Wallace Chung’s 2018 Calendar (Hard Copy Version)

You’ve asked for it, here it is! Our full hard copy version of the 2018 Wallace’s Calendar in conjunction with our previous give-away Calendar post. Someone has been bugging me hoping to  see the hard copy version as they didn’t get a chance to get a copy. I’ve been holding it off, but finally made an effort. So feast your eyes for the  lovely pictures. Keep in mind, I only chose these pictures because they are of a high-resolution. Who knows, maybe next year, I’ll do a “My Sunshine” version for myself?  

If it’s hard to read the quotes here, you can definitely check out our Facebook posts.  I have been sharing monthly on our Facebook, the digital copy version of the calendar. Otherwise, if you zoom in you should be able to legibly read WC’s quotes. Also, if you wonder why waste time to do 2 versions? It’s because I’m a perfectionist (lol…far from it). It was more to do with the formatting. Hence, I did waste a lot of time working on this calendar.

As always, “Thank you” to Haha for collecting all the wonderful Wallace’s quotes and translating them into English!

Ynrn6ea5 oBbpthaxj oYdg9em3o oImc2gxrn oU5acjd0n oUvxyqzfh o

***Please do not take out***
Graphic by Chewywon
Translation by Haha


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