Happy New Year ! Greeting from Wallace to all his fans:

At this moment, we know each other and stay together. Thank you Liang Min (nickname for Wallace’s fans),  for accompanying me to step into the new year together on CCTV.  Hope the Liang family will continue to be kind and love one another and have a happy year ahead. Be safe and sound. Have peace of mind.

What is a better way to welcome the new year than to spend it watching Wallace on CCTV with Chewywon, Haha & Peanuts? He performed the patriotic song “The Great Descendants of China” (中华好儿孙) in the Love section of the New Year’s Eve Gala. If you want to know the lyrics in English, you’ve to send a request to Haha. Coupled with some standard martial arts moves, the song stirred up a strong sense of national pride.

Chewywon: I love what Wallace wore today. It was vibrant with a perfectly fitted & unique jacket. However, I must complain a little bit. He just had to mess it up with the unkempt hairstyle and tassel shoes.

Haha: I agree. The hair looks disheveled. 😉 The song also sounds mediocre and pre-recorded, but Wallace gave a zesty performance.

Peanuts: Actually, I always find CCTV galas to be a bit of a snoozefest. But only the best or most popular get invited so this is an honor to Wallace. He could have done more like wearing the same Chinese traditional costume and do some Kung Fu and dancing hybrid moves lol.

Before the performance, he did a short interview and showed off some dance moves. I’ve briefly translated it but not word for word:

MC: When I searched your name online, a few keywords like singer, actor, judge, director and also dancer came up. Can you please elaborate on each of them?

WC: Apart from acting, I’ve also been singing and releasing album continuously. Actually today, I’ve also prepared a performance related to singing, so singing is also a part of my job description.

MC: The second one is actor which is more well-known. Any new work in 2018?

WC: Yes, besides working hard on filming as usual, I also want to film drama with new and interesting themes which can attract the audience.

MC:  How about the judge label?

WC:  Coincidentally I was a judge for 2 awards this year. I am honored to be able to watch a lot of local and foreign movies which enrich my experience.

MC: The audience and I are not familiar with you being labeled as a director.

WC: Yes, I am also not familiar with it because I’ve not reached this level yet. I am on my way, preparing to be one in the future.

MC:  How about being labeled as a dancer?

WC:  I started my career as a dancer in a TV station (TVB). I’ve been utilizing my dancing skill in my singing and acting careers, to prolong my dancing career.

A word for the advertiser:

Thank you for your support and companionship in 2017. For the ‘nEw’ year, Ecovacs wishes everyone safe and sound. 2018—good fortune all year round.

The only highlight in December was Wallace reuniting with two of his leading ladies Mo Sheng and Su Man in the 2017 Cosmo Fashion Festival. You can read all about it and look at all the beautiful pictures in our Facebook. Who do you like better? I am biased because I translated Silent Separation into English and did episode recaps on My Sunshine 😛 Oh, how time flies as it has been more than 2 years since the broadcast of My Sunshine.

Many people commented that Wallace has lost some weight and the cheeks appear sunken.  Maybe because he didn’t need to do any filming so he was eating less as it is very easy to put on weight if you’ve been doing nothing much. Also, it might be in preparation for his new cooking reality show in 2018 where he’ll probably need to eat a lot more.

A piece of good news. In spite of the poor publicity and frustrating rumors, General and I still managed to snatch the 10th spot in TV ratings and the 6th spot in online views. This is probably due to the overwhelming support from the  loyal “Liang Min.” Unfortunately it has the lowest Douban TV scores 😦 Thus hopefully Wallace will have better dramas in 2018 which will be well-liked by fans and critics alike. (Source: Cnewsdevotee)

Lastly, the talented Chewywon designed a super nice 2018 Wallace-themed calendar as a present for you to usher in the new year and to keep you company throughout the year. However due to poor traffic condition, it’ll only arrive some time in January so keep an eye out for her post 🙂

Thank you for your continuous support for the blog, Facebook, Twitter and most importantly Wallace. See you in 2018 !

4 thoughts on “DECEMBER 2017 NEWS UPDATE”

  1. Yes, I agree too that he should wear the traditional suit to match the dancers for that event/song though he still looks good in his red suit. He has lost a lot of weight since Nov 2017 on his birthday as seen in the photo then. Hope to see him put back his weight to that size during his concert…he looks great! For his height, he must not be too thin and his cheeks is a bit sunken. Please eat more Wallace, you are not fat but not becoming thinner makes you look weak. Hope to see looking meatier and fairer. Still love you as always even though I am not a liang min but I followed all your news and shows ever since I started watching your dramas 3 years ago. Stay healthy.😍😘😄


  2. Thank you for enriching our fan life with your wonderful reviews in 2017 and wish everybody a happy new year.

    I thought the black sweater (as well as the black tassle shoes) was a little off. . .

    Liked by 1 person

  3. what you thought Evelyn was the same to me, Wallace don’t maintain figure till you look weak.the suit you wore to my side was ok. happy birthday Wallace.


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