The month of February saw the ending of General & I as well as Wallace busy preparing for his next drama, Healing Love. Sometimes I do wish there was a no news month for him so that we can take a break 😛 A big thank you to Haha for helping to compile and write some of the updates. A word of warning, don’t expect the updates of this month to be as detailed and comprehensive as January’s since I am busy and I am not Haha 😛 I’ll try my best so if it is not up to your standards, don’t throw tomatoes at me 😛

Greetings from Wallace

First up is a belated Happy Valentine’s Day from Wallace on behalf of his endorsers.





Haha: February 18 was “钟国情人节.” The term literally means “Zhong’s Country Valentine’s Day.” (Fun fact: “Zhong’s Country” sounds exactly the same as “China”.) Personally I prefer Sinophile_K‘s translation “VValentine’s Day.”

VValentine’s Day dates back to February 18, 2012 when Wallace gave the “S-Party” concert in Guangzhou. He made that concert a Valentine’s Day gift to the fans and said “I love you” to them in a bunch of languages. It was also in that concert where he asked the fans whether they would come to his concert when he was 70 years old. From then on, February 18 became a Valentine’s Day for Wallace and the fans.

Weibo Update

On February 18, 2017, Wallace posted this cryptic weibo:

At first glance, the Chinese character “声” means “sound,” but after reading several fans’ interpretations, I think “chimed” is a better translation. According noto some fans, Wallace posted the weibo near the Milan Cathedral (Duomo di Milano) in Milan, Italy around noon (11:50 AM to be precise).

Some fans found out that the sundial of the Milan Cathedral is translated as “太阳钟 [pronounced as tài yáng zhōng]” in Chinese. It literally means “the sun clock” or, as Wallace and the fans may see it, “Sun+Zhong,” As he often does, Wallace played around with polysemic Chinese words in the weibo. Many fans came to the realization that the complete caption of the weibo photo should be “太阳钟声 [tài yáng zhōng shēng]”—”The sun clock chimed” or “[Little] Sun+Zhong’s voice.” One fan even pointed out another pun— “太阳钟生 [same pronunciation, tài yáng zhōng shēng],” or “[Little] Sun+Zhong Sheng [Mr. Zhong in Cantonese]”…

Thanks to the countless homophones in Mandarin Chinese and the multiple meanings of Chinese characters, Wallace was able to send secret messages to his beloved fans. Again, I am amazed (and a little dazed, aren’t you?) how Wallace and the fans can reach such a deep level of tacit understanding.

Conclusion of General and I

Alas, General & I broadcast its last episode on Friday, 10th February. Did you manage to watch it from start to finish? If you want to read about the milestones set by the drama, you can click here. Do bear in mind, every record is made to be broken. Hence, all these are pretty meaningless since sooner or later, they will be broken by another drama.  Due to the lack of time, I’ll do a separate post on the overall review of the drama by Chinese critics but you have to be patient.

Wallace invited you to watch the final battle in the final episode.

Wallace said of course there is regret, it is very hard to make everything perfect. So, I guess we should lower our standard a bit and not judge the drama too harshly (especially the overlong separation part, flat ending and bad CGI) 😛

The filming footages of Chu Bei Jie and his son who is also Chewywon adopted son lol.

Chewywon: I gotta admit every time I see little BeiJie Junior’s videos pop up in my Facebook feed and YouTube sidebar, I can’t help it but watch it again. Too cute for words!!

The filming footage of the sizzling reunion scene 🙂

If you are suffering from the General & I withdrawal, you can watch these 3 pretty good fan-made MVs.

Below is an alternate shipping of Thirteenth Lady Yan with Chu Beijie.

Otherwise, you can feast your eyes solely on Chu Biejie alone 🙂

Appearance on Happy Camp

It is customary for the cast of each drama that is being broadcast on Hunan TV to appear on Happy Camp, probably for promotional reasons. Hence, Wallace is no exception. I think the last time he appeared on the variety show was to promote Best Time which was broadcast on Hunan TV. Coincidentally or purposely, his opponent in the game show was his rival in Best Time.

This episode broadcast on 4th Feb, 2017 raked in over 1 billion views on Mango TV. It is the only episode which has hit 1 billion views so Wallace has set a new record. After 9 days, 3.3 billion views were recorded.

Wallace made his grand entrance. He lives in the south but is well- known as the General of the North in General & I. He is competing against the Northern team led by Jia Nailiang, his co-star in Best Time for the throne. Did you notice the WA on Wallace’s coat? His nickname is Xiao Wa. Wa, so handsome 🙂


Competing one-on-one in dancing. Of course, Wallace wins 😛 You should watch this, no subbing is needed.


Xie Na is laughed at for mispronouncing her dialogue in Cantonese, when asking Wallace what program he is watching.  Wallace replies General & I in Cantonese.


Before starting the number bomb game, He Jiong asks Wallace if he is a lucky person. Wallace replies, when he was participating in outdoor activity and afraid of raining, the sun will shine. He Jiong says that is because he is Little Sun (Xiao Tai Yang). In his first try, Wallace says 51. He Jiong asks what number? Wallace starts to have doubt and replies 52.  He Jiong says he can’t change. Then Wallace says 51 but changes his mind to 52 again. Wa, such a fickle-minded guy 😛 Xie Na is so unlucky or should I say she knows He Jiong the best lol.


After losing 2 games, look at Wallace’s funny expression lol. He Jiong asks Jia Nailiang if he is willing to play another game but he refuses. He Jiong continues to say that Wallace doesn’t feel good if he doesn’t win at least once 😛 So, they ends up playing the 3rd game. He Jiong challenges Wallace to say three numbers in one go. Indeed, Wallace is very lucky.


In the next game, each person has to say as many 4 Chinese well- wishes words as possible within 4 minutes. Wallace’s Chinese is pretty good, at least better than Sean 🙂 Their group also has an easier task. But because it is a tie, whoever says out a proverb which has the ‘camp’ sounding word will win. Unfortunately, Wallace’s Southern group loses again 😦 The winning team in each game can paste their team’s name on the spinning wheel.


Next is the guess what’s in the box game. The Northern group is the first to guess. Jia Nailiang guesses the item must be very disgusting, judging by Wallace’s facial expression and his inability to bluff people. I don’t really know what is the disgusting stuff they’ve touched. It could be bamboo clam. When it is Wallace’s turn, he is pretty scared lol. Actually Wallace’s team has it easy. Anyhow, Wa, he is so smart to guess correctly.


The last game is a soccer match in a funny costume which is quite heavy and bulky. This is very exhausting. Such a thrilling match. As usual, Wallace is a good sportsman and you can see glimpses of his good form and determination on The Amazing Race back in 2015. Hence his group wins the match, 3 to 1. Wallace accidentally kicks the head of one of the opponent. Wallace jokingly says, his foot is very painful. The opponent jokingly says he feels very comfortable. Did you see him giving his all at the last second even though he knows he has won?


After 4 rounds, it is also a tie (I suspect this is staged). So, the winner will be determined by the pointer on the spinning wheel. Of course, the winner is lucky Chung with the color gold. Hence, King Wallace successfully ascended the throne. Long live the king !!!


New drama Healing Love

After playing the piano as Cheng Tianyou in Liang Sheng, Must We Be Sorrowful, Wallace will be continuing his musician career to become a violinist and maestro in Healing Love (幸福的理由). It has been confirmed that his co-stars will be Qiao Zhen Yu (his original co-star in As Long As You Love Me) and Wang Xiao Chen (Ying Er is busy). Wallace is the main actor as well as the producer so he will have his hands full. Filming will commence around March or April in Shanghai and Vienna, the world’s music capital. This will be a drama which uses music to heal the soul of those with hearing impairment.

Wallace is currently busy learning how to play the violin and directing the performance of an orchestra as well as discussing the script with the production team. For your information, Chewywon can play the violin. Thus she’ll scrutinize him like a hawk to make sure all his fingers are at the right spots and he’ll be holding the violin the right way lol. Wallace, if you are reading this, you’d better work extra hard to convince Chewywon and all your fans who are violinists because they have higher standards and are harder to please 😛

I read some comments that they are not happy that a not-so-famous actress was chosen as the lead. She may not be as famous as the likes of Tang Yan and Angelababy but she acted in a drama with Hu Ge before so she can’t be that bad, right? I hope all of you will give her a chance to prove herself. Under Wallace’s tutelage, she may improve by leaps and bounds. Also, it is still early days to label this an idol drama. He has done his fair share of serious drama so why not have some fun now? Mind you, it is not easy to find success in idol dramas when there are so many on the market. Lastly, it is true that Wallace is over 40 but he has the look and skill to act well in idol dramas. If you think otherwise, you can choose not to watch. I believe we should keep an open mind until the drama is broadcast.

Chewywon:  Heck! Who cares about the leading lady when there are two hot leading men?!! A little ego boost here, but if the promotional trailer is as good as my cover image for this post, I am all in (joking… will make final judgement when trailer comes out).



11 thoughts on “FEBRUARY 2017 NEWS UPDATE”

  1. Thank you so much ladies for the wonderful update on WC. Finally, a day when I could leave work on time and have quality time at home, and there is a post on WC. What a perfect way to end the wonderful quiet me time evening mid-week.

    I am giving General and I a miss as I could not understand these period dramas…. However, being a lover of Violin (although I could only play the piano), I am definitely looking forward to Healing Love (幸福的理由). How to give it a miss when WC is going to be the violinist… a combination of my two favorite 🙂

    Keep up the good work and keep those updates coming.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi peanuts! Great monthly recap! Heh i was one of those people who was complaining about his female leads hehe. You are right i need to give these new actress some slack and thank god ying er was busy hahahaha. I did skim through Good Times, she was just not leading lady material there either. Who knows she may have improve somehow. Hearing that Wallace will be also producer and putting lots of work into this drama of course I will support and give it a try. Yes two handsome men in the drama also well help watching it too. Thanks for the updates!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Thanks for the update! The new drama sounds promising. I haven’t seen him in a character that plays a musical instrument so this should be refreshing. The leading lady isn’t bad looking, hope she’s good at acting. I always felt that the chemistry between his costars would’ve been better if the actress was better at acting. Wish he would collaborate with Zhao Li Ying one day as she’s one of my favorite Chinese actress!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’ve heard that Ms. Wang is very good at acting. She was personally recommended by Hu Ge for her leading role in 大好时光。


  4. Thanks so much for the recap on the game show, I saw this already but can’t really follow what’s going on. I’ll watch it again and enjoy it this time 🙂

    You are spot on about the ending. They made the separation overly long and compressed so much in their finale that I felt I was left hanging and still wanting for more to properly end everything. Anyway, overall I enjoyed watching it and enjoyed so much watching our amazing Wallace Chung! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for another wonderful recap! I was also a bit disappointed by the ending of General and I. I thought the final showdown btw CBJ and HX shouldn’t have been interrupted by BPT’s unbelievable Herculian interference. The ending was unnecessarily too generous to HX’s character, while leaving a dent to CBJ’s. Anyhow . . . I like various interpretations of 声 on Wallace’s Milan posting. These fans should be hired by intelligence agency.^^


  5. Healing Love casting news does nothing for me. I know, I know, gotta give ‘new’ actress opportunity. But I feel at this point in his career, he can be involve in high profile projects, the one that generate buzz even before production starts. Anyways, looking forward to his newer projects, certainly not two from this year nor Healing Love.


  6. I wish he’ll be involve in another fun variety show in the near future, I like to watch him on those more than his dramas actually. 🙂


  7. I salute you Peanuts and Chewywon for being very loyal fans of Wallace Chung. I truly appreciate all the hard work you do. My family & I became real admirers of WC after General & I. Since then we’ve been marathoning all his works from music,dance,movies, dramas,shows etc. Chung Han Liang is an extremely talented artist. He is one of the greatest talents China has ever produced.

    Liked by 1 person

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