in front of everyone. A agreed. W said he mainly discussed the scenes on the set due to the hectic filming schedule. His “quiet and gentle” [this word usually applies to a female so W smiled when he said that word jokingly] side showed when he had to think and memorize lines. Also, he tried to stay quiet in the searing heat because “a serene mind brings coolness” [Chinese idiom] lol.

10. R said she heard some staff fainted because of the heat.

A agreed and said the extras who played soldiers in armor had to stand 40+ degrees in those imperial palace scenes. W said everyone carried on with their strong willpower.

11. R asked A how she handled the heat as a pregnant actress.

A said at first she didn’t know whether her symptoms were caused by pregnancy or heatstroke.

12. R asked A whether she felt scared in hindsight.

A said not really—”it was my fate.”

13. R asked if Wallace took care of A because of her pregancy.

W said he didn’t know A was pregnant. He said he perhaps had let her stay in the shade a little longer during breaks. A said W once gave her his electronic little fan. W joked that he didn’t really wanted to give A his fan.

14. R asked W if shooting romantic scenes were his strong suit.

W stammered no and A started laughing. W explained all he did was following the script and the director’s directions…A joked that this question must have triggered the audience’s wild imagination…lol. W said the question made him suspect there was going to be a more difficult follow-up question.

15. R admitted she wanted to ask about the kissing scenes.

W said oh, actually kissing scenes are just the natural outcome of the characters’ relationship development.

16. R asked if they saw the GIFs of their kissing scenes online.

A and W said yes. A asked if R was talking about the kissing scene where CBJ lifted BPT up after their reunion. R said yes. A said it was the director’s idea that CBJ should lift BPT up in that scene. W added that he stroke his thigh [gesture to show happiness] in admiration and told the director it was an ingenious idea. W and A said it seemed like the director had tried that move before in his own relationship lol.

W said they actually had some fruitless discussions about how they should deal with that kissing scene because there had been a similar kissing scene earlier, and then that “magical stroke” [Chinese idiom for epiphanies that magically solve a problem] suddenly dawned on the director. But then he quickly added he was not sure if the director had that epiphany during their discussion or when he was alone.

A said in her opinion, the solution did not come up during their discussion because it was after lunch when the director suddenly came and told them that brilliant lift-her-up-and-kiss idea which left both A and W stunned and speechless lol.

17. R asked if the actual shooting process of that kissing scene went smoothly.

A said she remembered the camera got stuck. W said overall the kissing scenes happened naturally.

18. R naughtily said she heard Huang Xiaoming [A’s husband who worked with W in Royal Tramp] was in the same location, Xiangshan, while they shot those kissing scenes.

A confirmed that Huang Xiaoming was filming another drama in the same location and said that she and Huang Xiaoming were fine with each other’s romantic scenes because they had the agreement to focus and be professional at work.

19. R asked if W agreed with A on that.

W said yes—it is important to focus at work.

20. R naughtily asked if that meant W wouldn’t hold back in kissing scenes.

W said he rarely “held back” in kissing scenes because they are part of his job anyway. He wanted to focus and did them well. He joked that maybe even if Huang Xiaoming came to visit and tapped his shoulder during those kissing scenes, he would be too focused to notice him lol.

A laughed and said she could visualize that and then raised her right hand to say “hi.” W played along, turned his head and said, “Ah? You are here?” Then A, W, and R collapsed with laughter.

21. R asked A if Huang Xiaoming told her to be careful during these promotional outings for G&I.

A said no, because she is still “a nimble fattie” lol. W looked at her and said “you really don’t [look like you are pregnant].”


22. R asked A if Huang Xiaoming called her often to check on her.
A said yes, they maintain normal contact.

January 2017 NetEase News Interview

1. R said the screenwriter was thinking about A and W for BPT and CBJ when writing the script and asked how A and W prepared for the roles.

A said she read the novel first. She was captivated by the story—two opponents (W added that BPT and CBJ are equally capable and A agreed) fell in love, which is intriguingly heartwrenching.

W said he only read the script, but he chatted with the director several times to seek his opinion on this new project. Although the director’s previous ancient costume dramas focused on masculine scenes like fights and wars, for G&I he wanted both BPT and CBJ to show their soft and graceful sides such as demonstrating typical Chinese cultural elements of music, chess, calligraphy, and painting: BPT plays the Chinese zither; CBJ plays the Xiao [veritical bamboo flute] drinks tea, etc. Both characters demonstrate stength and gentleness. W felt that idea was new and exciting.

2. R asked how they interpreted each other’s roles.

A said CBJ is mature, imposing, faithful in love, and heroic. When A learned that W would play CBJ, she felt it was a right choice and could already imagine him in character. (R asked A what she imagined CBJ to be like when she read the novel.) A said she thought CBJ shouldn’t be too young (W pretended to sigh and weep lol) and must be very handsome (W pretended to cheer up a little lol).

W said he paid attention to both CBJ and BPT when reading the script. They are very similar, except that BPT does not know martial arts. BPT is as intelligent and capable as the so-called God of War CBJ. Such protagonists tend to be both male in other ancient costume dramas, but in G&I they are not and they fall in love. Although they are both faithful in love, they also face the danger of becoming enemies at any minute. W said the conflict was agonizing and fascinating at the same time.

3. R asked if W and A saw their own dazzling costumes in the trailer and which costumes were their favorites.

A said she loved it when she dressed like a boy. (R mentioned her queen costume.) A and W both commented that the Emperor’s and Queen’s costumes were very heavy. They both needed people to lift the robes as they walked in them. And they felt hot wearing those costumes.

W didn’t say he loved the Emperor costume the best but he was most impressed by it. He said he it took him courage to raise or lower the head with the heavy crown on his head. A laughed and commented that as soon as she saw W with the crown she wanted to ask him why he carried an incense burner on his head. W laughed and said he saw many actresses often had multiple head ornaments which they seemed to handle pretty well. While he wore the crown, he couldn’t even walk comfortably.

4. R asked if they were worried that they could not live up to what the novel fans hope for BPT and CBJ.

W said stress was inevitable, but he kept reading the script to look for the qualities he and the role had in common so that he was able to have the role living in his body. That helped him understand how to play the part.

A said she knew every reader had their own imagination about the protagonists. Actors bring their interpretations to the characters too. She preferred giving herself more time and trying her best to present BPT as faithfully as she could.

5. R asked what they thought about the added part of BPT and CBJ knowing each other in childhood.

W said adding that part made the story more logical. A added that it forshadowed later developments in the story.

6. R asked how they interpreted the love story between BPT and CBJ.

A said the first thing that came to her mind was that they “love and kill each other” [Chinese Internet slang term for a love-hate relationship]. Also they are compatible in resourcefulness and capability. (R said A was a good fit for the role because she looked smart, like a “female Zhuge [Liang].”) W said the team also used the term “female Zhuge [Liang]” to describe BPT.

7. R asked if they were shy seeing the kissing scene GIFs online, such as the one about the final reunion kiss.

W said he wan’t shy. He felt those kisses were pretty nice and beautiful in those scenes. He said those scenes should be watched along with previous scenes for a deeper understanding of what was going on. A added that if you watched previous episodes, you would be touched by that reunion kiss.

8. R asked if A used stunt doubles for difficult movements.

A quipped, “Has technology become so advanced that the person you raised [in the final reunion kiss scene] wasn’t me?” W laughed and added it would be hard to use stunt doubles for romantic scenes.

9. R asked if Huang Xiaoming exhorted her about anything during the filming days.

A said Huang Xiaoming was in the same location. (R asked if he came visit her.) A said they visited each other when available but they didn’t disturb each other at work.

10. R asked W if he knew that Huang Xiaoming would have private conversations with all the male leads working with A.

W said Huang didn’t do that with him. A said Huang was joking when he said that. W said he ran into Huang often on the set.

11. R asked if W knew A was pregnant during filming.

W said he didn’t know A was pregnant until he read the news quite some time after filming ended.

12. R asked besides costumes, what other aspects about the drama were challenging for W and A.

A said the sweltering heat was challenging. She recalled a scene with He Xia on a pasture [I guess she was referring to the scene where she told He Xia she couldn’t forget CBJ]. She couldn’t open her eyes in the blazing sun. After she stood up she drew a blank, not knowing how to act. After she finished the scene, she held an umbrella and craned her neck toward the small air conditioner. W half-jokingly sighed and sweetly said he should have been there and acted for A. A quipped, “And then you would faint?”

13. R asked if it was challenging to memorized the lines. But then she added it might not be hard for A.

A agreed the lines were hard to memorize. W complimented A on her good memory. A praised W back.

14. R asked then why the drama eventually decided to use voice actors for them.

W said if the drama decided to use their original voices, it would take a longer time to complete the project. He said if one day he got rid of his accent and people were willing to let him give it a try, it would be perfect. But since ancient costume dramas have stricter requirements for articulation and perfect pronuncation, that dream might not come true so easily.

15. R asked A after working with so many “male gods” [Chinese Internet slang term for heartthrobs], which actor made her feel most strongly that they could be that One True Pairing?

A said every actor was different.

16. R asked W how he was coming along with polishing the movie script for Hour Glass, the first movie he is going to direct.

W said the team was still revising the movie script and they were not quite done yet.

August 2016 LeTV Interview

R asked them to describe G&I and their roles.

W said G&I is an ancient costume drama. CBJ is a little weird—he has too many strengths. A added CBJ has only strengths but no weaknesses. W continued that CBJ is adept with both pen and sword.

A said BPT is as famous as CBJ, and CBJ and BPT have a love-hate relationship. BPT is smart and knowldgeable. W added BPT is extremely smart and good at reading people’s minds.

A said her most unforgettable scene was the one where she went to the State of Jin to save CBJ but got stabbed in the chest because it was so hot but she had to wear a winter coat with fur collars.

Fur-collar coats everywhere…

R asked who was the clown on the set responsible for making people laugh when they were tired.

W said he was probably that clown [But in other interviews I saw other people—Yao Tian, Zui Ju, Dong Zhuo, and He Xia himself—said Sun Yizhou was the clown lol].

R asked who liked munching snacks the most on the set.

W and A jokingly complained that it was so hot that they lost the appetite for regular meals, let alone snacks. [But actress Zou Yang who played Zui Ju said A ate the most snacks. And the actor who played Dong Zhuo said Zui Ju was the craziest about snacks.]

A and W said when they were not filming they would eat watermelons behind the director’s back and sit comfortably, such as using the “Ge You slouch” [Chinese Internet slang term in summer, 2016 for sitting with one’s legs spread out as actor Ge You’s role did in the classic Chinese sitcom I Love My Family] or sitting cross-legged, poising one foot in the air. Then they showed R those poses.

R asked A if the aloof and reserved BPT was too challenging for her since she was a lively tomboy.

A quipped, “Don’t you think I am very aloof and reserved right now?” W said the roles in ancient costume dramas tend to be quieter than those in modern dramas.

A said she she was a little humpbacked but she admired W for being able to keep his back straight every time she saw him. W said he did that only during filming.

A teased W for giving his air conditioner to the other actresses but not her. W was speechless. [Actually W and A each had an air conditioner; the G&I team did not lack air-conditioners.]

A said the lines were hard to memorize. First, because the number of the lines was daunting;  second, because many lines were written in ancient Chinese, different from those in modern Chinese. R asked if Huang Xiaoming helped her with the lines. A said no—because Huang had already had problems memorizing his own lines.

R asked why W and A were so happy during the interview. W and A joked their happiness came from seeing others being “tortured.” W said his most enjoyable moment was when he took off the wig every day after filming.

Last but not least, for those of you who ship Wallace and Angelababy as a couple, here is their “love story”…just kidding…

2013 Weibo Night event
In 2015, “Monster Hunt” visited the Chinese version of Running Man.
In that episode of Running Man, Angelababy asked Wallace why his nickname was Xiao Wa.
Wallace: Because people screamed “Wow” as soon as they saw me.
Angelababy bought that instantly. 😉
2016 General and I booting ceremony. Wallace was talking about his wig?
Burning some incense sticks for good luck.
Wallace and Angelababy represented General and I at the 2016 White Magnolia Awards.
Before presenting awards, they talked about General and I.
Three months later, they had a three-year-old son lol.
Director Ju Jueliang: I ship them too!

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  1. I am first! OMG thank you so much!!! Good stuff, I shall Link this on my IG <3!! You are the best! This is a longer version with the fan meet. Looks about the same as what you had translate

    Haha love the love story part funny!
    Oh and them at the cosmo aware 2012

    I am very surprised that the screen writer would think of pairing them up, I wonder what made the two name popped up in their head. Since the styling for Wallace last ancient series were so hideous! I am glad they worked out the styling for Wallace and made his so dashing handsome as CBJ! No doubt that Angela is beautiful, but I like how they style down as well to make her match the image of BPT.

    Again thank ou so much for the translations summaries!

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      1. Yes I actually read that article. Actually, I think already explored and read this whole site!! ❤ Thank you guys for creating this site! Love it! Can't wait for February round up!


  2. It’s always good to see the dynamic of actors behind your fav fiction characters off-screen. I haven’t seen much of Wallace previous works beside ‘Silent Separation’ where I thought he had really good chemistry with Tang Yang. Here with AB, he has good chemistry with her too.

    Always awkward when interview bring HXM into the conversation, AB is being really cool about it though. She actually is very witty in interview, she teases him about giving the fan to the other actress but not her left W stuttered (LOL!)

    I watched that RM episode, wonder why producer did not make a CP of them, had it been a Korean version, they’d be all over it.

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    1. Oh she teased W about the fan? One article I read says the a/c. Another article says W gave the a/c to Yan Thirteen. And another one only says he gave the a/c to the other actresses. I don’t know what to believe. I remembered Tang Yan got a lot of flak for her lack of facial expressions and lowering the head all the time. It seems that the viewers are hard on actresses. Wallace’s mainland fans also frowned upon AB this time. I hope actresses are treated better. Wallace has been working with actresses 10+ years his junior for a while since Too Late to Say I Love You. If the audience were kinder to actresses, they could see more mature and skilled actresses on TV. They would be doing Wallace a favor too. It will be awkward to see Wallace still working with 20-something actresses in 5 years.

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  3. lol the last interview is funny. I didn’t know they both made several appearances together before G & I shooting. I like your dialogue of them for shipper like me. I totally ship them. Wonder how many other photos of them together are out there. I saw some are dated back in 2012 someone posted. And my god they both look dashing and Wallace look so HOT!! lol Wow!! I agreed why they always have to ask about HXM. Let’s focus on AB & WC. I’m suprise to know that AB is a tomboy. She seems so girly, feminine. I knew about her and WC from G&I. I’m planning to watch My Sunshine to see who this tang yang actress is all about. Did she pair well with Wallace too? I so far only ship him with AB.
    I hope they make some kind of appearance together. Lol did the director really ship them too or is that your dialogue, rensi? I hope futurely they will collaborate again. Thx for all the hard work in transcribing this interview summaries. I miss lil CBJ jr., CX. Props go to the director for finding young kid actor looks so much like CBJ himself. The reflection of resemblance is flawless esp with his lil bun. Now I hate that they end the drama without another family reunion with their CX.

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    1. Well it’s W first commercial hit drama, so many fans love them together and think they’re a good match. Tang Yang is a laughing virus, once she started she can’t stop. Their interviews and bts I think are 10x funnier than AB & WC. Give it a try, I think you’ll enjoy it since W character in Silent Separation is much like Chu Bei Jei — devoted to 1 woman 🙂

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    2. I made up the caption about the director. 😀 I started following Wallace because of My Sunshine. He looked so dapper there. You can start by reading the novel. Peanuts translated that. http://www.books.shushengbar.com/?p=396 I read the novel after watching the drama. For G&I I read the novel first. Suprisingly I didn’t get disappointed by the drama. Some of the new plots were refreshingly good.

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  4. In a LETV interview of AB. She said she heard of WC reputation as a good kisser. She of course went online and watched all of his previous works kiss scene. LOL!

    She thought the actor who’s portraying CBJ shouldn’t be someone who’s too young because he’s the general and leading 10,000 troops into war. So when the prod team told her it’s WC who’s casted as CJB, she thought, he’s the CJB in her heart. ❤

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  5. Wow, great job, Haha! I was curious about these interviews too. Thank you for quenching my thirst. I translated and shared this w Korea fans. I documented the source, of course. Hope it’ s okay w you.

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      1. Oh I have no idea what the problem is about ㅠㅠ. If you just want to see the Korean translation, I can email you or something.


  6. Haha, I emailed you my translation. I also like the part of the interview that you mention above the best. No wonder his acting is so naturally goodl!


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