If you haven’t been following up with Wallace’s this month, well you are in for a treat.

Jury Duty at Shanghai TV Festival

This year, Wallace attended the 2017 Shanghai TV Festival from June 14th to the 16th. He was basically everywhere being interviewed by every possible news media outlet (LOL).

Translated by Haha

Haha: According to the weibo of Yao Chen, another juror for the Magnolia Awards of the 2017 Shanghai TV Festival, here are the TV drama entries she and four other jurors should review in prior to the award show..

How does Wallace Chung feel about serving as one of the jurors for the Magnolia Awards of the 2017 Shanghai TV Festival?

Wallace: Being able to study and discuss with the advanced seniors in the field is a very precious experience for me. It is also a very good learning opportunity. I will consult with all the teachers very often to do a good job as a juror.

What’s Wallace’s standard for a good TV drama?

Wallace: This time I will give advice by the standard of whether it is a complete TV drama. TV drama is a very mature industry. Every stage of TV drama production is completed by professionals. A TV drama is a piece of artwork created by the directors, actors, and behind-the-scene staff. The actors’ amazing performances are inseparable from the directors’ pursuit of quality work. When both teams have chemistry, trust can be gradually built up. Good characters can guide the audience to delve into the plots. And if you magnify the plots, you will see how much thought the director gave to the work.

Note: The video clip showed Wallace’s answer to the above questions.

Jury Press Conference

All the jury members along with Wallace met up days earlier to further discuss the award nominations and do press. The below video has English translations, so you can watch with ease.

Jury member: Chen Wengui (China, screenwriter) ; Yao Chen (China, Actress) ; Wallace Chung (Hong Kong China, Actor) ; Yao XiaoFeng (China, director)

Wallace’s bio and pic for Journalists

Won: I was going to type Wallace’s portion out, but the English is not really well done for such an event. Nonetheless, the effort is appreciated by int’l fans like us. Haha: I agree. The grammatical mistakes and the poorly translated drama titles surprised me. Source: 1

Magnolia Awards Show

The Magnolia Awards show was the first to kick off the Shanghai Film Festival (which fell on June 16th). Wallace walked the carpet along with his fellow jury members but presented the ‘Best Actress’ award alongside Zhang Kaili, his co-star from the reality show I go to School, to actress Yin Tao.

Wallace’s 2017 Jury Journey

2016-06-14, WC attended the Press Conference & continued his interview blitz
2016-06-15. WC at the Magnolia Night Gala
2016-06-16, WC presenting at the Magnolia Awards

Check out more photos at our Facebook gallery.

Healing Love

The first few teasers have been released for Healing Love. We got 2 featuring Wallace and 1 from second leading man Qiao Zhenyu. Below is the combined video of all 3 teasers.

It was quite a surprised to see such early promote materials for Healing Love  and nothing on Blooming Flowers especially when the later is expected to go on air next month, while the former is still in production with no set date yet. Nonetheless, all the beautiful character posters were beautifully done and fits perfectly within the realm of classical music.

Check out our Facebook for all the latest photos of this drama.

Behind the scenes of the poster and teaser shooting. Can you spot which set belong to the above released poster?                                                                             Source1

Interview with Director Liu Miaomiao

Translated by Haha

I once edited one of his dramas a long time ago ( it was King of Shanghai2008). I revised it as a film editor.

He is a relatively unadulterated person. He is very simple. His sole purpose is to act. To act well. That moved me. He puts his shoulder to the wheel and fights with himself to achieve perfection in everything. I saw the utmost diligence in him. It is indeed a pretty good quality. It is a quality that a good actor should at least possess. It is also the quality a good actor needs the most.

When you are behind the monitor, you watch the actor disclose himself in front of the camera. You can feel whether he is sincere or not, because he can’t escape from the camera.

In other types of dramas, we might shoot in an indirect way. In Idol dramas, however, the camera is at most 45 degrees away from the actor. Usually we do the filming from a 15-degree or 25-degree angle. In that sense, we train the camera on you almost squarely. It is impossible for you to hide from the camera.

Idol drama actors must be very open. Unlike the actors in other dramas where the camera may capture an actor’s silhouette from behind to convey insidiousness, idol drama actors must be especially good at controlling themselves as well as the situation.

The morning after his final filming day, we had a conversation over breakfast. I saw her was wearing a checked outfit and a hat. He looked completely different from whom I saw on the set. At that moment, I realized that he had returned to everyday life. I even felt a little melancholy, because all of a sudden he was no longer the Lu Fei you had seen over the past few months. He went back to be Zhong Hanliang. He was back in real life.

P.S. The award-winning director said he decided to accept the job offer because he was moved by the characters’ inner struggles. To reveal those inner struggles, it requires more of filming techniques and nuanced facial expressions than of actual lines. He and Wallace reached an agreement to place more focus on the characters and emphasize the their struggles to make difficult decisions in their love life.   -Haha

Source: 1

Happy Father’s Day From WC

 In Shanghai Weekly Magazine

“Very lucky and excited being a Magnolia Awards judge”

Q1: Being invited as a judge, what was your first reaction and how did you feel? WA: It’s an honor. I couldn’t imagine that I’ll be a judge for such a prestigious television award show. I’m very excited and happy. For each period of my life, I have many surprises. I feel like I’ve been in this industry for many years. Now, I’ve been recognized. Of course I have the responsibility to do well because this [every TV drama entry] showcases the accomplishments of the yearlong work of the people in different fields of the TV industry. I have to think carefully and express my feelings.

Q2: Normally you have a very busy work schedules. As a judge, is it difficult to find the time to watch the dramas? WA: When some dramas were aired on TV, I watched a bit of them. Now I watched them again, it was like a review. I didn’t watch some other entries. Especially some TV dramas set in the early 20th century China. …… Full interview      @ WC Int’l FC Facebook.

Source祈晴VV乐作人生WC Int’l FC Facebook

Fan Art Highlight

Awesome sand artwork done by Ming Zhe (茗喆) following the story of Wallace’s character from his 2012 drama, The Magic Blade (天涯明月刀).

Wallace’s Upcoming Forecast

Translated by Haha

HON Wallace Chung Exhibition [the exact words in Chinese are “Chung Hon Leung HON Visual Art Exhibition”]—Wallace’s first visual art show as well as a follow-up to his 2015 Photo Exhibition in Taipei—will last from July 1 to September 30 at MoCA Shanghai. He will also continue his “Sing for Life” concert tour on August 26. There will be three new concerts this year (Yea!!!).

In addition, he and three fellow jurors from the 2017 Shanghai TV Festival, Mao Weining, Yao Xiaofeng, and Yao Chen, were invited to be the jurors for this year’s 45th International Emmy Awards. They will reunite on July 7 to review the performances in the European Actresses category. The International Emmy Awards are bestowed by the International Academy of Television Arts and Sciences in recognition to the best television programmes produced, and initially aired, outside the United States.

‘HON’ Wallace Chung Exhibition

Wallace in Shanghai at his press conference for his Art Exhibit set to kick off tomorrow (July 1st).

Duration: July 1st- Sept 30th, 2017
Location: Museum of Contemporary Art- Shanghai (Gate 7)
People’s Park, 231 Nanjing West Road, Shanghai, China

So if you happen to be in Shanghai during that time period, you get to witness his photographic skills.

Check out our Facebook for more photos of this press conference

‘SuperElle’ snugged the first interview with Wallace after his press conference from his art exhibit. Here’s the sneak preview! Haha: A fan asked on Weibo about Wallace’s tips for photography. Wallace said you might be surprised when you try unique angles, such as placing the camera on the floor.


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  1. Thanks for this month update! Do you have more info regarding his concert besides the one in Nanjing?
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  2. Thank you so much for the updates… 😍😍😍 can’t wait to watch Healing Love. I love violins 🎻 and combine with WC being a violinist 😍😍😍😍I think I will go ‘gaga’ like a teenager in love ❤️…

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  3. Thank you for the update – I look forward to it every month😊. Wallace has had a very busy time! Looks like he’s got a finger in just about every pie! He’s got a few TV shows coming up, hope they are good (storyline/plot-wise). It such a great pity to see him ‘wasting ‘ his brilliant acting. Wallace is a top notch actor. Love watching him❤️❤️❤️

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