August 2018 NEWS UPDATE

August is a zero screen time month for Wallace but fear not because if All Out of Love is broadcast on Hunan TV  on 17th September as scheduled, you will see and hear plenty of him. Even if the drama is postponed,  you can still see him in We Are On the Way on 15th and 22nd of Sept.

Magazine Covers

Wallace’s magazine cover spree continued into the month of August. He graced the covers of a few magazines like Elle, Fashion Beijing, Starbox and Cosmo Bride. Chewywon had uploaded many of his handsome pictures to Facebook

Wallace mentioned that he likes to drink tea at West Lake in Hangzhou. He is also very interested in food and likes to cook especially vegetables. The role that he would like to play is a robot. All Out of Love should be broadcast soon. It is a story about how a girl has to choose between her childhood sweetheart and a guy who has always been by her side. Finally, he will continue to do his job as an actor well and also finish his concert series.


“I know that you’ll like it, there you go.” This short video was posted for the Qixi Festival on 17th Aug 2018 which is the 7th day of the 7th lunar month on the Chinese calendar.

Weibo Update by HaHa

Wallace changed his Weibo profile a lot this month. As usual, you can check out our Facebook page for his latest English translated message by HaHa.

Food Rhapsodies

Wallace released two videos called ‘Food Rhapsody’. It is a well known fact that he loves to cook as well as eat. Whenever he has time, he’ll cook. Doesn’t the food look delicious as well as nutritious?

WC: Good morning, why is it so hot today?
Guy: What is wrong?
WC: Nothing.

WC: Wait, let me rest for a while first.
WC: So stingy.

We Are On the Way

Half a year has come and gone. It is time for Wallace the poverty alleviation ambassador to once again take part in the touching reality TV show called We Are On the Way. This time he will visit the beautiful Baisha Li Autonomous County of Hainan Province . Tune in to find out why such an enchanting land still appears impoverished. What kind of product can uniquely represent this place?

More than 700,00 years ago, the meteorite fell from the sky and formed the ‘crater pit’ there. Hence the place is rich in a variety of minerals which is suitable to grow coffee beans and green tea. With the assistance of the internet platform, these two products can be marketed to the public. It is worth mentioning that Wallace discarded his celebrity aura and worked together with the local farmers without any complaint.

Drama Related

All Out of Love 

Are you looking forward to the premiere of his new drama All Out of Love? Have any of you read the novel? I have not read it because in all honestly the synopsis doesn’t appeal to me. Hence I am glad that the drama will be rather different from the novel, according to the news that I’ve read. I just hope that rabid fans of the novel will not create too much stir that the acknowledged second male lead in the novel will lead the drama. Just look at their positions in the poster and you can already tell who’ll lead the drama. Do bear in mind that the novel and the drama are two different things so watch them with an open mind.

I translated a few of the best lines in the novel spoken by Wallace’s character Cheng Tian You: When I was very young, I heard a very beautiful saying. They said: A butterfly cannot fly over the vast sea. Now, I only understand, it is not that a butterfly cannot fly over the vast sea; actually after suffering many hardships a butterfly can fly over the vast sea only to find out that the vast sea has never waited for its arrival. I am just like a butterfly who has suffered many hardships. Whereas Jiang Sheng, you are just like the vast sea which has never waited for a butterfly.”

According to the latest gossip, the drama will definitely be on air as scheduled because Hunan TV needs it to save its recent poor rating.  It is forking out big money to advertise the drama around the country. But netizens are not optimistic because the drama is too long and also took too long to get an air date.

Wallace, we’ve been waiting forever for your butterfly to fly to our screen. 😛 So make sure you tune in to support the drama.

Healing Love 

Hot on the heels is the release of the trailer of his other drama Healing Love.  The trailer looks pretty good. Did you notice the title of two of his dramas also have the word ‘Love’? I guess you can expect plenty of love from him in drama land in the near future. 🙂

Frankly speaking the plot sounds rather cliche and boring but the trailer turned out awesome. Wallace looks, acts, dresses and sounds like a true musician. It seems that all his time and effort in practicing the musical instruments had paid off. He and Vienna look so breathtakingly beautiful, making me wanna visit the city again.

The production company released this sweet poster on the Qixi Festival which is also known as Chinese Valentine’s Day when Niulang (Cowherd) and Zhinü (Weaving Girl) are allowed their annual meeting. By the way did he take this picture in the grocery store Lidl of which he is a spokesperson? 😛

(Haha: I have to say that over the past few years the origin story of the Chinese Valentine’s Day has been reinterpreted as a story about sexual harassment—Cowherd stole Weaving Girl’s clothes when she was bathing in the river and then kind of forced her to marry him. Perhaps in a few years the Chinese Valentine’s Day will be switched to another date. :p)

4 thoughts on “August 2018 NEWS UPDATE”

  1. I hope to contact some of my Chinese friends in Seattle to see how we can access Wallace’s dramas. Perhaps he does not know it, but he has quite a few fans in the U.S.A. who can only glean little bits of his work here. We think he is so very, very talented!

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  2. According to the author when she first started writing the novel she had Liang Sheng in mind as the protagonist but halfway through she changed her mind and leaned more towards Cheng Tianyu (Wallace’s character). You can tell from the promotional posters from the start Wallace role would be a significant one. The posters they have been releasing have been focusing solely on Wallace’s character with the female lead. There is nothing to be confused about in my opinion. The English title for the series has geared away from suggesting Liang Sheng is the protagonist


    1. Actually there are many varied opinions depending on whether you’re the book, drama, WC or MTY’s fan.

      A book fan may not like the many changes made in the drama. If you watch a drama called Ashes of Love and following Weibo, you’ll read about the novel fans complaining that the drama seems to elevate the 2nd lead to 1st lead status in the drama. I hope this drama won’t suffer from this kind of backlash.

      As far as I know, initially Ma Tian Yu aka Liang Sheng was indeed the drama lead. Wallace didn’t have much time to film this drama & did it because this director is the same as My Sunshine. Wallace always likes to work with directors who he had worked with before. His role is actually a meaty guest role.

      Unfortunately MTY’s character so-called sibling relationship with the female lead doesn’t sit well with the Chinese censor so the script was rewritten and more screen time was given to Wallace. As a result, WC has sort of become the lead. MTY’s fans have been rather unhappy about this.

      The promotional materials I saw in China have the 3 leads on them. But Hunan TV is focusing more on WC because it is banking on WC to save its recent poor rating. At the end of the day, both the characters and also the stars also have their fans. The most important thing is the plot is interesting, and the drama is doing well. As to who is leading the drama, it is up to individual to interpret since both characters are equally prominent in the novel and drama.


  3. I have read the entire novel – which spans over 5 books and took the author 8 years to finish. Definitely Cheng Tianyu is not a 2nd lead character in the novel. His appearance, I would say, is more than Liang Sen’s. Only the first book is more on the early days, where Liang Sen would appear a limitless more. After that, he is more on Jiang Sen’s thoughts than actually there.

    Hope there will be no misunderstanding here.. There are always different opinions on whether you prefer one character than the other when you read a novel or watch a drama series. But main thing is that we should not be misled by just people’s opinion on the weight of the characters. I personally think that Wallace is the best match for playing this character. And I could foresee me crying a lot over Cheng’s sacrificing love for Jiang Sen – You jump, I jump.

    Let’s anticipate for a good drama and support Wallace all the way.

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