General and I Is Top Earner for Huace Media

China production house Huace Film & TV, a publicly traded company which owns Croton Media, released its 2016 annual income. Their top production earners are as follows:

1. General and I: 438.6mil yuan (~$63.5 mill)

3. Legend of the Condor Heroes: 339.6mil yuan4. Eternal Love: 300.9 mil yuan5. Hidden Singer 谁是大歌神: 258.8mil yuan

An effective Advertisement

Fans of Eternal Love were shocked that their beloved drama was not even battling for the top spot. They need to understand that Eternal Love did not get much love during the promotional period. It seems they were trying to keep all the hype low due to the bad press of the novel being a plagiarized book. In addition, the posters were bad and teasers were for the most part uninteresting.

As for General and I, whoever was in charge of doing promotion for this drama is a genius. They manage to outshine Eternal Love in every aspect at the early stage of production. Hence, advertisers were interested, which is why the yet-to-be released drama Rush to the Dead of Summer has already landed on the No.2 position. It also helped that General and I landed on Hunan Satellite TV, China’s top TV station.


Credit: Sina


9 thoughts on “General and I Is Top Earner for Huace Media”

  1. Way to go General and I PR team!! I was surprised to that 10 miles of peach blossom didn’t take first place due to the hype and success they had over General and I. Even though I am biased and will always love G & I over 10 Miles hehe. Regardless they both did well!


  2. What fantastic news! So happy for Wallace and the G & I team. Yes, was surprised about 10 miles…but am glad G & I is at the top spot 😊👍. Tried watching 10 miles but couldn’t……stopped after 1 episode.


  3. After watching how the drama was taken. It was time consuming, a lot of hard work and perserverance are required. Wallace deserves the pay out!


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