Heehee, I am glad that April is a slow news month so that I don’t need to update much, can slack off 😛 This is because our Wallace is busy filming Healing Love. On top of that, he also carried out his endorsement duties, supported the Chung clan and got an award.

Healing Love in Production

First off is the booting ceremony of Healing Love which took place on 7th April 2017. Wishing Wallace all the best during the filming process. Waiting for Wallace to serenade us with some melodious tune. The first character posters had also been released. For more pictures, please look at our Facebook.

Fans have taken pictures of Wallace filming in Suzhou and Shanghai. He did a lot of scenes in Shin Kong Place, Suzhou. This is a Taiwanese-owned mall, so can you see the connection lol? Oh, those lucky fans who happened to be shopping there at the time of filming. Chewywon and I are liking what little we saw. Wallace looks very handsome in suits, just like He YiChen. The pictures gave us the My Sunshine vibe, especially the pictures in the supermarket. For more pictures, please visit our Facebook again 😛 Below is a video of the filming.

The drama is not adapted from a novel; it is original so you don’t know much about the plot and Wallace’s role. But I managed to dig out more information. I am not sure how much of it is accurate since this is the initial submission to SARFT for filming approval. If you don’t want spoilers, skip the next four paragraphs.

The drama is mainly about a talented musician called Fang Haosheng who suddenly suffered hearing impairment. Then he broke up with his girlfriend who is of course the second female lead. He has to bear the pain of a shattered music dream alone. Ultimately, he chose to return to his home country to teach. In this period of confusion, he met a speech therapist called Han Han, who is of course the female lead. Her show of concern and warm caring healed the cold cracks in his heart. The two began to develop feelings for each other.

However, this did not last long due to the strong opposition from Fang Haosheng’s dad. When the father and son’s relationship was at breaking point, the father suffered a major setback in his business. After some twists and turns, Fang Haosheng and his father finally reconciled. After saving the family business, he and Han Han received his father’s approval.

However, in order to reconcile with Wallace, the second female lead relentlessly pursued him, and even intended to use his hearing impairment to destroy his career and also forced Wallace and Han Han to break up. Finally, Wallace realized Han Han is the girl he cannot let go of in his life, so he made public his hearing impairment secret, bravely faced his own life and found true love.

If the drama will follow the published plot, then I have a fair bit to complain about 😦 The plot is refreshing in that it is about a musician with hearing impairment. It can be an uplifting drama about the triumph of the human spirit. But why must they add the old cliché eg. relationship opposition from dad. Can’t we have a supportive dad in dramaland? Also, why is the dad always a business man and the son will always come to save his business? Can’t the dad also be a musician so that the drama will be filled with music lol?

Wallace & his ‘Chung’ Clan

In the midst of a busy filming schedule, the clan-loving Wallace also didn’t forget to record a greeting for his fellow Chung clan members. For your information, Chung is his surname in Cantonese and Zhong is his surname in Mandarin. For the Chinese, it is more complicated as we have a lot of different dialects.

Haha: If Chung is your last name, this video is for you!

Wallace: Hello, the members of The China Chung Clan Association! I am Zhong Hanliang. Today is a big day. I know you guys all gathered together, caring for each other and extending greetings to each other. It’s so heart-warming. I hope that we can continue to carry forward the fine culture of our Chung clan, try our best to do what we are capable of, extend our love to others, and work hard to create a bright future. Wishing everyone peace and joy!

Above is Wallace’s greeting to all his fellow Chung clan members for the first get-together of The China Chung Clan Association held in Huizhou, Guangdong on April 8, 2017.

Wallace’s family is originally from Huizhou, Guangdong, China.

2017 GMIC Award

On the award front, Wallace received the “Internet Age” Award for the Most Influential Actor of the Year at the 2017 Global Mobile Internet Conference (GMIC)’s “Hello Future” Outstanding Grand Ceremony in Beijing. For translations of his red carpet interview, award acceptance speech, and backstage interview, do visit our Facebook.

Haha: In a longer backstage interview video, Wallace said:

1. He did not update his Weibo less often as he has always been updating Weibo sparingly since the very beginning.
2. This year, probably because of fate, his projects are mainly for the small screen.
3. He keeps getting invitations from variety TV shows. He and his team want to pick a TV show that is interesting, unique, or he will be good at.
4. He recorded a Mother’s Day video for his mom. He doesn’t visit her often but he is fine with the frequency.

2017 Shanghai TV/Film Festival

Haha: Last year, Wallace Chung presented two awards at the Magnolia Awards Ceremony of the 2016 Shanghai International Film & TV Festival.

This year, he will decide who are going to receive the awards! On April 25, Wallace Chung was announced as one of the five judges for the Magnolia Awards of the 2017 Shanghai TV Festival. Alongside Mao Weining (director), Chen Wengui (screenwriter), Yao Chen (actress), and Yao Xiaofeng (director), Wallace will give his take on which are the best Chinese TV dramas of 2016.

So proud of you, Wallace! See you during the 23rd Shanghai TV Festival (June 12-16, 2017)!

Peanuts: It is such a big honor to be selected as a judge along with these 3 uncles lol.

Ecovacs Endorsement

Lastly, Wallace spent a little time fulfilling his endorsement duties for Ecovacs. Anyone has this at home?

Fanmade MVs

Since Haha & Chewywon covered nearly all of the latest updates on Facebook in a timely manner, what else am I left to write, lol?

Since I have nothing much to write, I’ll share some interesting fanmade MVs with you. The MV below showcase Wallace’s versatility in the entertainment industry.

Haha: This fanmade MV has been circulating on Weibo for a while. It was Cooler’s birthday gift for Wallace in 2016. Most scenes are from Wallace’s first TV drama, The Chord to Victory (1993). The song, “The Little Happiness,” went so well with the young and adorable Wallace that I couldn’t help but translate the lyrics on my blog, In My Melody. I think Wallace in this MV has made the song more beautiful!

Totally agree with the creator of the MV: Wallace, meeting you is our little blessing!

This fanmade MV was the author’s (Celine Gu) fans’ birthday gift for her. It is based on her novel, Best to Have Met You which I’ve translated. Of course, I wish Wallace can be the lead in the movie adaptation but I doubt it 😦 The first song is “In Order to Meet You” and the second song was specifically written for the radio drama of Best to Have Met You. If you are interested in the lyrics or novel translation, do visit my blog, Fanatical.

In order to meet Wallace, I am willing to pass through wind and rain. When Wallace appeared in my life, best to have met you 🙂


That’s all folks. Thanks for reading this news update, full of self-promotions lol. We’ll end it with a ‘Happy Labour Day’ greeting, which is an important holiday in China but I doubt Wallace will have the day off. Wallace & Christopher will take you into the month of May, so sit tight 🙂


9 thoughts on “APRIL 2017 NEWS UPDATE”

  1. In response to the cliche unsupportive parent plot…yeah that happened in My Sunshine and Too Late to Say I Love You. I saw an article analyzing Japanese romantic dramas where the parents are often nonexistent or not visible or stay quiet about the children’s love life. The conflicts exist mainly between the couple, not between the couple and the parents. Those dramas can be very interesting to watch too.

    I am thinking the recurring theme of parents’ objection is a reflection of the reality. China is replete with news stories about parents forcing the couple to break up or forcing their child into an arranged marriage or rushing the kid to settle down. But since those dramas with controlling parents often see a happy ending of couples sticking together and parents changing their mind (if not, sometimes those parents die miserably like Mo Sheng’s dad), it could be a good thing…couple viewers are encouraged and parent viewers warned…Maybe as time goes by such plots will disappear with more Chinese parents learning to mind their own business (like paying more attention to their own marriage and developing more hobbies) and leave their adult children alone.

    But of course it will be better to see dramas exploring the conflicts between the two people alone. Besides infidelity and domestic violence, the screenwriters should be more creative and observant to shed light on other romantic/marital crises and their solutions.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. “Chinese parents learning to mind their own business (like paying more attention to their own marriage and developing more hobbies).” -LOL….So true. I would throw my parents right in the mix.

      I may also add that, in this day in age, we pretty much seen every thing being adapted in dramas. Somehow Asian dramas love the ‘unsupported’ parent theme. What would be a consolation would be how engaging it’s woven into the story line? If it makes sense and serve a purpose of the lesson to be learn…I can forgive the writer for being so cliche then.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Haha if all the controlling parents had a fan blog to maintain, knew how to edit videos, liked translating songs, or were addicted to mobile games like The Magic Blade, we would be the ones badgering them for attention…

        I am going to leave a comment on HL’s official weibo, asking them to weave the unsupportive father part into the storyline more effectively LOL.

        Liked by 1 person

    2. Aiya, too late already, the script would have been finalised ages ago. Anyway, it might not follow closely what was lodged with SARFT. Just keep your fingers crossed that everything will turn out right 😛


  2. Rensi is now Haha lol, I was wondering who Haha was!! Awesome! Thanks again for the news update, always a pleasure reading them!!


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