[Eng Sub] The Magic Blade 天涯明月刀 – Wallace Chung

Back in 2012, Wallace did a drama called The Magic Blade and it was probably his big break leading a somewhat big budget production for the first time. The drama went on to have decent ratings, but what left a lasting impression was that epic hairstyle and, on a serious note, the original soundtrack Wallace sang for the drama.

Title: The Magic Blade 天涯明月刀
Singer: Wallace Chung 钟汉良
OST: The Magic Blade, 2012

不怕黄金刀 有情天亦老
Bù pà huáng jīn dāo yǒu qíng tiān yì lǎo
Not afraid of the golden knife; If Heaven has feelings, it gets old too
流血只一笑 有你真好
Liú xuè zhǐ yī xiào yǒu nǐ zhēn hǎo
When I bleed I only smile, cause it’s nice to have you
不怕青霜剑 斩断无情缘
Bù pà qīng shuāng jiàn zhǎn duàn wú qíng yuán
Not afraid of the Green Frost Sword; it only cuts off the loveless relationships
划空破云烟 寄语明月
Huà kōng pò yún yān jì yǔ míng yuè
Slit the clouds in the sky, and send a message to the moon

看大江东去 好一夜的无声雨
Kàn dà jiāng dōng qù hǎo yī yè de wú shēng yǔ
Watch the river racing east, [listen] for a solid night to the silent rain
洗不净往事伤痕 问酒怎忘记
Xǐ bù jìng wǎng shì shāng hén wèn jiǔ zěn wàng jì
Cannot wash away the wounds of the past, ask the wine how I can forget them
Wèn jiāng hú hóng chén néng yǒu jǐ duō yán rú yù
How many beauties can there be in the world?
宁愿孤单 也不要无趣
Nìng yuàn gū dān yě bù yào wú qù
But I prefer being alone to being bored

你是彼岸花 红的太无暇
Nǐ shì bǐ’àn huā hóng de tài wú xiá
You are the red spider lily, a flawless beauty
带你走天涯 跟我好不好
Dài nǐ zǒu tiān yá gēn wǒ hǎo bù hǎo
Let me take you to the end of the world; follow me, would you?
情像一把刀 伤人知多少
Qíng xiàng yī bǎ dāo shāng rén zhī duō shǎo
Love is like a knife; how many people has it stabbed
Yào hái shì bù yào
To love or not to love
Cāng hǎi yī shēng xiào
Laughs the deep blue sea

A big “Thank You” to Haha for editing these lyrics. This could not have been possible w/o her expertise.


Wallace’s Promo Journey

The drama was said to be in production in 2011 (right before Best Time  and The Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils), but seriously it should be more like 10 years back.

Poster released

The cast doing press

Wallace TV appearance

Video to the TV appearance

Wallace’s portion starts at the 35min mark.

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9 thoughts on “[Eng Sub] The Magic Blade 天涯明月刀 – Wallace Chung”

    1. Thank you very much for another wonderful translation! Love it! It’s very nice of Wallace to bend his needs for his colleague actor. Very Wallacean!

      Liked by 2 people

    2. I rush myself throwing the pictures in at the last moment and was being super vague. What I meant was that “Magic Blade” was in production in 2011 while “Demo-gods..” was in 2013 and by the quality of Magic Blade, it look more like a 10 year gap.

      If I’m not mistaken, I believe I might have saw my mom watch “Magic Blade” dubbed in Thai…


  1. I’ve been searching for full English subtitle with no avail. Anyone has a link kindly let me know. Have seen raw and like it!!!


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