According to a feature story about Wallace’s art exhibition at MoCA Shanghai, Wallace’s biggest wish for his life is “Have faith in myself, and there’ll be miracles.” The self-fulfilling prophecy seemed to have worked for Wallace in July. His first visual art show has attracted fans and visitors across China and even from abroad. After serving as a juror for the Magnolia Awards of the Shanghai TV Festival in June, he served in the semi-final round of judging of the 45th International Emmy Awards. The tickets for his August 26 “SING FOR LIFE” concert in Nanjing were sold out fast on June 26. And, good for us, we are one month closer to the airing of Memories of Love.



HON WALLACE CHUNG EXHIBITION is Wallace’s first visual art show in mainland. It is bigger, more interactive, and more technological than his last photography show in Taipei two years ago.

HON is the Cantonese pronunciation of the first character of the artist’s first name. It also sounds like the Cantonese pronunciation of “Hong” [fragrant] in “Hong Kong.” The exhibition consists of six parts:

Hong Kong Hong Kong
Surging Forward with Great Momentum

Meet with Oneself
Sing for Life

The View and the Sentiment
Forest Story

Sunflowers Face the Sun
Do Not Forget the Original Aspiration

The Trace of Time
Lasts Eternally

The World of Sensual Pleasures
The Appearances of All Beings


The photos are displayed in combination with Augmented Reality (AR), installation art, projection mapping, etc. to reflect the changes of Hong Kong and other cities in the world in the eyes of the artist and to convey messages about growth, time, emotions, and dreams.

Wallace said, “Many audience members who support me probably like me through my TV dramas, films, songs, or dances, but in this exhibition, they will get to know more about who I am, my worldview, and my life experiences.”


You can learn more about the exhibition on our Facebook page. Due to MoCA Shanghai’s regulations about copyright issues, we posted only exhibition photos that were released by Wallace’s company Cornucopia Media, MoCA Shanghai, and major media outlets. Since the exhibition will continue for another two months, we will publish an independent post about it later.







International Emmy Awards Juror

On July 7, Wallace joined 11 other film and TV industry big shots from China and the United Kingdom as a juror for the semi-final round of judging of the 45th International Emmy Awards in Shanghai. The jury’s job was to help decide who will be the Best European Actress. This is the first time that I saw Wallace in an English-language news program.

Wallace was the only actor among the jury, which shows the industry’s recognition of his professional skills. I think that Wallace’s connection with the host of the event, Croton Media under Huace Group, also helped. Wallace worked with Huace group on The Magic Glade, My Sunshine, and General and I.  All three dramas got good ratings, so it is natural that they thought of Wallace for the juror position.

Wallace told the media that the juror duty opened his mind to many excellent TV dramas from other countries and made him feel that TV dramas should strive for high quality, “In other countries, it costs people a long time to create a few episodes of TV dramas or mini-dramas, but we spend a relatively short time on making numerous episodes of TV dramas. How we can move from quantity to quality is what we should work hard on and carefully learn from [our colleagues from other countries].”


You are absolutely right, Wallace. Why create 50 or 60 episodes for a story that can be well explained in 20-30 episodes?

As a juror, Wallace cares a lot about whether a drama is complete—“We care a lot about the production process. A drama is made of a good script, a good production team, good technology, rich experience, etc. Also included are the chemistry between colleagues and the cooperation between actors. You need a little luck for that.”

When asked about the popularity of IP dramas [dramas adapted from popular Internet novels like General and I and My Sunshine], Wallace said it shows that many works can become films and TV dramas if people explore new storylines and new possibilities for the characters. He also encourages original scripts because they provide more opportunities to showcase personal styles and do what hasn’t been done by other people.

Is he challenged by the increasingly refined taste of the audience? Yes, he joked. He said although actors play an important role in the industry, they may not directly influence the development of the industry. However, by choosing good scripts and good teams to create the best works, they can help change the rules of the game. Wallace is clearly aware of the challenges—“With the advancement of the Internet, it has been easier than ever to see good dramas. Everybody knows that. We do get big fast, but to do better, we need to keep learning and working hard.”


When asked to describe himself in five words, Wallace thought for a while and said, “Perseverant, engrossed, modest, enjoyment, sincerity.”

Check out our Facebook Gallery of this event, thanks to Chewywon’s hard work!


Face the Sun Project

At the 2015 birthday party, Wallace announced that Jackie and he would launch the charity program called “Face the Sun Project.” Nearly two years later, “Face the Sun Project” took the first step of joining Village Libraries of Happiness, a program created by Beijing Ren Ai [Benevolence] Charity Foundation.

On July 10, the first Village library of Happiness that Wallace’s team funded opened in Yuci, Shanxi.

Source: Knews

On July 15, the foundation stone-laying ceremony of the first Wallace Chung Village Library of Happiness was held at Yuzhu High School, Yushe County, Shanxi Province. Cornucopia Media published Wallace’s video message for the event. This is also the 19th library of Village Libraries of Happiness. Wallace’s team not only helped build the library but also donated thousands of books. This year, they will help set up three more libraries in Yushe County and the Greater Jinzhong Area.

On July 22, over 70 students and teachers from the areas benefiting from Village Libraries of Happiness came to MoCA Shanghai to interact with Wallace and Jackie (event video). They played a fun game of reciting Tang poetry.



In the press release afterwards, Wallace confessed that he did not read many books when he was a student, but after becoming an actor, he read more books to prepare himself for the roles. He thinks reading is an effective way of learning about the world and books are the best gifts for children.

His fan group, the Wallace Chung Liang Family, also played an important role in “Face the Sun Project.” He discovered that his fans ardently got together to discuss about him, which made him wonder if they could get together to do other things to make the world a better place. Wallace hopes the concept of “mobile libraries” will take root across the country to pass on the power of knowledge and help everyone like and enjoy reading.


Source: Village Libraries of Happiness

Memories of Love

According to Wikipedia, the TV show that we used to call “All Along the Way, Blooming Flowers Shall See Us off” has an English title: “Memories of Love.”  The production team has been unusually quiet. Its official Weibo has posted only 17 weibos this year. Well, good for me! 😀 In July, they released a few more stills of the main characters. Strangely, Wallace’s Lu Fei was not included. This new still was released by a media account.


The hashtag “Write Love Letters by Hand While Waiting for Blooming Flowers” has been created by Wallace’s fans on Weibo to show the world how much they welcome Lu Fei to enter Chung’s Village [a slang term for the fictional place where all of Wallace’s characters live]. Wallace’s fans sure know how to kill time! 😀

Liang Sheng, Can We Not Be Sad

This TV show is still in post-production. You can learn more about the drama on its English Wikipedia page.

Healing Love

Healing Love probably has the most hardworking marketing team. New concept posters came out every now and then. Besides re-sharing Cornucopia Media’s weibos about Wallace, they invited fans to submit original chibi posters about the main characters. Wallace’s fan @椴事 stood out among the fan artists. Click on her Weibo username to admire more amazing artworks.


Our Facebook page re-shared photos of a kissing scene and a video of Wallace’s dining scene with Qiao Zhenyu.

I had wondered why Wallace said Healing Love aims to direct people’s attention to hearing-impaired children if the drama is about a love story, until I saw this pic:


SING FOR LIFE Concert Tour

Wallace will give the fifth concert of the “SING FOR LIFE” Concert Tour in Nanjing at Nanjing Olympic Sports Center on August 26 at 7:30 PM. Ticket prices range from 380 RMB to 1680 RMB. The tickets were sold out fast on damai.cn on July 26. If you didn’t get a ticket, you have two more chances in the next few months.

This is the last year of the SING FOR LIFE concert tour. Wallace and the team are a bit sentimental about the ending of the tour. Wallace said, “We must get together to enjoy every concert!” Since Wallace’s outfits for the 2016 concerts are on display at MoCA Shanghai, fans expect to see new outfits at the Nanjing concert. Wallace did not reveal details of the new design elements, but he said, “I look forward to every detail of the concert tour. I look forward to getting together with everyone. But there are so many things that we want to do in life, we must cherish the time [we have in our hands].”

I guess he has new plans after the concert tour…

Fanmade MV Contest Winners

Remember the Fanmade MV Contest mentioned in the May news update? The winners were announced recently, alongside fan judges’ comments and advice for improvement. Although the annual contest is organized in the spirit of “HC [drooling] is the first priority, friendship the second, and competition the third,” Wallace’s fans are actually as serious as Wallace is about creating art. So, let’s wrap up this month’s news update with the top three MVs of the contest:

No. 3 The Drama in a Drama in a Drama

No. 2 This One Does Not Exist According to Investigation

No. 1 Parallel Universe


9 thoughts on “JULY 2017 NEWS UPDATE”

  1. For the video contest, I would put #2 as the winner. I even help share it on my YouTube channel. Nonetheless, congratz to all the fans who contributed to the contest, it was exciting looking forward to a new MV everyday. So sad, it’s going to be quiet now.

    I read this over the weekend & I was going to comment on something, but for the life of me I could not remember what was it … … but I’ll just say “I love” all the topics you mentioned here!!

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  2. Any idea when are the next two concerts you’ve mentioned? I hope to go for one at least. Wasn’t aware tickets were on sale…😭


    1. I don’t know yet where the next two concerts will be. Sorry you missed the ticket sale. 😦 Our Facebook page has the most up-to-date information.


  3. hi all, i new am new member here. from other country. i know about wallace chung started from general and i when airing at my country. the drama just finish airing on 2/8/2017. after that i start seeking other wallace’s drama. i am very impress with my sunshine, best time & too late to say i love you. a good drama. hopefully wallace chung still continue to succed.


    1. Me too! Impressed with My Sunshine, Best Time and Too Late to Say I Love You. All three guys have some personality deficiencies which cost them long-term separation from the women they love lol, but they are equally nice-looking thanks to the man who played them. Oh General and I also followed this pattern, doesn’t it? Not sure if it is a coincidence…


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