If you actually read our post all the way to the end, you’ll know that it was all in the spirit of April Fool’s Day. Obviously we are not going anywhere .
{Important Announcement! After much deliberation with our main admins on this blog, we decided to close down. Life has finally caught up with us and we simply can’t find time. Thank you for loving Wallace as we do. It has been a great 2 years!!  

Don’t worry though, we did not forget to bring you Wallace’s latest monthly news recaps to send off our good-byes. Enjoy and don’t cry too much! 

Milk Tea Promotion, March 26th

Posters released ahead of the “Xiang Piao Piao” fan meet

At Xiang Piao Piao’s March 26 “National Milk Tea Festival: How to Deal with Spring Drowsiness” Live Streamed Fan Meet, Wallace promoted Xiao Piao Piao’s milk tea products and answered a bunch of questions submitted by the fans.

Video Summaries by Haha

Wallace Chung Doesn’t Miss Fans. He Misses “Wolves”!

Haha:  I omitted the questions hyping Xiao Piao Piao’s milk tea products

1. Any new photography exhibitions and concerts in 2017?      

Wallace (W): I hope to bring those plans to fruition, hopefully in summer, but nothing is set stone, as I am very “nitpicky,” or, to put it in a nice way, “careful and cautious.”

2. Will you announce the dates on Weibo?      

W: I will announce them in my mind, because you guys can read my mind. LOL!

3. Are you seeing other “wolves” behind our backs?      

W: I don’t understand this question. LOL!

Nicknames for Wallace’s Fans:

  • 良民= LM= liáng mín= good citizens= Wallace’s People
  • 狼民=Wolves= láng mín= Wolf people Another nickname for the Wallace fans as “láng” [wolf/wolves] sounds like “liáng”. Also, the nickname pokes fun at Wallace’s fans who are passionate to the point where they appear “lustful”…just like the “sè láng” aka the “lewd wolf”, a Chinese word meaning the “lewd person.”  

After the host explained the meaning of “wolves”, Wallace said, “Hello ‘wolves’!” He joked there were many “wolves” nearby.

4. We haven’t seen you for three months. What did you do?      

W: I slept more, ate better, read the Healing Love script and practiced playing the violin.

…and practices he did !  Check out the evidence !

5. Do you miss the fans?      

W: No, I don’t miss the fans. I miss Lang Min [“wolf people”]! LOL!

6. New plans for the future?      

W: I will have more public appearances soon because of the new drama. I might disturb you guys more often from now on. The host quickly added it is a good thing that Wallace will show up more often in public.

7. What are your favorite snacks? I want to buy the same items.      

W: I…I…I…I eat everything.  Upon the host’s further probing, Wallace said he likes strawberries and watermelons. At this point, the host said the live streamed fan meet had attracted 3.748 million viewers.  

Above: Wallace played a drawing game with the fans. Check out his drawings for the fans to guess. Including a self-portrait!

Above: Wallace talked about Blooming Flowers Shall See Us Off. He said it was challenging to play a director. When asked about funny anecdotes about spring drowsiness, he spoke fondly of Chu Changxiao, his son in General and I. The adorable little actor Li Qingyu demanded a nap whenever he felt sleepy on the set.

Above: Wallace’s “Emoji Packet”—funny photos (usually captioned) used as emojis in online communication. He modeled how to make passes at someone and flaunt his pectoral muscles, among other things.

Above: Full video of the 1-hour fan meet. The live streamed fan meet was at one point watched by over 4 million people simultaneously.

Won: Did Wallace time travel right in front of our eyes? Last time we saw him was when he did the promotion for General and I last month. I swear, he has age backward a couple of years with this new hairdo and style.

Go to our Facebook page for HD photos of the event.

WC Sighting, March 10th

Wallace arrived in a luxury car March 10th at the Shanghai’s airport for departure along with his many staffs. He’s most likely traveling home to Taipei. 😉 As soon as his staffs noticed fans pointing their cameras, they immediately waved the fans off asking them to stop.

Int’l Women’s Day, March 8th

In celebration of the International Women’s Day, the production team behind Blooming Flowers released 2 new stills alongside their man. These 2 man better treat their girl right in the drama.

Blooming Flowers in the News

There were 2 big news stories this week related to Wallace upcoming drama Blooming Flowers. The first is that the release date is set on June 25th.  The 2nd is both good and bad depending on how you look at it. Apparently, some information was leaked and the production’s budget plan went viral.

  • Total drama investment ¥200 mil
  • Wallace set to get ¥50 mil
  • Director ¥6 mil
  • Leading actress, Maggie Jiang ¥5.5 mil
  • Supporting actress,  Li Sheng ¥1.5 mil
  • The scrip was brought for a mere $42,000 USD

No one doubt that Wallace deserve his 50mil paycheck; after all, there are other inexperienced young actors who get paid more. The big issue circulating on the Internet is the big gap between his and Maggie’s paychecks. To me, it’s not really appropriate to judge how much an actor makes because technically they have read though the contract upon negotiation before agreeing on the pay. Of course, I am all in for equal pay, but then you have to consider so many factors. Maggie’s fans shouldn’t feel disheartened, she is relativity new and she’ll get there soon. It took Wallace 20+ years to get where he is today.

Wallace’s pay though is interesting. If what’s reported is true, he alone accounts for 25% of the budget. In addition, he and 2 other investors have equal shares if there’s profit (Wallace’s company also invest in this production). Now that I think about it, the pay for both Tang Yan and Wallace could have taken up 50% of My Sunshine‘s budget (the costumes and set designs were really lacking). Also, I believed Wallace reportedly got ¥50 mil for General and I too.

Anyhow, take such info with a grain of salt. It’s just fascinating.

General & I in Korea

Wallace’s last drama to air in South Korea was My Sunshine by one of Korea’s top 3 networks, MBC. This time around, he also gets another opportunity to steal the hearts of the Korean’s audiences as General and I has secured a broadcast date on Chunghwa TV (aka 중화 TV or 中华 TV in Chinese). It is a Chinese cable channel with Korean subtitles own by CJ E&M.

Korean Title:  고방부자상
Broadcast Date: March 13, 2017 @10pm
Website: TVing     Youtube: CJZHTV

30-Second Teaser

Wallace Says “Annyeonghaseyo

Wallace with a new hair trim and personally sending a message to help with promotion. The singer in this video sounds like Younha (one of my favs). Despite the song being pleasing to the ears, it doesn’t go well with this drama.

BTS of General and I

Wallace,  what was it like to stare at Angelababy during this scene?
Won: Did you thought too that Angelababy was actually in a tub full of water? I did (….lol…blushing)

Obviously this is not Angelababy, but another c-actress. She posted this hilarious photo and it reminded me of PingTing while she was injured.

Voice Actor Ji Guanlin Dubs for Ping Ting

Won: This voice actor makes all the actresses she represented sonically pretty decent at acting. I am amazed and it’s also nice to put a face to that beautiful voice of hers.

You may not know her, but chances are you’ve heard her voice many times. Did you realize Angelababy in General and I, Joe Chen in Stay With Me, and Tiffany Tang in The Princess Weiyoung all have something in common? They’ve shared the same beautiful voice from the most famous voice actress in China, Ji Guanlin                                           >  Full article at Dramafever

Favorite Brand Ambassador

Haha: At the 2017 Brand Ambassadors Grand Ceremony, Wallace Chung was announced as Chinese Internet users’ favorite brand ambassador. The event was hosted by International Business Daily and under China’s Ministry of Commerce. Wallace topped the list with over 2 million votes. As of 2016, Wallace was the spokesperson for Cetaphil, Trident, Ecovacs, Feng Qu, Xiang Piao Piao, and Moonlight Blade OL.

Fan Art Spotlight

Won: I believe these are phone generated artworks where you insert your face and chose what drama characters you want (similar to Snapchat).  Anybody wants to confirm? (Haha: Yup, they were generated not drawn. I saw a weibo profile pic like img 2 but with a different face. Imagine my disappointment…I thought I discovered amother WC fan.) While we’re at it, any guess to what character in image 1 is from?
Won: This one takes the cake! Nothing beats the real deal.

Source: 12, 3, 4, 5, 6
[All photos are credited as watermarked.  We do not claim ownership. Thank you to all the Wallace fans out there for providing great sources and images. ]


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  1. Thanks for not ‘going’ anywhere! Really enjoy going through all your posts… Shall look forward for his next concert..Won’t you guys put in some reminders of some sort when tickets are available for purchase. Do envy you having attended his previous concert. 😍

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  2. Ooooh! Hateful hateful Chewywon, you already caught me off guard! I thought it for real! I was going to talk you out of it! 🤣🤣🤣
    I am Glad it is April! I will not believe a word you till tomorrow!

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      1. Really? I watch the Cantonese version, so I couldn’t tell the similarity. I am still not a fan of his voice for Wallace.

        How about the guy that dubbed Wallace for “My Sunshine?” I would probably just tune in to any dramas he dubbed. I noticed that voice actor is being used more often for all these bigger budget dramas. His voice is perfect for 30+ yr old actors.

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