Many things happened in March. The meaningful reality TV show, We Are On the Way was broadcast on Dragon TV. As usual, Wallace did some promotion activities for TEK and Ecovacs,. He also attended the 2018 Dragon TV Drama Award Ceremony.  In between, he probably spent his time preparing for his directorial debut and enjoying some quality time with his family.

Wallace’s Award

Wallace took home the all around entertainer acknowledgement award at the 2018 Dragon TV Drama Award ceremony. He won this award together with Zheng Kai. Nicky Wu & Ying’er presented the award to them. You can look at the pictures HERE.

Below is a brief description of his red carpet interview.

The host and hostess announced the rating achievement of Memories of Love. The host commented that Wallace had grown thinner but was still full of sunshine.

W: Hello everyone. I thought I’ll be walking the red carpet at night but it is daytime now so good afternoon.

H: As the male lead in Memories of Love, what was the most unforgettable filming experience?
W: Because of the seasonal typhoon last year,  we had a difficult filming experience. After that, I felt good that we did not let it affect our determination to finish filming. Finally we finished filming.

H: You also took part in We Are On the Way. Don’t you feel rather meaningful doing it?
W: It was a very memorable experience. I stayed 3 days and 2 nights in a remote area but in a very warm and friendly environment making it so memorable. You can watch it tomorrow night on TV.

I am also including a brief translation of his award winning speech.

I want to share this award with all those people who I had worked with in front of and also behind the camera before. Without your long hours of hard work and creativity,  we won’t be able to watch one drama after another. Thus I want to share this with all of you. Thank you Dragon TV, SMG and all of you.

Wallace’s Weibo

Wallace’s Weibo posts on the 20th can be found HERE and 29th can be found HERE.

We Are On the Way

Wallace took part in a very touching reality TV show called We Are On the Way this year. Although the reality shows chosen by Wallace did not achieve groundbreaking ratings, they are all very meaningful for him. Firstly he improved his relationship with his sister Jackie in The Amazing Race. Then he got to travel back in time to enjoy his student life in I Go to School.

It is very easy to donate money but Wallac’se willingness to take the time to visit a remote area to participate in a poverty alleviation program is something special. Wallace, we are so PROUD of you.  We like you for your handsome appearance, acting skill, singing ability, dancing capability,  personality but most importantly your compassionate heart.

I promised a Thai fan that I’ll give an in-depth report on this reality show in this month update but unfortunately I did not have time to watch the program yet. Also, I believe that such a meaningful program deserves a post of its own. Thus I’ll be doing one soon. Please do come back later and check it out. For those who can understand Mandarin and cannot wait for my post, do watch it with the links included below.

In a nutshell, Wallace traveled to a remote area in Yunnan called Maluzhai Village situated in Xinping County, Yunnan. Due to its remoteness, the people there are still living below the poverty line. Although China is developing rapidly, most of the economic benefits are being enjoyed by citizens in the big cities or coastal areas. Hence many people are still living in poverty in those areas with poor transportation. The government is actively trying to alleviate poverty hence this reality show has been receiving widespread acclaim.

Donation can only help them for a period of time so the long term solution is to help them to be self-sufficient in reducing poverty. That is to help them to plant more high yield products such as a special kind of mandarin and to create a brand awareness for it. This mandarin is called ‘WO GAN’ (沃柑). It is a hybrid between orange and tangerine. Thus if you see it on sale in your home country, do purchase it to support the poor as well as Wallace’s project. Wallace said it is very tasty so do try it out.

 Wallace’s Promo Activities

Wallace is the first brand spokesperson for TEK wireless vacuum cleaners! TEK is an independent branch from Ecovacs, You can see more pictures HERE.

You can also watch the ‘Nobody can escape from my attractiveness’ TEK promo ads on our Facebook page included below.

Wallace celebrated Ecovacs’ 20th anniversary. He said that the Ecovacs Robot is part of the family. You can check out the numerous pictures in our Facebook.

Below is a brief translation of a 130-second Quick Questions and Answers session to evaluate whether Wallace is qualified to be Ecovacs’ emotional healer.

Q1: When you are filming, how do you quickly get into the character?
A1: I quickly get into the emotional aspect of the character. Also, I memorize and understand the script quickly.

Q2: What is the latest happening in your life which is making you happy?
A2: Cooking.

Q3: How do you reduce your stress level?
A3: Making the home clean then the mood will be lifted.

Q4: Which character that you had played before is the most different from your real life character and what did you do in preparation to play it?
A4: The fugitive in “Three.” By watching many movies of the similar kind.

Q5: After finishing filming, how do you get out of the character?
A5: I go home and live a normal non-filming life. Then I eat well and sleep well. Also, cooking a meal.

In the end, of course Wallace passed with flying color 🙂 Wah, Wallace really loves to cook but I wonder if it is any good lol.

Finally on behalf of Ecovacs, Wallace wishes you ‘Good night’.

Are you asleep?
Not yet.
What are you thinking?
If your mood has not been ‘tidied up’, you’ll not be able to sleep soundly.
If you’re still waiting for a goodnight from someone, I’ll say it for him/her.
Good night!
Quickly go to sleep.

4 thoughts on “MARCH 2018 NEWS UPDATE”

  1. Thanks for the effort and your time..
    So happy for Wallace to have received acclamation for his effort. His enthusiasm brings a lot of positive spiritual force to others. Love him to bits😙


  2. Dear somebody ….
    Please inform me, where I can get his movie “Fall in love”
    aka “Love is coming”.

    it’s make me so desperate … no site inform or save this movie.
    I already looking in amazon also ….

    Wallace looks good here (always)


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